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These days companies are increasing their budgets in Digital Marketing and it is expected to grow more in upcoming years. The good news is that those who want a break in digital marketing industry there is a lot of opportunities lying there to grab. Grab an internship in digital marketing to build your skills and do wonders in this field. As an MBA pursuer, I was confused while selecting an internship after my second semester. After a lot of thinking and searching, I opted for the internship in digital marketing in testformula.com

Whether you are totally passionate about search, social media, affiliate marketing, search engine marketing or content marketing any kind of marketing over the internet there are a few things you need to do in your internship to prove that you are worth for the job to your prospective employers.

“Take a risk and keep testing, because what works today won’t work tomorrow, but what worked yesterday may work again.”

 Here are my suggestions for your which I learned from my experience as an intern in digital marketing for making your resume strong and future bright. Digital marketing is an upcoming sector so if you wish to make your career in it starts with baby steps like internships in digital marketing. Internships in digital marketing is an excellent idea to learn. 

1. Get your Hands-On Marketing Experience

A degree of MBA can take you a distance, but these days employers are searching for candidates with an experience, whether it can be from a prior job, internship or some side project you did. "Any hands-on involvement with the campaign creation, analytics, or optimization can be extremely beneficial to aspiring digital marketers," says Traci Kuiphoff, online marketing manager at BareNecessities.com. " If you're in a school or a recent graduate, a good way to gather experience is to do an internship at an organization, company or an agency that has a dedicated department or they focus on online or digital marketing. It will provide you a real world experience and it will be great to put on your resume when you will be job ready.

Not only do you get real world hands-on experience, but it's also really great to put on your resume when you’re ready for a full-time position in a company.If you don't get an internship in digital marketing or find a suitable position in your area of interest, create your own digital project or enter some marketing contest. You can explore the opportunity of Virtual Internship in several organizations as well.

2. Know the Language

If you are able to analyze the marketing campaigns and understand what had worked or what didn't is the major role of a digital marketer — in order to do it, you'll need to know (and love) the jargon of the industry."Understanding metrics on the web is the key," says, Naishi Zhang assistant marketing manager at Barnes & Noble.Mastering digital marketing terms and metrics, and knowing what they really mean, will take time and a lot of practice, but you can get the basic knowledge by picking up some introductory book on digital marketing or you can go online always. Internships in digital marketing is way better not only to master digital marketing terms but much more related to this field.

3. Make and Grow Your Own Online Footprints

Rick Bakas director of social media marketing at St. Supéry Vineyards and Winery said he believes a person's online presence can be a deciding factor on whether an aspiring digital marketer makes it for a job."If an employer is deciding between the two candidates," he notes, "they might go with the person with the strong following online. Build your personal brand online. You have to show you can build your own personal brand if you’re going to build someone else's."Your personal brand is the value-added thing in the digital marketing jobs market. If you are already engaged with your audience that will give strength to your resume too like your employer will know that you have an influence on people.

4. Learn Everything, Specialize in One thing

There is no one career path in marketing. You can either choose to work for an organization, with a team, or you can build your own start-up. There are multiple digital marketing disciplines, like affiliate, social media, search, mobile, internet, e-mail, and display marketing, are to name a few. "Digital marketing agency experience can be extremely valuable — at an agency you can be exposed to all the avenues of digital marketing from paid search, social media, mobile and everything in between," Kuiphoff advises. "Most likely, you'll touch a number of different accounts which can help you choose the vertical focus or some specialty."

Once you have a basic knowledge in each zone of digital marketing, you'll be better equipped to opt a more specific path of focus. But a specialty helps you to use your skills and knowledge in that area and then become an expert, which is a very valuable asset to future employees.

5. Attend Industry Meetups and Conferences

"Put 'social' in the social media and spend time engaging with the people in the real world," Bakas says. "Go to a lot of social events to create or grow quality communication that can be later continued online. These experiences are ripe with chances to meet other digital marketers. The best relationships are the ones nurtured online and offline."Kuiphoff adds, "Digital marketing conferences not only provide a great networking opportunity but most offer in-depth workshops that can enhance your skills set."

6. Keep an Eye on the News

Because of the dynamic nature of the Internet, digital marketing is also ever-changing. If you don't keep up with the latest trends and news, it shows in interviews and on the job.Sarah Hofstetter Senior Vice President of the emerging media and client strategy at digital marketing agency 360i, says it well “Remember that the standing still is going backward. Yes, it’s an adage that has been used for years to inspire the ambition, but it is blatantly obvious in the digital landscape. Not only does that technology evolve at a lightning pace that transcends Moore’s law, but consumer behavior is shifting at a radical pace, and media consumption becomes more and more fragmented.”Just keep your pace with the latest trend and be the hot cake. It helps in landing digital marketing jobs for you.

7. Get Technical

You will not be coding the programs or design full websites as a digital marketer, but you will need to coordinate with several developers and designers or other web specialists to communicate your digital marketing strategy. A basic knowledge of how the web works, HTML, and one or two of the programming languages, such as PHP, JavaScript, CSS etc, will help you understand the current limitation and opportunities that will affect your online marketing strategy.

8. Update Your Resume

Everyone needs a resume; what you do with it is up to you. A way to make your resume stand out is to get some certification like Google has a certification program for AdWords. Show that you can produce results and can work in dynamic environment. Never be afraid of putting details which are not related to the job directly. Put your resume on LinkedIn and start asking for recommendations. Use keywords to describe your previous job experience that makes sense for the digital marketing jobs you are applying.

9. Let Curiosity and Passion Help You

It’s almost great to know about Facebook, Twitter but let your curiosity and passion drive you and leave your mark. If you have the quality of innovation and identifying new opportunities and you are not afraid to try new things like tools, technology or apps well you are way ahead of many people and no one can stop you from the success in this area.Internships are the first corporate experience so go for the one which helps you out in the upcoming career path and trust me, early age is not a hindrance in finding a good internship opportunity. I learned a lot in my own internship time and it was a great learning and it enhanced my skills and knowledge in Digital Marketing. I hope these 9 points will help you in choosing the right internship path for you.

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