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People with a bad memory faces a tough time in their lives. Firstly they tend to forget things and work they were supposed to do and secondly they are subjected to all kinds of taunts and hearings from people. Isse kuch yaad nahi rehta, sab bhul jaata hai, badaam khaaya kar, Ghajni hai ye to and what not.

My brain is like the Bermuda Triangle. Information goes in and it's never found again

Memory loss can also be a serious medical condition for some people. Stress, depression, anxiety can cause forgetfulness in people. A strong memory depends on a healthy brain. Are you tired of memory loss or walking into a room and forgot what you came in for!!! Then here are some easy tips to enhance and improve memory:

Do Physical Exercise

To improve memory it is important to have physical activities, we all get lazy when it comes to go on early morning walks but hey!! It helps in improving your memory, it has been scientifically proven that walking or any physical activity helps to improve memory.

Build Yourself a Mind Palace

When it comes to memories nothing is better than remembering things visually, Mind palaces have been popular recently, thanks to their use of the program “Sherlock” in which the famous detective uses a mind palace to remember virtually everything he has ever seen or heard. Mind palaces are not virtual they are real although they don’t work in exactly the same way that Sherlock’s does, they are similar and very effective.

 Be positive

It is important to feel positive and have the feeling that yes I can memorize it, but if we have a negative attitude then we won’t be able to improve it, so positive attitude allows us to be open minded and feel confident and will automatically be able to increase his/her memorizing power.

Relax and breathe

Take a deep breath, this is a little technique used to memorize things when you actually sit and think calmly, there are more chances of memorizing as deep breath will change the brain to theta waves which are something that usually happens during sleeping.

Play Games & Mind Mapping

Play games and mind mapping application which is available in the market to enhance and improve the memorizing capability of the person. Games can help us in improving the memory power and even we can download application with the help of which we can improve our memory and try to keep remember in our mind for a longer duration. You should also play memory games available online and can be downloaded on mobile phones. In this way, you can relax as well as boost your memory.

Embrace Spaced Repetition

Your brain has to deal with a lot of information every moment of every day and remembering it all would be next to impossible. In fact, instantly forgetting information is an important skill. But as a result, you need a way to inform your brain about information that you need to keep. Spaced repetition is exactly – a way to tell your brain to enter information into your long-term memory. It works by showing you the same information at increasingly long intervals, for example:     

♦ You might see flashcard for the first time

♦ Then see it again after 1 minute

♦ If you remember it after 1 minute, don’t look at it again for another 10 minutes

♦ And then for an entire day, week, month and so on….

♦ Every time you remember the information correctly, the gap will increase

♦ Until you don’t see that card for months or years

♦ But you remember it

Healthy Diet

Proper eating is essential as the brain also needs fuel. An unhealthy diet can also cause memory loss as a brain is not active and feels weak. Intake diet based on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, rich in proteins and fats.

Treat health problems 

As we know, memory loss is a serious health problem. Early signs of depression, dementia and Alzheimer's should not be ignored and should be given immediate attention and treatment. Other diseases and lifestyle problems can also be the reason for memory loss.

Keep stress in check 

Everyone seems to be living a stressful life. Stress is the worst enemy of the brain. Stress destroys brain cells. Stress is linked to memory loss. So keep yourself out of stress and do stress buster activities.


laughter is the best medicine, it holds true for the brain as well. Laughter engages multiple regions across the whole brain. It keeps your brain lively, active and creative. Good mood leads to good life.

Do what you love 

Give your brain rest. Indulge in activities that you like, make time for friends. In this way, your brain will get relax from the busy schedule. Do practical exercises to boost memory.

The idea is to keep brain fit and healthy that will help to boost memory. Stay away from stress and negative vibes.





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