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In the emerging areas of digital marketing the rather big companies have come to adopt a very smart approach to grow over the social media through a comprehensive medium of communication over the web engaging them with their brand by adopting a emotional or which connects the brand to a person’s day to day life ideas by creating short messages which have a longer impact in the minds of its audiences through several social sites “in a way audience likes to read it or what will gather their attention”.

You need to do a critical analysis of your audience, in the way they perceive things and in what manner the best that suits your product or services to get maximum followers and make a larger long lasting impact on the viewer.

“I use social media as an idea generator, trend mapper and strategic compass for all of our online business ventures.” - Paul Barron

In the broader context today’s advertising has been given an all-new format together as use of digital media in marketing is prominent in all the social media companies coming together to join hands in making digital media a stronger platform for business content marketing plan and development in overall revenue sector understanding the need for turning tables in the field of marketing giving it a all new meaning together as they see its potential as per the growing social media audience. Enroll yourself into digital marketing classes in Noida because of growing importance of digital marketing and related concepts.

Some brand new advertising concepts by social media companies for brands.

1. YouTube – Just now Google announced YouTube’s new feature to promote e-commerce shopping portals and websites by enabling promotional ads to appear on the videos with product details embedded in the (i) info icon if the add interests the viewer then they can directly click on the info icon and get details about the shopping portal and view their products.

YouTube will now also enable the shopping portals to list shopping adds similarly on Google (shopping ads) and the user will directly be able to buy the product from YouTube site by viewing the product details on the retailer's website, same as they previously could on Google.

 YouTube has a very strong growing user interface as their statistics say, there has been 50% growth in mobile viewing year by year rather than desktop streaming keeping which in mind this new feature will have the contextual relevance of the ads to show the user as per their viewing preferences over YouTube.

Diya Jolly, Director of YouTube, Video Adds Product Management, recently announced and this update will soon hit YouTube from the month of October, 15.

This new update of YouTube will help generate revenue from the marketers and also help the marketers grow over their audiences by a steady overflow of website info and product advertising over the YouTube user audience.

Not only the marketers have a chance to approach their audience directly but they can also post these YouTube add video links to other social websites where the viewer can buy their product from the video by visiting YouTube, marketers will have a brand new opportunity make potential customers out of this brand new advertising technique.

2. Twitter – Twitter has been working on increasing their tweet word limit from the initial 140 Characters, which will help tweeters to share more information, also Twitter has already successfully enabled the feature where the marketers can leave a link to their website or product info along with their #tweets, recently Twitter has been working with E-commerce companies & retailers to enable the `Buy Now’ tab in their tweets which will help the viewers to directly buy a company’s  product from the tweets.

This feature of Twitter will enable the marketers to grab maximum customers, but the focus for marketers aspiring to grow over the twitter media still remains the 140 Characters which will attract the user to have a look at their product or service.

Always keep in mind your tweets say a lot about your brand, for example, if your brand deals in home décor products and your target audience are the 25-50 age group then your tweets should be strategic & convey a clear  message so as to why they should buy your product rather the furniture store next door.

3. Facebook – In the 12th annual New York's advertising week, Facebook listed updates on the mobile profile pages of users where they will be able to post a small video over their profile picture space rather a picture, it will help them give their profiles a more personalized touch which will give their identities a better exposure for the users visiting their profile page and get a better glimpse of who they really are than a picture?

As Facebook generates 10 Billion+ (US) revenue annually by mobile ads due to its widespread mobile audience. Facebook has laid down a great opportunity for advertisers and companies across the globe.

For the advertisers and marketers it is a great scope to personalize their brand profiles for mobile viewing, they can give a glimpse of a newly launched product over their profile picture (or should I call it a video profile view?) to promote it online, or they can customize their company details over a video to give the viewers a better view of their brand, of what the brand is all about or they can have the head of the brands doing some creative things like promoting social cause or how their brand benefits the end user in the video, all in all it is going to be a great opportunity for brands to create an interactive mobile viewing page of their profiles or group pages, keeping in mind the growing mobile users across your effective target sector.

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4. Cloud buy-  A UK based E-cloud provider and procurement company which has recently tossed its head towards Indian Digital marketplace foreseeing its rising growth rate, Cloud buy has announced that it has joined hands will Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to grow in Indian marketplace and help the E-commerce companies to expand their audience,

Cloud buy deals in providing a direct seller-to-buyer procurement solutions and cloud server for software development for  e-commerce companies and have stretched out a hand to Indian marketers

 E-commerce companies to help them achieve a mass user interface, it is an again a great opportunity for growing start-ups to expand in the digital marketplace and gain procurement control over its target audience,

Cloud buy has laid a successful root in the digital marketplace and has an interface of 250,000 companies registered with them globally, it plans to expand further with the help of E-commerce industry assuring fruitful end user relationship.

5. Periscope – A first of its kind mobile application for iOS and recently launched on android, where u can post and view live stream videos from anywhere and everywhere in the world, it recently launched live landscape video sharing on android.

It’s developed by Twitter; you can connect your Twitter account to share links to your videos through your tweets and view videos posted on Twitter account of followers and the accounts you follow. Users can tag their favorite videos on Twitter accounts by tapping hearts on the video.

Since its launch in mid-2015 Periscope has gained 58k followers already and various actors and PR agencies have been posting live videos of the celebrities attending several events in order to promote them.

With the growing list of users of periscope, it opens up a brand new vision for marketers and startups in digital mobile market to advertise their brand by posting live stream videos of events they organized and also advertise their brand amongst people from one corner of the globe to other with a keen analysis of target mobile audience.

It’s a new platform which has the potential to give brand promotion & advertisements a brand new perspective if foreseen creatively. With many such new emerging ideas in the digital globe one thing is very clear, sharing and personalizing your views have been given a new perspective altogether & surely smartphone is the new digital marketplace in this smart era.

6. Snapchat -   A mobile application for viewing, sharing messages, videos and pictures over your smartphone from across the globe, a one of its kind only app in the market which does not allow users to save messages keeping privacy as top most goal and that is why has gained a very high response from the “smart generation”.

When you upload a video you have the option for sharing it with people you select or you can post it publically but the viewer can’t save your video and your video will only be online for 24hrs from its upload.

Snapchat had decided to keep brands out of their app so as to not bug its users by not allowing brands to stream commercial videos over their user's profile but now Snapchat has rolled out a fresh new way for brands to advertise, snap chat only allows professional content attracting more genuine attention than useless feature content.

The brands can advertise over a separate section called “Discover” in a very attractive way by streaming loop videos of the brand and several media agencies have approached Snapchat to accommodate various ads and articles, which are now available in the Discover tab.

Brands can approach the media agencies to run short ad campaigns on their brands over the Discover section which will help them attract more genuine audience and views. So thumbs up to the Snapchat team for keeping up both the user privacy and brand endorsement at a differently equal level of priorities in such an innovative way.

So looking at the works of these emerging social media platforms in the field of digital marketing, surely brand endorsement and marketing have been given a new definition altogether, be it a fully grown business company or a start up brand, everyone is trying their hands level best to get to the digital audience minds also there are so many free online marketing courses with certificates like cherry on the top. Truly this is the `Smart Era’!

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