Importance Of E-Mail Marketing In Social Media Strategy

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Importance of email marketing, Lead generaion trick


Think that your social media marketing strategy is complete if it includes a Facebook page, followers on twitter, and those nice Instagram pictures, all your posts pinned to Pinterest & a little a lot here and there?

You might just want to reconsider going through your social media marketing strategy again if it does not involve Email Marketing. 

A very effective way of doing marketing over the web, with a very decent number of users which exceed the overall audience combined over Facebook, twitter, pin interest, Instagram or any other social media till date and is expected to exceed to double in near future. 

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing is directly marketing a promotional or business message to a target audience using email.

“Our digital future is about enabling better productivity and decisions making to enjoy a better quality of life.” -Yacine Baroudi

In a literal sense, every email sent to a potential or current customer could be considered email marketing.

It is done for ad promotions, boost sales or sustain brand image through Email. Email marketing can be done to either sell list of customers or a current customer database.
Email marketing is considered so far the best and cheaper way to build a seller-buyer relationship through the web, and has been adopted by various e-commerce businesses and other companies expanding in the social media; email marketing has resulted in some very fruitful outcomes for various businesses worldwide.

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So here are few insights on why email can help you reach out to maximum audience compared to other social media marketing platforms:

Most professionals prefer checking their mail regularly throughout the day than other social media accounts: Maximum working professionals operate emails to reach out to their clients, organizers, management employees etc. So you can think the number of times a regular working class employee will check mail in a day.

Having said that, Email marketing today is most generic way to reach out to business class audience because they prefer sending a professional mail to their associates rather a Facebook message or tweet and that is why most companies have subscription options for sending newsletter and opt-in email advertising emails to customers where only the interested genuine customers who agreed to receive the ads and updates will receive them, an outstanding feature of Email which will help you sustain more genuine customers than sending ads and emails to audience who may feel bothered by such emails and all your hard work will go to spam right there.

Email marketing (according to a Wikipedia research) is reported to be second most effective way of digital marketing after search engine marketing (SEM):

In the broader context of digital marketing, email has proven to be a highly effective medium for communicating with the potential or current customer over the web, a recent study suggests that email marketing is the most cost-effective way of digital media marketing as it reduces the cost of designing, producing and printing unlike the traditional ways of advertising.

Advertisers can send direct ad emails to subscribers to have opted to receive mail on areas of interests to them and generate more potential leads than spam. SEM is considered to be most effective tool for generating social media traffic for a business but let me tell you that email can do wonders in generating genuine traffic for your business if you keep in mind the quality of your output in a transactional or direct mail, strategic marketing aimed emails can generate genuine traffic for your website if you narrow down to creating and sending only the quality useful points of communication in the mail which will gather more genuine interest of the audience.

Email has the highest number of mobile audience and most of which are shopaholics- A great advantage for marketers. 

According to a recent research on Email marketing over mobile by Live Intent it is found that People with general interest in shopping have the highest open rates in terms of email over their smartphones and tablets, highest clicks and conversion rates during the evening hours which by default means that E-commerce industry is at the highest benefactor end of sending email newsletters and special offers at the mobile audience end (who are majorly women according to research), with highest conversion rates of general browsers to a potential customers as per their target audience for different products and services, which clearly rules out all the doubts of email marketing being the most effective of all other social media marketing. (Live Intent “The People Behind the Screens: A Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Audiences” (2015)) 

Email is a direct method for communicating with your target audience: While Facebook and twitter can be an effective way to reach out to a mass audience is it the best way to generate potential leads when people are there over those social mediums majorly to share and view posts of their family and friends?
Guess not, the answer is Email. Email is the best way to communicate the special offers or services or advertise your brand directly with your target audience as it reaches them and only them specifically conveying a direct approach and as a single independent mail each on their mailing address, while your posts over Facebook and tweets on twitter are available for open audience which have higher chances of getting ignored than a direct mail.

Customers subscribed for mail expect special offers and exclusive deals from you hence you must design your promotional emails in a way the customer is tempted to at least view your deals and ultimately buy something.

A study says that 27% of overall mobile email audience likes to view emails with special offers and 21% of them view promo codes or vouchers which mean that promotional and emails with new deals for customers have higher chances of getting responses than spam or newsletters, so marketers must focus and differentiate mobile and desktop audience and customize their emails accordingly.  

So while designing a social media strategy for your brand or e-commerce portal always consider email at the first-hand option to reach out to your target audience as well as for advertising, it stands a higher chance of success rather any other social media platforms.

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