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IIT is the most sought after institute in India. Why? We have seen through decades and found out that every year, people entering into the IITs are considered to be as prestigious as an already working Engineer or an Advocate! Well, this is because of the brand name. It is a known fact that four good years at IIT can completely change your life and modify the path of your future into however you want it to be.

IIT trains its students in a way that they are capable enough to face the world when they go out after four years. They have an edge over the other population of engineers. Students at IIT know that they have a lot of competition within the campus itself, and so, they work hard from the very beginning. This prepares them to face any crisis at work too.

If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you

IITs provide excellent academic coaching to the students and the best infrastructure for research purposes that keep them at par with the others. Students are not just given good education but training in managerial work too. This helps them to be excellent managers in the time to come. You might say that all this is provided in other engineering colleges too. Friends,  quality is what matters! IIT provides excellent training and education assuring good quality without compromising with the brand name. 

The international exposure that IIT enjoys is far more than any other institute in the country. This provides the students of IIT an added advantage as they become more aware of the technologies used around the world. IIT teaches entrepreneurial skills to the students making them self-sufficient to create their own firms and start-ups at a very young age and the reputation that IITs have created over the years for themselves help in providing various career opportunities to the students as many firms start their search for required professionals from the IITs only.

IITs are the top ranked institutes of India in engineering. Students from various cities want admission in an IIT. YAAR BAS EK BAAR IIT MEIN ADMISSION HO JAAYE, LIFE SET HAI is the attitude of many. If you get to know that a person is from IIT the perceptions formed in your mind are, intelligent hoga, Sahi hai yaar ab tension ki baat nahi, naukari achi lagegi and etc. These positive perceptions attached with an IITIAN is not only because of the brand value attached to it or the kind of reputation the Institute enjoy worldwide. It is because of the quality. Over the years they have managed to build a name for them by working for it. It is hard and earns name for them. They prepare excellent students. They have a different personality, an attitude that requires something special.

The students walk out of IIT but IIT remains in their heart. 

The facilities given to a student at IIT is exceptional. They have a huge infrastructure. A campus to die for. They have all the facilities in terms of labs, equipment that are available to each and every student. They have a rich pool of grand and experienced collegiate dedicated to the profession of teaching and creating wonders. Every year a great number take admission in IITs all over India. Everyone is promised a great future ahead. Every student feels that IIT is the safest place that they have landed after crossing all the hurdles and now everything good will follow. This trust of students that they place in an institution is because of the commendable job they are doing. They are dedicated to making every student of IIT a world class engineer. They do not compromise on quality but can compromise on the quantity. The work environment in which students study and work is exceptional. They promote innovation and creativity. This reflects that it touches all part in the development of a student. An exhibition is organized by IIT where the IITIANS display their skills and talent in the form of working models, product designs and so many things at the display which are a mix creativity, knowledge, experience. They also encourage their students to be active in extracurricular activities as all work and no play makes a man dull is an old saying. The students take part in many sports activities to keep them active. Students also organize an annual fest that is a treat to watch. This shows that the students are extremely talented in very sphere of life. They are outstanding in whatever they do. They have the abilities to turn ordinary into extraordinary with their intelligence and experience.

So, it is clear that a person cannot think of a better platform than IITs for living his dreams. The IITs can transform your life but that is possible only if you are willing to work hard to achieve your goals and not just sit and relax once you are a part of an IIT. smiley


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