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Despite being difficult and challenging. ,an engineering degree gives an extra edge to the students as it makes the student stand out of the crowd it is much in demand nowadays.

Being a professional course , Engineering is a  doorway  to many exciting career avenues. Not only that  students pursuing Engineering are more likely to find a  job more quickly and can climb his career ladder faster and earn better.

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"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work." --Peter Drucker

Getting admission into the right college is important for the right career. Most of the times, college admission is a lengthy and a tiresome process. Students need to have proper information about college admission because today most of the colleges have less college admission while some have very high college admission. It all depends upon the quality of teaching and placement opportunities by various colleges. 

Nowadays, many engineering colleges are opened. So, aspirants of engineering often got confused with the variety of options of engineering colleges available and often wonder to which college to opt from.

Selecting a good engineering college can be an intimidating task that often leaves student and their parent puzzled and confused. A student just can’t get enrolled in just any random engineering college , in order to get a degree.  If he is doing so, he is just putting his precious four years at stake. Blindly taking admission to any college for college education will only just leads to wastage of his four years of career and money invested in pursuing so.

When we meet students, we find "College Admission Process" is not easy for them due to various reasons and one of the reason is understanding the admission forms. Though colleges have an easy way to do that but still many students find it difficult. It means we should understand the college admission process from the students perspective.

As many of the Engineering colleges  are existing only for money making motive , it is very essential that  a student before getting enrolled to any of the colleges should carefully think well before and conduct a detailed research on  the long list of Engineering colleges available , in order to make sure that he Just not get duped away by the lucrative institutes offering a degree in engineering.  

If you choose a good engineering college it can be your first small step towards having a successful career. A good college along with its status and education always advances a great support in your career life.

These are the college admission process steps you should follow while  make a wise engineering plan

First, think and jot down the important criteria  which are of utmost importance to you and which you just can’t compromise upon.

Develop a list and ranked it in order, priority wise. It is very rare that you get all  the elements of the list you wanting from , however, at least you can fulfill almost all the requirements you wish listed  for your ideal engineering college .

Career counselling is very essential and there are various career couselling platforms which can provide you information on various career choices. 

At least you will be sure and guaranteed about your future. It could include the concerns listed below

      1)    Degree offered

      2)    Location (rural or urban)

      3)    Distance from home

      4)    Government or private

      5)    Cost (tuition, room)

      6)    Financial aid or scholarships

      7)    Campus resources (labs, libraries, computer access)

      8)    Placement and internships

      9)    Accreditation

     10)    Class size

     11)    Quality/reputation/classes

     12)    Student body (gender, diversity, community) 

     13)    Social life (dance/music/sports clubs, college spirit, organizations)

     14)    Qualification of faculty and past performance of the department

A student should choose a  course purely based on his interest in that subject and his/her abilities.

First of all, there is so many common application for undergraduate college admissions. If the student had to choose between two engineering colleges for the same engineering branch, the better-established college should be the choice. As without a good quality faculty, it would be just a good looking building, not a reputed institute, qualification of faculty, as well as their experience, matters a lot.

Infrastructure - This is the most vital factor while choosing a college. Infrastructure means that whether a college has sufficient amount of infrastructure according to its intake capacity.

It includes classroom, administrative building, workshop, computer labs, various laboratories etc.

Because during your four years of graduation you need all these things, so keep it your first preference while choosing a college. The complete infrastructure should be well-supported by amicable facilities like the internet, intranet, library, hostel rooms, hostel staff, dispensary, student counseling cell. Also, the laboratories should be well equipped and huge enough to cater to the needs of all students. The campus should be clean and have an ambiance that conducts the students to focus better on their studies and not gets disturbed by  any outside influences. These facilities lend huge support to your overall education.

Faculty - The infrastructure cannot be the only choosing factor when deciding a college.

The faculty is definitely one of the most important factors.It is, in fact, the most crucial factor.

Always have a look on college faculty which includes professors, reader, lecturer, teacher-student ratio, visiting faculty, teaching experience etc.

