How to Care Child by Parent

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How to Care Child by Parent


The parent-child relationship is one of the long-lasting social ties that human beings establish. This tie is sometimes highly positive and supportive, but it also commonly includes feelings of irritation, tension, and ambivalence. Both mother and father reported more tension in their relationship with a daughter than with son. Daughter generally has closer relationship with parents, that involve more contact, which may provide more opportunities for tension in the parent-daughter tie. Both adult son and daughter reported more tension with their mother than with their father, particularly in the case of personality differences and unsolicited advice.

To avoid these tensions, the parent-child relationship must be positive. Positive parent-child relationships often provide the foundation for children’s well-being.

The parent child relationship is one of the long lasting social ties that human beings establish

Young children develop the skills to succeed in life, by parents’ sensitive, responsible and predictable care.

Early parent- child relation play very important role in child’s emotional well-being, their basic coping and problem-solving abilities and future capacity for relationships. By these interactions, children learn the skills to engage with others and hence, they can succeed in different environments. They will learn how to establish healthy relationships with adults and peers. They also learn to adjust to new situations and manage their emotions and behaviors, to resolve conflicts. If parents have warm relations with their peers, family members, community members, then, they also have a positive bond with their children.

 Positive parent-child relationship always provides :-

. Emotional and concrete support to parents

. Respect to diverse parenting styles

. Value of cultural differences

. Reinforcement to the importance of fathers and co-parents

. Help to parents to be connected with other community members, family members etc.


The care should be taken from the infant baby time itself. The infant should be very well guarded, as they cannot say anything regarding their pain. We often see infants, crying without stopping for long hours. They cannot explain the reason why they are crying. So, we must be able to find the reason behind their cry and try to solve it. The reason may be, too small like the ant bite, stomach pain etc. Care should also be taken in carrying the baby. As they are delicate at their body, they must be handled very carefully.

After the child starts to crawl, the real tension to the parent starts. The babies will be crawling all over and try to pull the things over them. (For example, when I was in my 9th month, my mother said that, I opened the door of the refrigerator and spilled all the juice that was kept in the bowl, on me). I was affected by cold and fever by that. So, a lot of care should be taken when the child starts to crawl.

The next stage is the just trying to walk the stage. In this stage, parents become very happy, by seeing their child’s walk. But a very special care should be taken during this stage. (I have listened to a story in my childhood, that a child died by drinking phenol, which was kept at home, without knowing about it). Such incidents can be lessened by proper care of the parent.

Next, comes the most prominent period of primary education to the children. In this period, we find parents often neglecting to care about their child, thinking that, as he is going to school, everything will be cared by the teachers. This is mostly found in parents, where both the mother and father are working. This negligence does not come from lack of interest in the child, but it may be due to the work tensions. Even if both are working, one needs to look after the child’s basic education. A Recent study says that children who are taught at home are sharper than the children who went to school, without any pre-preparation. If the parent lacks this habit, they need to go for a parent counseling center, to know well about child care.

Even though you send your child to school with full preparation, you may not be able to make him do his homework. Here are some tips to make him do well.

. Determine the best way, how your child learns, with the assistance of his teacher.

. Provide the tools required for your child, when he or she is doing his homework.

. Complete your works like, responding to e-mails, compiling grocery lists etc., when your child is working on his homework. This makes you a role model to your child.

. If your child found any problem with his work, ask him to explain everything that what he knew about the subject, then you may get a chance to solve his doubt regarding the problem.

. Ask questions. If your child is near to the answer but doubtful, then present the question in a different way.

. If your child is facing difficulty with a question for a long time, let him skip the question, or else he will be exhausted with that.

. If your child seems to be frustrated with homework, then make him remember the importance of homework.

. Offer encouragement by letting him play games or perform activities that he or she enjoys, once he finished his work.

. If he or she worked for half an hour, provide them a break.

If one is good at, he or she will always be good until the completion of his schooling.

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The next stage is the period where the parents need to focus on their behavior aspect than that of education. This is the teenage. Parents need to have a good check of their friends' list. If they find any wrong friend, they must advise the child to be away from him or her. This the time when children get more attracted to the social networking sites. Parents must see that the children were aware of the disadvantages of these social networking sites. It is better if they aren’t provided with any internet facility at home. If it is necessary, it is better to install the computer, in the hall, so that you can keep an eye on your child’s browsing history. Children should be aware of the electronic gadgets, but it is better, if you keep them, away from their reach.

The next important thing to teach is the value of money. Children must be made aware of the value of money, by providing limited access to the money. They must be provided with what is necessary and must cut off the luxurious life. They must be made aware by quoting various live examples.

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So, the parent-child care must be in such a way that the child should not feel that, he is being bound by parents wish, and has nothing left for his or her choice. In a similar way, parents should also be sure that, their child is on the right path. They must not restrict the child from moving in his path, but they should keep an eye on it. If there is anything wrong, they should explain it to their child, so that he can understand it, in a good way. Along with all these, most important one is the health of your child. Even though they ignore eating, you must be able to provide them the food, they like, in a healthier way.

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