‘Government And Corporate Sector’- Are Both Required To Nurture Education Sector of India?

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‘Government and Corporate Sector’- Are they both required to Nurture Education Sector of India?

Isn’t this a big question? Have you ever thought about the education sector of our country? If not then you must read the following to understand not only about the education sector but also about the different roles played by government and corporate sectors in this field. Once you read about these topics, I will also discuss ‘Why government and Corporate sector cannot alone help in the improvement of the educational status of India?’

So read on. There are a plenty of things for you to know.

‘The purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

‘Education is your door to the FUTURE and school is a building with 4 walls and TOMORROW inside.’

How will this replacement take place in a developing country like India? The lack of proper resources in our country is leading to the educational crisis. You have to first understand the meaning of education and the education system of India.

EDUCATION is not just a term to be defined but it is a medium to learn and make people learned. It can be defined as a method to spread, gain and develop knowledge. You may know that under article 21A of the Indian constitution, Right to Education is a fundamental right which defines that every individual citizen of India has the right to attend school and gain the education. Can you see the picture below? These are students who have got their right to study.

There is genuine need to understand the importance of raising the standards of education in India. And also focus on the need to bring India out from the education crisis. What is the educational crisis that India is facing? There is a dearth of resources in India which is not allowing a huge number of children to gain knowledge. A few new schools are constructed periodically at the time of elections by the government. But are these schools worthy enough to give education to every child of our country?

Sometimes it’s not only the government that is responsible for the education sector. The corporate world of India has a lot to with this sector.

But does the corporate sector understand its responsibilities towards their country? We will discuss these questions a bit later.

Let us first understand about the Education System of India.

Our country has faced many ups and downs in the history. This was because we Indians wanted to make our country the best place to live. Education has always been an important element and will remain so in the future to make our country a developed one. Earlier education was imparted in the masses through Gurukuls. In the present time, Indian Education System is one of the perfect systems in the world. Indian system of CSR in education is divided into two broad divisions: Business (schools and higher education) and non-business (pre-schools, vocational training and coaching classes).

‘Education is your door to the FUTURE and school is a building with 4 walls and TOMORROW inside.’

Do you know about the world’s first university which was established in India? It was the ‘Takshila University’ and was established in 700 B.C. at Takshila of India. Since then India is focusing on education. Indian education system is divided into levels: Nursery, primary, secondary, higher secondary, graduation and post graduation. The nursery is further divided into upper and lower kindergarten for basic skill development of reading and writing. The primary department includes classes from first to fifth. Secondary level is crossed after tenth class. And lastly, the higher secondary schools have classes for eleventh and twelfth-grade students.

According to the education system of our country, every child can at least attain the basic education of reading and writing just by attending their nursery and primary classes. Imparting education to every child of our country is the responsibility of all of us.

Not only the state and central government of India has this duty but also it is the duty of the corporate sector, public sector, technology sector and all of us. Yes! We all can join hands to make our country’s education sector balanced and improvised.

What next?                        

Role of Government in the Education sector:

Education sector gets support from both the central government and state governments. The school education has to be coordinated by individual state governments for any issue regarding education. Whereas it is the duty of the central government to coordinate with the institutions offering higher education.

There is a National Policy on Education which was framed in 1986 and undergoes timely revisions for any modification by the government. The government of India modifies this policy to meet the requirements of the increasing population for quality education.

The government has to provide resources for education, innovation, and research to make India a knowledge hub. This can be done by schooling Indian students with necessary skills and knowledge. The government can play a role in eliminating the shortage of manpower in fields like science, technology, academics and industry.

The government of India is working on a time-bound grassroots consultative process to enable the HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry to coordinate with individuals across the country. Online consultations are also permitted along with ~3 lakh direct consultations to ease the problems of citizens in this field.

The government has also signed a treaty with the World Bank. A loan of US $50 million is extended to the Nai Manzil Scheme’ of the government. This scheme will help the youth to work on new routes and make our country proud of their work.

HRD (Human Resource Development) ministry has also signed a partnership with big companies like Tata Motors, Birla, Reliance, etc. to develop its departments of higher education, school education, and literacy rates.

TARGET : Government has a target of 30% GER (Gross Enrolment Ratio) to be attained by the year 2020. At present, the number of Indian students enrolling in higher education is little less than the students of China. The government has the target to cover the gap and move ahead of China.

What else should you know?

Know about the corporate sector now.

Role of Corporate world in Education Sector:

At present India is facing problems in the education sector because of lack learning resources. In such a case private sector companies with the support of corporate sector can join hands for the furtherance of our country.

The corporate sector is supporting the private companies to establish new universities and colleges. Due to which the number of universities and colleges have increased greatly since earlier times.

Companies like Tata and Birla have built several universities to help students transform their learnings into skilled professions.

Corporate world should support the government to bring out India from the educational crisis or the lack of learning resources.This can be done by an investment in this sector or by helping the government in building strategies which could help.

The corporate sector itself cannot develop if the education sector is not able to fulfill the needs of the general public. Every private and public company requires skilled professionals to make the profit in India. But what if they do not get such professionals? We can say that corporate sector can play various roles to uplift the education sector.

‘What we can do for the education sector of India?’

A person who can contribute his/her support to the education sector is the one who can encourage the private sector to invest. A person who can develop opportunities for the corporate support can do a great help.

For supporting the education sector of our country one has check if he has an interest in business and the capability to contribute cash, employees, learning resources or any other support.

Are you the one who can frame good and ideal educational plans and strategies? If yes, then you can also contribute your support to this sector.

Every Chief Executive Officer (CEO) or owner of a private company should understand the need to solve the educational crisis in India. If not for the country then for the company itself, as these crunches will affect their business in one way or the other.

‘When your business is selling soldiers, losing a battle is serious.’

We can try to join corporate sector or any NGO (Non-governmental Organisation) which is working in a direction to support the education sector and improve its status in our country.

‘Where is the corporate and government sector lacking behind?’

Corporates want to invest in a business and not social work or philanthropy. This means if a company observes education as a profitable business, they will invest and if not, they will work on some other subject.

The government is also not able to support different businesses working in this direction. At times, when a company expects partnerships from the government to give guides, demonstrations, resources, corrections and provide feedback, the government lacks behind.

Corporate sector cannot support the educational sector when there is a lack of coordination and support from the government.

Everyone in this world is rushing for earning more and more money. But think for a minute what the use of this money is if you are not able to make your developing country a developed one?

This change can only be made possible if you contribute in resolving the educational crisis and lack of learning resources in India.

‘Government is not a reason; it is not eloquence; it is a force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.’

Corporate sector’s contribution to education is not sufficient for a country where the level of educational poverty is so high. Moreover, the government also cannot alone face this problem. 

So we can conclude that both government and corporate sectors can together support education sector and help India to develop. One such collaborative effort was between the ASER in India and UNESCO in East Africa which focused on how the classrooms should look like to give every child equal opportunity to learn in developing countries. This was a collaboration of global education program and different strategies to promote quality education in developing countries like India.

More such collaborations are being made in India and there are more to come in future. I hope you must have understood about education sector and about other sectors supporting it. You must have learned about the roles and targets of government and corporate sectors towards the education sector through this content.

So let us all join hands to raise the educational status of our country by contributing our part in the government and corporate sectors.  

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