Facebook Launches Emoji: An Alter For The Dislike Button

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Mark Zuckerberg has finally announced that Facebook profiles would soon have emoticons for people to express their feedbacks or disagreement in place of the much-demanded dislike button. Facebook is launching “Reactions”, a new set of emojis that will align alongside the like button to let users give out response love, laughter, happiness, shock, sadness and anger.

There will be a total of seven different icons including the “thumbs up” button on the profile page:

This new feature will be launched in Spain and Ireland, as a test. These two countries have been chosen because they’re relatively closed groups and including Spain will allow the site to try out how the emojis work for non-English users, according to Techcrunch.

The Facebook audience has been continuously demanding Facebook to launch a dislike button for expressing their disregard for the accounts/pages or posts they dislike or don’t agree with.

Just add the right emoticon to your email and everyone will know what self-expressive effect you thought you kind-of had in mind. Lynne Truss

In 2014 Facebook CEO & Founder, Mark Zuckerberg had announced during a conference that Facebook users want to express empathy and “that not every moment is a good moment” and Facebook was working on the users requests for a dislike button, but it was a very disputed decision amongst the facebook’s organization members, they strongly believed the dislike button would simply gain negative social adherences for Facebook as a community.

Since then, Facebook’s been working out on finding ways to take its audience’s demand into consideration while they couldn’t air the dislike button as it would create negative impact over Facebook marketing and that people might use it to express hatred which could further lead to negative arguments and events for Facebook. A lot of use of digital media in marketing is going on. To learn about digital media and digital marketing take digital marketing classes in Noida.

Now that Facebook has launched emojis instead of a dislike button, this event is gaining mixed response by Facebook for business users so far where some say they would still prefer the dislike button and are furious over Facebook for not accepting their request for a dislike button while some users agree that a dislike button an explicitly negative approach to express their emotions and that many users would use it to create chaos rather express empathy.

While commenting is always an option to express your views over a post, image or newsfeed, people who use Facebook on their smartphones (which is increasing day by as compared to desktop users)  would prefer to simply tap on the like button if they like it or ignore the post if they don’t, people who barely put mind to commenting or even view how other people are expressing their reactions through comments, emojis would earn a great deal of attention from such users, as they will be able to simply hit an emoticon if they find anything beyond or far from their likings to express their reactions.

"The reaction's will work simply enough. On mobile, the emoji will come up when you tap the like button on your screen; on the desktop, they will come up when you click the like button and will display all icons."

From conversation between Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s director of product and Techcrunch,  Mosseri explained the benefits of emoticons for Facebook and how it will impact Instagram too if the update reached Instagram, the extensive users of both Facebook and Instagram over mobile phones would get better outlook to express empathy and much more reaction to the newsfeeds.

The new set of reactions will appear across both mobile and desktop versions of the app and on all posts in the News Feed — be they from friends, Pages/accounts you follow, or advertisers.

Mosseri also explained that once a user opted to react to a certain post through emoji’s, unlike the comment option or like button publishers won’t be able to undo it – no option to turn of these reactions as the publishers do sometimes with other comments on articles and images, they won’t be able to erase these reactions from their newsfeeds. A satisfactory part from the user end, which will give the users a good reason to settle with emoji over dislike button.It is also helping in social media marketing. Enroll yourself into digital marketing classes in Noida to learn more about social media marketing.

Offering different emoji will also mean that Facebook will highlight and show those different responses so, just as today you see how many people and who liked a post, now you will see who all loved it or found it surprising, or sad, and so on.

For Page owners and publishers, this data collection will also eventually make its way to Facebook’s analytics dashboard. So, just as today social media marketers can monitor shares and likes of certain posts and work on social media marketing strategy, they will be able to now get more granular data about how people are emotionally responding to content on the social network, which should also help Facebook for business in its plans for selling advertising and simply delivering more relevant content to its users.

So overall it is a much-awaited response to the constant demand of a dislike button by the users for years, now that Facebook has finally designed a reactions button as an altar instead of the dislike button, it will be fantasizing to witness the face bookaholics respond to these emoticons and how they adapt it.

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