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There are always these questions like How to grow your online business ? How to grow your online business fast ? How to grow a business with social media ? How to grow my business on Facebook? Everyone has it and you must also be having this question that is there any kind of particular audience that I should target for my Facebook ads. No there isn’t any kind of specific pre-defined audience, targeting whom you can say that you will definitely achieve optimal success. But of course there are some priorities.

You will agree with me when I say that there are different kinds of audiences on Facebook, and you cannot target each and every group of audiences at a time you need to go for the niche marketing. So I have here tried to make a priority list of the audiences which you should target first.

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage. -Amy Jo Martin

Though there are different factors attached to this list, like your objective, audience sizes and budget etc, but I would say that this is just a starting point.     

Audience Of Specific Webpage

The first audiences on the priority list are those who have visited a specific page of your website. Targeting them you can create website custom audiences. You must be thinking that, but it only constitutes a very small percentage, targeting them will be of hardly any use. But trust me when I say that this is the group which will prove to be the most relevant and powerful option available.                                                                                                  

What I can do is to create an abandoned shopping cart ad targeting those who have visited the landing page of a product (or added to cart) but did not complete the purchase. Since I know my targeted audience made it this far, I can craft my copy accordingly. So you don’t have any worries of introducing the product to them, you just need to convince them for completing their purchase.

Creating and promoting a piece of content or product based on the related blog post visited, could be another option. I can use my power editor if a person reads a blog post of mine. Using this I can run my ads to these visitors for my any of the option, my POWER EDITOR EBook or my TRAINING COURSES.

The next you could opt in is that you can create individual Website Custom Audiences for single pages of your website.You need a content strategy outline. All these are the part of the marketing strategy .With that you will now be capable of creating both a opt- in , which will not require an email address , as well as you will be able to filter people according to which pages they have read and which they haven’t till now. 
Note that this audience is ideal for both targeting and excluding. While promoting a product or opt-in, I may want to exclude those who already bought or opted in. One way to do that is by excluding the WCA for the success page following the conversion.

You could also exclude the email Custom Audience, but there are advantages to excluding the WCA for the success page. Not only is the WCA updated dynamically (the email Custom Audience is not), but your email list is likely only going to match up about 50% of the time with Facebook users — meaning you won’t always exclude those you want to exclude.

WCAs are almost always going to match up. Partnered with the email Custom Audience exclusion, you should be covered.


It’s true that a WCA of a single web page can land up many great brands into optimal success , but one have to be conscious if you are among those brands which has a very small audience size, because then WCA may not prove that much beneficial to you. But not to lose hope, you can manage things up a bit by targeting those audiences of yours who have visited distinct web sections of your website. 

For this as well you again have to take the help of Website Custom Audiences, and then you can score a success….

First, you can make use of a URL structure that includes the website category within it. Here’s an example (though it doesn’t exist):

I have bolded “facebook-ads” in the example above as the category within the URL. Let’s say that you have 120 blog posts within the Facebook Ads category. You could then create a WCA of anyone who has visited any page of that category of your website.

With this way you are not only tracking the traffic of a single page, but other relevant pages as well. This will be most beneficial in promoting something which is closely related to the strings of content. Writing contents about personal use of Facebook, general Facebook marketing, affiliate marketing, content marketing, online marketing, internet marketing. Facebook ads and other social media topics, for example, it would be useful to target ads at specific types of visitors. It is all content strategy.

You don’t have to worry about content category not appearing on in the URL, the keywords will still work as a savior to your website. You can also create WCA for those keywords in the URL, if you are having a descriptive URL, which you should have.

Going back to the Facebook Ads category example, I’ve written several blog posts that simply have “facebook-ads” in the URL. Therefore, I could create a WCA for that keyword to target anyone who has visited pages of my website with “facebook-ads” in the URL.

Audiences Visiting All Websites

If you are among those who have a big heap of people coming to their websites, then the above mentioned will do its magic and you will be gaining a lot of profits?

But if you are among those who have even thousands of visitors to your website in a month, then the above mentioned will not be able to play its game. In that case, I would suggest you to go for all website visitors with a Website Custom Audience.

The time duration for which you have to keep this setting will depend on many factors like the amount of traffic that you are getting, the budget etc, but I can assure that this is a kind of plan that usually works out for everyone.

I use the All Website Visitors – 30 Days WCA for many purposes: promoting blog posts, opt-ins, products or page likes. Since my website has content that covers a tight niche, I can confidently use that audience for just about anything.


This is same as #1 and #2 – whichever you prefer but targeting and excluding in this way has its own profits.

Whenever someone opts in for a particular product, they should be directed to a segment list of your email list. That’s sometimes means getting tagged. When your list gets segmented, then you can also create a Custom Audience from this group. The will be a powerful tool in targeting people.

I would also want to use it for exclusions, similarly to how we use the individual page WCA for that purpose in

#1. When promoting a product or opt-in, I may want to exclude those who have already bought or opted in. One way to do that is by excluding that segment of your email list. 


Simple but yet magical!!!

People these days have started claiming that number of likes does not matter anymore, because the organic reach is dropping day by day. At this point I would say that if you built your Facebook page audience properly, then you can get an impressive targeting power.

Take for example, that you are presently targeting 100,000 people, of these 100,000, 1,000 people chose to like your page. What will this give you is that you can now segregate these 1,000 from the other 99,000.

You can make out from this that those people who have chosen your page would like to engage with you through different mediums and ways, too. If your page has good targeted ads, eye-catching content, related giveaways, then this will prove to be a gold mine to you ! 


BEHAVIORAL TARGETING is an also among the powerful tools when it comes to targeting audiences. It totally depends on what people actually spend their time and money on, when they are away from Facebook.

Following are behavioral categories that cover what you can target:                               

This comes last on the priority list, because it’s natural. This is one of the oldest targeting methods and you can use it when you have no other options left i.e. when your fans list is almost non-existent.

You target interests when you have almost negligent traffic. You can not define interests as they are very broad. You will never be able to determine that what actions and people make up any particular kind of interest.

So you are playing an educated guessing game and putting all your trust only on one medium i.e. Facebook when you target your audience through this way.

That’s why I say that targeting audience based on their interests is the most comfortable and easy options available outside of Facebook.

You will get to know more about the Facebook Marketing by going through this particular article. Do explore it. Learn more through online courses with certificates

An interesting update from Facebook ! Launch of a Particular emoji ! More options to Users now smiley

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