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Distance Education is a feasible mode of education for people from all walks of life who want to learn something in their life.  The advent of technology, where the entire population is on the internet. Every industry has benefited from this technology. Distance Education is best suited for people who wish to upgrade their skills time to time.

Distance education refers to education online that is over the internet sitting at your place. Distance education is valued by many due to reasons. It gives you the choice to study subjects that are not available locally. It offers PG Diploma courses in subjects like Retail Management, Healthcare Management. Distance learning also offers Mater's degree, Dual degree. Distance learning is economical as compared to classroom education and regular program.

The challenges are there, but they are only temporary challenges. Online education will flourish - Philip Reiger

It saves your traveling cost and time. You can learn while residing in your homes. Distance learning appeals to all the age group. There is no age to learn. Elderly people who want to learn new things in order to walk with the younger generation turn to distance education. Distance Education acts a good option for people in the 9-5 job. They do not have time for joining regular courses.  Professional people need to upgrade their skills to grow in their career. Distance education offers the finest learning to all those who want to study and learn more.

Distance learning is flexible. the Choice rests with the learner. The course to study, time of the study, place everything is decided by the learner. Distance learning adds to your resume. It also connects you with people from different corners of the world through a common thread learning. Distance Learning offers benefit to universities also. Universities are able to tap large student base from every country. Universities are able to overcome the shortage of quality teachers. Regular classroom programs where there are thousands of students to just one teacher affects quality.

Students take up distance learning as they do not want to enroll themselves in a regular college because of strict norms and regulations. Some student first wants to explore the chosen area and then further advance studies in that area.

People who have missed out on earlier education due to reasons like the financial crunch and was forced to take up job. Housewives that are no longer in touch with studies or the area of expertise due to the burden of the household can learn through distance learning. This makes managing both learning and other errands easy. Some students do not want to join regular courses and they wish to study further in a fun way. Rural students who are not able to afford the expensive courses. Students who cannot travel long distances or reside in other cities. Everyone opts for Distance Education. Distance Education caters to need of every individual. It is the solution to any problem related to education.

The growing number of benefits of Distance Education has taken well over the last five years and it is predicted by experts that India will grow stature and will soon become a hub of imparting education through the internet. The success of Distance Education is only because of Internet. Distance Education is possible only if you have a computer and internet connectivity to run the program. The efforts to make The internet available at each house has resulted in the popularity of this learning.

The content generation, Audio –visual text, interactive learning are elements of Distance Education. Constant improvement and devising of new, better ways are the work of technology. So, technology has played the foremost role in bringing education to the doorstep of individuals. Indian government initiative of a project ‘Indian Knowledge Network’ is aimed at creating awareness among people. Bettering infrastructure for such developments. Distance Education is gaining momentum in India.


Education is not a distant dream for many.


Distance Education provides opportunities to learn courses that are taught abroad.  Fourteen Universities in India offers Distance Education.  Access to higher education has not been equal but Distance Education is slowly bridging this gap. It is connecting people with education and bringing them closer to learning.

All this makes Distance education a favorable option for not only students but for all those who want to learn and desire for education. It is not only seen as an option but the first choice of many. The future of Distance Education is bright in India. In the era of digitalization and competition. Upgrading oneself is the top priority and this where Digital Education comes in the spotlight  It is offering education for advancing skills and not only education but quality education to all and breaking all the barriers.

It is economical, easy, customized and this makes Digital education Incredible. So as long as there is a need for education, skill development Distance Education will be there as a bright option for future potential. smiley 


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