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When I was working on content writing at the time of my internship I fell into the love of content writing. I am the fan of reading from my childhood but penning my thoughts down was an opportunity for me given by edu4sure.com. It gave me an invaluable experience in writing things which are not just fiction or poetry but are useful to people.With no solid idea of what kind of work I wanted to do in life, I floundered into Digital Marketing. I found myself here at testformula.com, where I was able to really work on content production and find out that, what skills are needed to work on creating some quality content.

In 2016, quality content is the king of Search Engine Optimisation best practices. But what is content writing really means? It means you have to keep in my mind certain points while creating a blog, all these are few standards ways people use while writing.

A good writing quote gives me goosebumps.

If you know how to create a blog then only skills are needed to make it more readable.It really doesn’t matter whether you are using infographics, videos, photos, or any other type of materials to add spark to your content; you are mostly likely counting on words as the main reason that connects you with your readers. If you don’t get that part right, it will be impossible for you to achieve the success as a blogger, content developer, freelance writer, or as a content marketer. Starting a blog with the interest of the reader and putting your best in the content is the way.

Just run a research on a particular topic online and you will come to a horrifying conclusion: most of the articles you run into are very poorly written. This is how you can turn that fact to your own advantage: when a reader finds a great blog, he decides to stick to that reliable resource.

Now it is your time to attract more regular readers by writing superb content! These 9 skills will help you in improving your writing skills-

1. An Attention-Grabbing Title

A title is everything in the writing. Whether reaching up to a story, book, poem, newspaper, magazine article, it’s what attracts readers’ attention and draws them in, making them want to read out what the piece is all about.The same goes for the content. It doesn’t really matter how good the piece itself is; without an attractive title, there’s every possibility that the readers won’t even bother to open it.Just dig in your mind and wear your most creative coat while creating titles for your content.

2. Creativity and Uniqueness

The term “creative” might be commonly associated with writing the novels and poetry, it has a big part to play in your content too.Content that includes exciting, emotive vocabulary, anecdotes, metaphors and examples of what happens when they go wrong? These are few things which instill some interest in the content.Thinking outside the box helps in making your content stand out. In the industry that’s full with people trying to force their own content to the top of the list, it helps to put more thought into yours and make it exciting to read.

3. Putting Some Emotion

One thing that makes readers chuck out a piece of writing, for its mechanical tone and a lack of the emotion. Writing with heart and emotion is very involving, interesting and quite relatable, giving your writing a human quality that resonates and balances with audiences and shows it hasn’t just been grown by a content farm.It doesn’t really mean you need to create a story about how “content saved your life” though, simply utilizing italics, exclamation marks and some rhetorical questions in the appropriate places goes a long way in emphasizing your point and making those emotions more relatable to readers.

4. Use Different Tones and Styles

Try to write in different styles and tones of the voice. Content writing is needed to be written in completely different tones depending on the requirement. A style that marries up with your branding and resonates with your audience, will create the best readers for you.

5. Proofreading

Have you ever read a book that is full of spelling and grammatical mistakes?

How about a page of really great content? 

Proofreading is a must give where any type of writing is concerned, and it doesn’t mean a quick scan before you submit it. I mean a once over, then a twice over, and maybe even a third over.There’s going to be at least 1 reader who pulls back up on your mistakes (and it is not in the nicest way), so don’t give them any opportunity.

6. Take Help from friends

Peer Appraisal yes this is the thing, this is the way in which your work is read by your friends and they take notes and point out the mistakes in it and they collect ideas to improve the work. It is kind of brainstorming exercise and it is really valuable. It will improve the language, mistakes and will leave you with some fresh ideas.

7. Drafting, redrafting and re-re-drafting

A single draft is never enough. Even J. K. Rowling made, changed and improved with Harry Potter until she had it absolutely perfect according to her.The same goes for the content writing efforts. It doesn’t matter how perfect the information, emotion and sentiment in your first draft might be, there’ll be at least one or two spelling or grammatical error. A truly good piece of work has been re-worked to recognize not just the mistakes that need to be un-creased out, but areas for the improvement in it.

8. Try impulsive writing

Observe your feelings. Watch the news and try to get frustrated about some twisted reality.Dig deep down and turn all emotions into the text. Just write whatever comes to your mind and type it down. Don’t feel pushed to publish this anywhere; it is an exercise that helps to remind you of "why you love writing in the first place".

9. Take Help Of Online Tools!

Content writers need to take help of the technology in order to achieve the full value of their potential. Start with these 5 tools and we will observe a dramatic improvement in our productiveness:

  1. Portent’s Content Idea Generator gives us different suggestions for a title, based on the subject we enter. The ideas are really cool! We don’t have to copy the actual title; we can easily modify it according to our style and the readers’ preferences.
  2. Essaymama.com will save us in times of trouble. When started working on a topic that’s more challenging than we anticipated? We can rely on the expert writers and editors at this website; they can help us complete awesome content regardless of the volume of knowledge our currently possess.
  3. Thesaurus helps you fight our greatest enemy that is repetitiveness. Find synonyms that will replace our habit words, and our style will immediately gain appeal.
  4. ProWritingAid is a great tool to use during the editing of the draft stage. The software will help us improve the readability of our content and eliminate the errors that were unnoticed by MS Word or Google Docs.
  5. Help.PlagTracker will provide you with editing and proofreading assistance so we may not worry anymore if our content is accurate and correct.

The marketing industry has changed and search engine marketing is emerging, these days digital marketing companies are focusing on the digital marketing services. When they decide their digital marketing strategy and online marketing strategies they really focus on the content. Enroll yourself into digital marketing classes in Noida and learn search engine marketing. 

The content creator is a new digital marketing job and writing enthusiasts are really looking forward to it. If you know how to write a blog then by starting a blog you can make your own audience and you will be more visible over the digital media and leave a digital footprint and will land you in a lucrative offer.

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