Fighting against the post exam stress

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We all have that one friend who panics after the exams, just as during the exams. Don't you have any? Then probably you are the one. Post Exam Stress,  After exam tension, pressure and anxiety are the typical feelings of almost every student. It leads to self-degradation. One keeps on questioning his own self-esteem and confidence.Severe stress may also lead to serious health troubles like hypertension and breathing problems.

People often feel stressed as to how their result would be and whether they will be able to make it. The constant battle in your head about the number of correct answers you have written and checked your notes and sources to be sure whether you have written the right answers is what really makes some student stress for a longer duration.

Don't stress. Do your best. Forget the rest

But the fact remains that whatever they have attempted is final and the result would not change with the increased level of stress. What has happened, has happened. Get over the exam hangover guys!

Do not fear from discussing the performance in your tests with your friends and parents. Understand that you would either get to know about what all you have correctly attempted or you will learn about where you went wrong so that you learn from your mistakes. It is only to make you understand why you lag behind and how can you improve and do better in your future exams. Don’t stress over this activity. However, if you think it will trouble you up, do not discuss.

Coping Up With Post Exam Stress

Let this stress to mature is not at all recommended. More it stays within you, more are the chances to suffer from the serious health issues. Here are a few points that will help you cope up with the post exam stress. 

♦ Avoid post exam discussions

The best way to avoid stress is to avoid certain well-wishers who in the name of relatives and friends, scare you. For those who feel stressed, after exam discussion is a cause of trouble. The more you discuss it, the more worries it will create in your life. Avoid standing at places outside the exam hall where people are sharing their thoughts about the exam. If you still feel stressed, talk to your parents or teachers.Have light and casual conversations with them. It is recommended not to check questions and their answers by yourself and thinking whether you have written the correct answer and verifying it from ten other people. Sometimes the answer to the same question might differ of two people. So this may lead you to think you have written wrong and create anxiety in you.

♦  Get rid of the fear of failure

Fearing from failure is a failure itself. It can never be a solution. There is always going to be someone better than you. It should not bother you. You cannot keep pleasing people and you cannot be perfect in everything. So, hold back and ignore the people who degrade you.

The achievements of Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein are not hidden from us. They had BIG dreams and a desire to fulfill it. Small things like peer pressure and fear never stopped them. Failures are stepping stones to success. If you fail one time, do not fear, stand up and make towards success. All these famous people have failed in their life at some point or the other. If they would have given up on the first failure, they would not have been successful today.

♦ Relax

Once your exams are over, do what pleases you the most. Stay calm and happy. Play, listen to music, meditate and hangout with your friends. Stay relaxed and do not think about your exams. Because ultimately, we have to earn more than just a degree in life.

Take a break: Exams are a period of stress for many. You do feel the pressure of exams, to do well, future. This pressure just keeps on building. Explode the pressure. Take a break post exams. Travel to a place with your friends and family. This will make you forget about your exams and the stress.

Give your Mind rest: Your mind needs space. Give your mind rest from exams. Deviate your mind so that it does not think about exams. Indulge in activities that make you feel happy and make you forget about exams. If your mind is at rest, you will be at rest.

The fight of a student is not only till the time exams are going on. But real fight starts after the exams. We feel more stress when we either live in past or future. Thinking about the future how much will we score, how well we have done in the exams make us feel stress. Fight against the stress post exam and live freely. What is done is done. look ahead.

Thus, do not lose hope. Tension would never cure things.


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