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I have always been sensitive towards the cause of education. My parents were not wealthy enough but they were determined that I should study. They give up their pleasures to finance my education. My parents worked day and night so that they can give me everything I want. To them, they realize education was important and only education could give me a secure and future filled with happiness and luxuries. They did not want me to suffer as they did because of lack of education. I was raised with more values than toys. I had seen the bad of times and the struggle of my parents. This has filled me with compassion.

Today I am the CEO of a company. I have a four storey office in the heart of Mumbai. A Staff of more than 100 employees. Laurels that decorate the walls of my office. The businessman of the year.

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A posh Bungalow in Bandra and a sweet loving family. This is all because of the grace of the Almighty and the hard work and determination of my parents.  Today I am successful because I wanted to be one for my parents. To give them all the worldly pleasures they wished for me at some time. The struggle of my parents has made education synonym with my life. I had not been here if my parents have not sent me to the school and dreamed of making me an educated man whatsoever.

Last Sunday I was traveling and my car stopped at a red light. I saw a small boy working as a shoe polisher outside a school. I could not resist myself and got out of the car and went to the boy. Looking towards me, he said would you like to have your shoe polish. I am expert at it. Please have it done. I would make some penny. I agree with him and gave my shoe to him for polish. I kept looking at her shining eyes.

I asked him, at this tender age why is he not going to school and polishing shoes outside the school. He replied Sir, I am an orphan and do not have the means to go to school. I sit here because children from rich family come and get their shoe polish and I am able to make my living. Hearing this from him there were tears in my eyes. My childhood flashed in front of my eyes. I was filled with emotions for that child and decided to do something for him.

I asked would you like to study. He replied everyone would like to get the education but I am the unlucky one who cannot fulfill his dream of studying. That very moment I told him, He is not unlucky but lucky to be able to study in the world’s best school. He was amazed. I told him from this very day he would live with me and my family at my house and would go to school for education and will leave this odd job of shoe polishing.

The next day I enrolled him into the best English medium school of Mumbai and he became the part of our lives. He became my own child. I raised him like my own child and gave him the best of everything. Education, Life, Health. He is a brilliant student and excelled in sports. He made me proud by achieving accolades for his academics and sports. He topped his 12th grade and received a scholarship and a chance to study at Oxford University abroad. He went to the USA to complete his graduation. He has done extremely well there. He has got a job offer to work in a multinational corporation in the USA. He is doing great at his life both professionally and personally.

He says that he was able to achieve so much in his life that was beyond his imagination and capacity because of me. Had I not adopt him he would be still sitting on the footpath polishing shoes.  I did nothing great. Just my part of the society and the orphan child. I always wanted that no child should be deprived of education and when I have the ability to fund the education then why not?  It gives me immense satisfaction and happiness watching him succeed in his life. It is as if I have succeeded in my life. He has proved my decision of sending him to school right. No award, the title has given me the kind of joy that his success, his words of appreciation has given to me.

I am blessed to have transformed the life of a boy named Amman. Yes, He is Amman. Amman also works with an Orphanage and NGO( Non-governmental Organization) to promote the cause of Education.


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