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Group Discussion: A group of individuals with similar interest who gather either formally or informally to bring up ideas, solve problems or give comments. The major approaches are in person via conference call or website.

Other Definition of Group Discussion: A form of systematic and purposeful oral process characterized by formal, structured exchange of views on a particular topic/issue/problem/situation for developing information and understanding essential for decision - making or problem-solving.

1) In my knowledge, group discussion means where four-five people gather together to discuss a particular topic, issue and this is known as Discussion group.

If you can't add to the discussion, Don't subtract by talking

2) Group discussion is essentially an interactive oral process. Where the gathered people participate in a dialogue with each other, two-way communication flow to put forward their views on a topic being discussed.

3) It is essential in a group discussion, that all the participants listen to each other and use voice and gestures effectively. Use clear language and persuasive style. In this manner, it will be more engaging, an interactive discussion where everyone gets a chance to speak.

4) The exchange of ideas in a group discussion takes place in a systematic and structured way. Each of the participant gets an equal opportunity to express his/ her views and comments on the views expressed by other members of the group.

5) Group Discussion may also be moderated by the moderator, which sees that the group discussion take place in the right manner, everyone gets the equal chance to speak. No one creates chaos. The discussion takes place in a peaceful manner.

6) When a discussion takes place all the participants are bound to have a different opinion on the same issue/problem/topic and some may have a similar idea about it. There are bound to have differences also but it is important for every participant to maintain the decorum of the discussion and respect each other viewpoint.

7) At times there are also instances that two or more people do not actively participate in the discussion. In that case, they are known as passive participant and it does not wholly contribute to the discussion process.

8) Group discussions can also take place in an unstructured, informal way. It usually happens in our day to day lives. Whenever four to five people are gathered and are talking to each other it is a kind of discussion. I normally discuss with my group of friends about the exams, syllabus in and out there.

9) Group Discussion should be the part of our daily lives. We should inculcate in the habit of discussing an issue/problem/topic with our friends and other people too.

10) Engaging yourself in discussion processes is a good idea because it opens you to a world of opinions and viewpoints of several other people. You get to think their ideology, thinking on the same issue

11) As one is exposed to thousand views on the same topic, it brings clarity of the subject. It gives a clear picture of the problem. Helps in a better understanding of the subject.

12) Discussions bring objectivity as you are not thinking on the same lines or listening to just one person. It provides you with the option to validate all the points and form your own understanding of it.

13) In a discussion when you hear ten different voices, you always get something to learn and experience. Discussion always teaches you something new and different every time

14) It is an easy way to interact with people, engage in dialogues with them, get to learn things from them, teach them what you have to offer. It is a healthy process

15) Discussion instills some quality in us. The quality of a good listener. For a healthy discussion, it is important to be a good listener, to listen to others and then speak. A good listener is a Good speaker


16) Discussion teaches one to be more patient and calm. To accept the differences of opinion. To try to understand the other person better.

17) Discussion puts people into perspective. It opens new ways of learning and also windows to new thoughts and insights.

18) Discussion increases the observation power. It gives you the platform to observe people, their gestures, body language, which communicates to you a lot of things about the person.

19) Through discussions, you can always imbibe the good quality of the other participant

20) Discussion may teach you a new lesson. It may show you something that you may not have given attention to.

21) It builds confidence in you. It is best to participate in the discussion if you have stage fear or you feel hesitant to speak in front of people. It makes you confident about what you think.

22) It makes you an avid reader, more aware and updated person because a person who is aware, knowledgeable about the surroundings will only be able to speak about different topics

23) It develops a person’s personality.

Group Discussion has become a mandatory thing during interviews. It is the best way to check your intellect, thinking, stand on the issue, spontaneity, and confidence as a person. It is a good practice to engage in healthy discussions. 


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