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Don’t want to look at textbooks, but still want to improve your English? Do you want to get rid of this question How to improve English for once and all? If so, English podcast is the answer you’ve been searching for. Now another series of questions come into your mind. What does the word podcast mean? How to improve English through podcast? Relax and just read for all your answers.

Podcasts are digital audio files made available on the internet where the user can download the files onto his computer and mobile phones.  Everyone must be familiar with this term and you might also be actually using these for basically entertainment purposes.

Drawing on my fine command of the English Language, I said nothing. - Robert Benchley

But it can also be put to use for the more constructive purpose, maybe for learning.
Learn English through the podcast. Yes. you read it right, English can be learned through the podcast. Learning English through podcasts is an excellent way to improve your English quickly.

One can listen to them anywhere and everywhere- while at your desk or you’re on the move. English language podcasts will help you quickly improve your listening skills and proficiency with a little dedication. The advantage of the podcast is that it often has transcripts which mean that you can listen and read at the same time. 

English Podcasts for English Learners and ESL Students

♦ The English We Speak (iTuneswebsite)

Learn from some of the most knowledgeable experts of the English language like the BBC ((British Broadcasting Corporation). The podcasts series focuses on everyday phrases and slang, what you will hear is the kind of English spoken by real people all the time and it will further help you to speak more like a local speaker.

 ♦ English podcasts (iTuneswebsite)

 Podcasts in English.com is a podcast series which offers programs for beginners, intermediates, and upper intermediates. They cover a variety of topics encompassing nearly every facet of life.  There are, also podcasts for those who need to use business English.

♦ Listen to English (iTuneswebsite)

Listening to English is the most popular podcasts series and it’s clear to know why it has so many fans. This deserves a round of applause with a host who speaks engagingly for about five or six minutes on a particular topic because the format is very simple.

♦ English Class 101 (iTunes – website)

They might not have everything for everyone but they surely have something for everyone, in a podcast series for all experience levels which you can choose from four levels of learning to match your needs – absolute beginner, beginner, intermediate and advanced. 

♦ Elementary Podcasts (iTuneswebsite)

This was come up by British Council with a very helpful series of English language podcasts for the beginner and intermediate learner. These lessons are quite long, at about 25 minutes, unusually for language learning podcasts.

♦ Splendid Speaking (iTuneswebsite)

Splendid Speaking is designed for the advanced language learner who can speak reasonably good English. Hone your fine language skills to perfection by taking time out to listen to splendid speaking intriguing podcasts.

♦ Better at English (iTuneswebsite)

An eclectic mix of English language podcasts which features real conversations with native speakers and the topics range from the serious to the silly and light-hearted and are conducted at normal speed.

♦ Voice of America Learning English (iTuneswebsite)

Voice of America(VOA) is an English language news and information forum which has different genres of programs. The best for the users as they spoil you with the choices they have for offer. They have a weekly global news program, science, and documentary, series on English idioms. All of them is narrated in the English language at a slower speed than the normal.

♦ English Business Pod(iTuneswebsite)

If you are looking at the prospects of doing business abroad or English speaking countries, then this is the best podcast at your rescue. It covers language required for business situations. There are quizzes, vocabulary accompanying each podcast. The English is quite easy to follow and the speed is normal.

Every English learner should listen to English podcast 


Enjoy English learning through podcast? Well, I have much for you in the store that is not mentioned above. A list of few more that will be resourceful for you.

♦ Great Teachers: Unlike the rest, this one has a teacher that talks directly to the listener. They teach you English language, grammar and a variety of good stuff.

♦ Smart Learning: Top 10 English podcasts and audio files for business. Improve your business English through this. Authentic information for native speakers.

♦ Don’t miss out on FluentU. The best of all. It teaches with talk shows, peppy and catchy music and funny commercials. Tap on any word to see image, definition and more. Interactive captions. Experience the personalized learning with this.

So, I hope you all must have explored a different side to the podcast and how to improve English in a seamless manner with podcasts. So many options to choose from and every option has something great and unique that suits your taste and requirements.

Do try to learn English from the podcast. yes





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