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You are one amongst many other people who want to write a terrific content for their blogs. Some of you must be a ‘newcomer’ in this field and others must have a little experience. Whomsoever you are, you are here to read the best blog which gives you a complete guide for writing greatly.

A few questions which are commonly asked by activists, students, writers, teachers and people like you; who want to write great content for their blogs are discussed here. These are:

What is a blog?’, ‘How to write a blog that brings traffic to my site?’

‘What is required for starting a blog?’

‘Can you give me some guidelines or steps to follow for writing a great blog?’

Simple guidelines on ‘How to write a blog’ and some techniques on ‘How to make a blog great’ are given in this blog.

‘Blogging is not just about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.’

You can also explore some interesting tips for writing by some top bloggers.   

So let’s begin the expedition together!!

‘Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.’- Brian Clark.

In actual, dear reader a blog cannot be defined in just a few words. The blog is a creative content which consists of relevant information presented online for the readers. It is a medium between you and your reader. In a blog, you have to define everything that seems significant to your reader. A good content carries uniqueness and usefulness. You can be a good blogger if providing solutions to your readers interests you.

Read on for getting the perfect and reliable solutions to all the above-asked questions.

You should know about the efforts that you have to make for starting a blog. You have to read, research, write, edit and add several more things to your blog, all by yourself. But don’t worry, you can master in writing great content, once you start following the steps discussed below.

Given below are the perfect steps and tips to write a great blog post:

1. Select a trending topic.  

It’s utterly important for you to select a topic which is most trending in the digital world. Trending means a topic which is most discussed amongst the internet freaks.

You can select a topic related to any query of your reader. This means you should choose a topic which the reader wants to read. And on which you can provide the best answers and solutions. You can search for trending topics on any search engine.

Next what?

2.  Collect relevant information.

Once you have selected a topic that can interest you and your reader as well. Start ‘reading’ and ‘researching’ from all the possible resources you have in front of you.

You have to collect and jot down points of information which are true. This helps to gain the confidence of the reader in you.

Jason Calacanis, a famous blogger quoted: ‘The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.’

Now, which type of mediums should be used for getting true information?

You should search sources which are authentic or government websites and even research papers for collecting valuable and true knowledgeImpart this knowledge according to the queries of most of the readers. There are certain websites which give a platform for asking and answering queries; pick the questions from there and try to provide good answers for them.

Next step is followed by many bloggers. So have a look.

3. Prepare a frame before writing. 

When you are reading from different sources about your topic; it is the correct time when you should keep a pen in your hand and a notebook in front. Firstly jot the points which carry the real information. And then you can provide the details while writing. In this frame, you have to put the headings and sub-headings.

You can also jot the links for attaching images and your other posts. These links can be added by you at the time of writing the blog.

Tip: You should present a huge part of the information in your headings and sub-headings. This is important because your reader has searched for a topic on a search engine to get the information by just scanning the blog in few minutes.

There’s a kicker in the next step:

4. Start writing creatively. 

You have to start writing now. Use short sentences for explaining the topic wonderfully. Short sentences are easy to read.

Keep a fundamental thing in mind that people can get information from the internet also. But they are reading your blog because they feel that you must have written it in a creative way.

Blogs should be written in a manner which is easy to understand for your reader.

Andrew Sullivan, another great blogger quoted: ‘Blogging is to write what extreme sports are to athletics: more free-form, more accident-prone, less formal & more alive. It is writing out loud.’

Your headings should have the maximum information of the blog and should pronounce loudly.

Give practical tips, like the one I gave you in the previous step.

Creativity can be shown not only by beautiful writing skills.

Then what else can present your creative ideas?

Adding lists, images, statistics, videos, quotes, etc. can help you attract traffic towards your work.

Tip: Try to write the whole content in a single go. You can write it in short stages as well but that might disturb your flow of ideas.

You know what?

Blogging is not a child’s play. But by understanding and implementing these steps and tips, you’ll be able to write terrific content in your blog with great ease.

5. Edit your content before posting. 

Editing involves checking your grammar, spellings, and small punctuation errors. You should read your own content at least twice for editing and omit any mistake made by you while writing it.

Avoid any repetition of thoughts in your writing. Don’t hesitate in deleting them if you find any, during editing. When you do editing, check whether your blog is scannable or not. If not then make some changes. Edit your content if it is too long. Make it short and significant for the reader.

Try to avoid paraphrasing.

I have presented all the relevant steps, guidelines, and tips that seem significant to me for you to know. These steps are an outcome of an enormous research done by me. Yes, it is necessary for every blogger to research well about the topic before writing. These steps are also based on my personal experience towards a journey to write great content for my blog. Remember that blogging requires time. But once you deliver a content that proves to be useful for your reader and you get their feedbacks, it gives you immense satisfaction.

It’s amazing to know that: ‘Blogging is not just about one time hits. It’s about building a loyal following over time.’-David Aston. And you can do this by providing a content that is worth reading. I am happy to be a blogger now and you’ll be one soon. Just implement the tips and steps for writing and create a lionized image in the world of bloggers and readers.

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