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How to do lead generation by email marketing


An Email Campaign is a coordinated set of Email Marketing messages, which are delivered at certain intervals and with an overall objective in mind. The campaign allows each new message to build on previous success. The content and is crafted so that each message builds on the previous, offering relevant content, media, and links, without losing focus on the call to action. While email campaign requires careful planning, the ROI is often of greater requirement, because they deliver the various contacts needed to make a sale.

Sending effective emails on a basis will help to increase your registration numbers and dollars of donation. It also drives traffic to your website and builds loyalty with your members. Here is the importance of an email campaign:


You can easily and affordably communicate more information, more often, with no production, materials or postage expenses.

"Email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches"


Time-sensitive information including updates related to events and breaking news can be received within minutes, not too late.

Email-immediate response

You can see the results of effort instantly, by providing links within your email, you can give the potential supporters, opportunity to register or donate, there only.


You can easily segment your lists into groups so that your promotions go to the individuals who are most likely to respond to that particular message.


Instead of passive waiting, for constituents to visit your web site, the e-mail enables you, to actively, communicate and educate the existing members.

Email-expands your reach 

Grow your database by sending information to your constituents and encouraging them to forward the message to their own friends and family.

Email-fosters long lasting relationships

Build a regular and an ongoing dialogue with the supporters, who appreciate the routine communication. Those who do not support this type of dialogue can easily get away.

Email-grows your optimization

Maintaining and growing the e-mail database will allow us to, fully utilize the services, including free broadcast emails, an upgraded version of HTML emails, in order to reach more constituents.

Maintaining a large e-mail database is a crucial factor, in bringing your campaign online.

Here are some tips on how to collect email addresses

⇒ In your next direct mailing, include an e-mail solicitation letter, along with an insert which can be easily filled out and mailed back to your organization.

⇒ Make e-mail address as a mandatory field, on all printed material, for events and pledge forms.

⇒ At events, encourage the people who attend, to offer their contact information, if possible.

⇒ When you send e-mails, expecting the recipient action, ask the recipient to forward the message in the mail, to their friends, relatives, and co-workers so that, they too can get involved.

⇒ Prominently, place a contact list for sign up, on your homepage.  You may also include the option on other pages, like news or contact us.

We all receive emails and also send them. For someone, the number may be more than the others, but for the most, they play a very important role part in conducting business on a daily basis. They are meant to engage, excite or inspire your existing potential clients, but can have the opposite effect of what you have aimed at. This happens when you do not follow some simple rules.

Creating an effective email marketing campaign is not at all an easy task. So, here are a few things to keep in mind, which may help you to avoid some uneasiness out of launching your own campaign and making your efforts successful.

1. Create an integrating, action-oriented email subject

Remember that the subject present in your email marketing message, is the first thing, that a reader gets attracted at a glance. A bad subject line could get your email caught by spam filters or make people unsubscribe them from your list. So make it memorable and something interesting for the recipient that would inspire him to open it.

2. Make sure your graphics are eye-catchy

Your tempting subject line will give a potential lead to open the email. Do not lose this chance, by incorporating dull or irrelevant graphics. Even though the text is very important, heavy texted emails, with no graphics, will seem to be boring. People want snippets of information, set in an attractive background. Start using bullet points with useful and interesting information, and make your emails much more attractive. By this way, your client can quickly spot the offer and make a decision, if they want to keep reading.


Don’t be misleading. Your emails’ from the line and subject line must be accurate. And it is important to note that, you don’t use spammed words in the subject line. Do not write as free or use a lot of exclamatory points. Spam filters are programmed to detect those type of words and your customers won’t like them either. Be honest about who you are and try to offer something valuable.

4. Use a call to action plan

An effective newsletter will provide a call to action plan, like some specific or relevant news, or a link, that provides some useful information. Call to action raises interest in your product or service. They also allow you to have a built the purpose for sending the email.

5.  Avoid Sending Emails at Certain Times

If it is a Monday morning and an average working person has just arrived at his job. They turn on their computer and there pops up fifty new messages. There are chances of your campaign messages of the whole week getting deleted on Monday. The same is the case for Friday afternoon. People are getting ready for the weekend and will not be really going to be excited about your business news, or possibly won’t even be around there to read it. The best times are Tuesday and Wednesday.

6. No Frivolous Emails

To ensure that your email campaign is open and effective, pay close attention to the information, you are going to share in the email. If you send any unnecessary information, you are may lose the interest of your recipient. You may also lose their interest if you send them emails too frequently. You should have consistent messaging in the right direction. Your sales and marketing emails, should be aligned with your campaign emails and you should have a plan for distributing the content. Your email campaign should be written to target your audience. If you are target includes different industries, you may even need a separate campaign for each industry aiming at their own success.

7. Actually send them the email

To make people respond to your email marketing, you have to make it a priority. Make sure that other things come up but this shouldn’t be ignored. Cross it over the list of things, you need to do and you will see how it is easy, cost-effective, and powerful. The email marketing can make your business.

Nothing can be assured for sure but using these seven steps may give your email campaign, a better chance of getting opened, therefore leading to increasing of sales for your company.

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So, email campaigning plays a very important role in generation leads for the success of a company or a business form. There will be a better increase in the sales of the company, by the email campaigning technique.

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