If you have a good staff of Teachers, you can perform and progress better and faster. You can grasp the concepts that have been taught to you more clearly and this will help you to lay a solid foundation to a fabulous career ahead. In this way, more and more companies will be ready to take you in. It will also facilitate you to work in a better way more smoothly, as you basic concepts will be clear.

Search through various college websites and read about the faculties. Consequently, you can search on the internet about various faculties whether they are permanent or visiting faculties at the college.

You can also take help of your acquaintances who have studied in those colleges, about the regularity of the Professors and staff and about teaching quality.

Facilities - This is another important factor that you have to keep in your mind. Facilities provided by college assist you during your college period.

This includes a library, the internet, intranet, hostels, seminar halls, dispensary, student clubs, gym etc. A  library catering well to the demand of students will prevent the students from rushing here and there to get extra supplementary materials to study from. This way will preserve their time and facilitates them to make more efficient notes in order to study for exams.

A well clean and peaceful hostel campus will also help them to concentrate better  and focus on their studies.

Placements - This is the most important factor while deciding a college. It does not mean that it is the first and last criteria to choose a college.

Placements of a college are determined by many factors like its infrastructure, faculty, facilities provided by the college to its students, college rank, past performance of the students in the company, and last but not the least individual talent and personality and many more factors.

Just have a look at past placement record of college, branch wise, as well as company wise and choose a college that gives better placement to the branch of Engineering you are opting for. This will help you to ensure that the four years and the money you are going to invest in the college will not be wasted and after getting a degree you will have at least some job letters in hand.

Extracurricular activities - As” all work and no play make jack a dull boy" ,indeed this is also one of the  important factors that should be taken into account. This stands true because not only do you have to study but you also have to survive in a competitive environment and for that, you have to be a develop an all rounder personality.

Extracurricular activities play a very important role in your personality development. So have a look at extra activities provided by college like annual function, sports function, students club, seminars and workshops, industrial training, social activities, NCC, NSS etc.

As Engineering is in mass demand nowadays.,this will also ensure you to get an extra edge over others who are simply having the degree  and will enable you to shine out from all the crowd.

Location - This factor does not play a very important role but if it is nearby any industrial or software hub then it may be slightly useful to you as far as your industrial training and placement is concerned but keep this factor at last.

However, just keep in consideration the factors like how many distance you will have to cover every day, how much time you will have to invest to get there and whether you are comfortable with the daily up and downs or whether you want to stay in some hostels or some nearby PGs.

Now after making a ranked priority list, start with visiting the college websites and shortlist the ones that appeal to you.

Just compare your lists with the number of colleges available and the facilities available in each college and make a list of all the colleges that matches with your wish list  of criteria and ranked these colleges in order. A good engineering college should not only have a good college building but you should weigh it in terms of ambiance, capacity to support the intake of students, workshops, computer labs, laboratories, etc. After all, you will be spending your precious next four years in this college.

Now be realistic and in order of your academic percentages and comparing the requirements of each and every college just weed out colleges, you just can’t take admission in. 

And thus choose a college that is suitable for you and according to your choice. Doing Engineering randomly just from any college will be a waste and not of any use surely if you are placed in some institute which works for only money making motive from the students.

So, it is very important if you  think carefully and only after a detailed analysis enters to a college of your choice, at least  your future will be guaranteed.

And in this process, you will be able to gather more and more information about engineering and its career prospects and help you to be able to boost your career growth. It is advisable that you choose your branch of engineering before choosing a college to pursue engineering from.

However, often students are seen changing their stream after entering the college.

Yes, it is perfectly ok ,but in order to prevent further confusion and further daunting research of the new stream, you can research about the branches well in advanced and ranked them in order.  It will help you to be able to choose the best college of your priorities  and further turmoil and confusions can be further avoided.

One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, some career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices. An online career counselling platform can be a great support for everyone who seek career counselling.

Note: Admission forms are the first step in the process of getting admission to the college and admission forms are available both online and offline as per your convenience but admission forms are important and it should be carefully filled.

Hope we solved some of your doubts and provided you valuable suggestions.

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