How I made my Parents Proud

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What is that one thing you badly wanted to do in your life? What gives you more happiness that the materialistic goods? What do you want to achieve in life? Do you want to do something for your parents? Ask these questions to yourself. We never ponder upon these thoughts. We have been so busy in our own lives and friend circle. We are just moving and moving. We want a career just only to earn and pay for our desires.

There are few children who want to do something for their parents. They want to make their parents feel proud. They want to see tears of joy in their parent’s eye and their eyes gleaming with pride. Some children want that their parents can proudly say Ye Mera Kaabil Bacha Hai. That is the kind of work every child should do.
Every Child should strive to become Kaabil and our parents have done so much for us and we can never say enough thanks to them but we can make them proud.

The comeback is always stronger than the setback

Our parents only wish one thing from us to do work that is worth noticing and worth praising. Our good work brings good name to our parents and similarly bad work brings bad name. If you will do good deeds everyone will appreciate you and in turn, they will be appreciating the values given to you by your parents. Do you feel good if your parents had to listen to people’s talks because of you?  Just imagine how broken they must feel when they have to hear about your mistakes.

Similar is the story of Radha, a girl in her teenage. Radha has an elder sister Saara. Radha’s father runs a general store in the nearby locality and her mother is a housewife. Her mother teaches courses like stitching to girls during summer vacation. Radha’s sister Saara was a brilliant girl and was good in studies. Radha, on the other hand, was pretty and was not at all interested in studies. The entire day she used to play around with her friends, get dressed up and do all other stuff but she would hardly study. Her mother and sister constantly persuade her, scold her for not studying but Radha would hardly listen. cool

Radha would manage to pass with passing marks in lower grades but now she is a grown up girl. She is in 7th standard. The level of studies had gone a notch up. Radha, due to her careless attitude and less passion for studies failed in the final examination.crying  This brought shame to Radha and her family. Radha was scolded by angry her parents and sister. Radha cried the entire day and locked herself in the room. Her mother also cursed a bit. This shame transformed Radha’s life. She became a sincere child and started studying. She got so involved with her studies that she scored good marks in her 7th grade. Her parents were happy with her hard work. She started studying and finally, she cleared her entrance exam for medical Science. Radha wanted to become a Doctor.  Her hard work, sincerity has brought him appreciation and made her parents feel proud of her.

Her friend asked about this transformation and Radha said, the day I failed my parents were not able to make eye contact in the colony. That very moment I decided I would do something that will make my parents feel proud and be standing in the colony. The shame they had to bear was because of me so now I would only evade this shame. So I started studying hard so I could become a doctor.

My hard work has bore sweet fruits. Next month I will be receiving my Doctorate Degree in the Convocation Ceremony. yesMy parents are also invited to the ceremony. They will be so proud of me seeing the degree in my hands.smiley Their hearts will be filled with everlasting love and joy. I could not wait to see the happiness on their face. Everyone will refer my father as the father of Dr. Radha Gupta. Now my parents will walk with head held high in the colony.

This is my story of How I made my Parents Proud. What is your story? Do tell us.mail


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