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Job search is process or act of looking for work which is paid. This comes into action when an individual is unemployed or dissatisfies with their current job or is looking for a fresh job in order to gain experience or is now ready to work in a professional world as they possess the required qualifications. Individual who are looking for a job is called job seeker. It is a challenge to the seeker. This starts with preparing a resume for application in job followed by group discussions and interview preparations.  According to a research, it is found that most of the persons who are looking for a job are graduates and available jobs are low grade. These kinds of situations result in de-motivation of a person which could create hindrances in the searching process. Also, it reflects the bad scenario of the corporate world. An alarming situation which needs action to the immediate effect.

You can't do a good job if your job is all what you do

If we have been searching for a job for a long time without any positive response, it might feel like our job search is out of our control and we start losing hope of being hired as an employee. It creates dissatisfaction, anxiety within ourselves. But it is not true, the fact is, we are the only person who’s in control of our job search and it depends on us to make the most of it. The moment when we start feeling that our search is facing a negative response from all, this is the introspection time,  take a back step for a moment and look for areas of improvement in our search. For example, we decide to cross check our resume; we might realize our resume isn’t as strong and effective as it should be. In this situation, we should consult with a friend or advisor for a better suggestion. This will helps us to overcome the negative thoughts and also make new and effective changes in a resume. Maybe you lack in delivering, work on your communication skills.

To keep ourselves motivated and optimistic during our job search can be a challenge which is difficult to face. It’s harder when we have been using the similar kind of job search techniques and ideas for past many weeks, this seems like search is almost exhausted. When we are feeling almost shattered out from our job search, try best to not to give up. We still have the opportunity to find it more. Trying and trying in the right direction is the key. It might take you a couple of time to find the suitable job but you will. Those who try, they never fail. Slowly and steady you win the race.  

For example, if we have applied for jobs in our hometown then we might have to look out for the job beyond the comfort level of geographical boundaries; this will give us a new start to our job search. It can be said that it takes a little creativity to grab a good and desired job. Since the job market is getting extremely competitive day by day, so it’s equally important to take well-analysed decisions which highlight us instead of other job seekers. It is not just about getting the job, but also the path is chosen for getting the job. Your choices and decisions dictate whether you will get a job or not if yes, what kind of job. The journey is equally important along with the destination. Individuals or candidates who applied to jobs using various resources, references said they never heard back from the employer. Does that sound all too familiar to the experiences most of you dealt or dealing with during your search for a new job?

You’re certainly not alone. In today’s job climate, applications and resumes are often met with silence. They are seen in the trash bins most of the time. While the job search certainly presents a wide variety of frustrations for job seekers, nothing breeds more than a poor candidate experience. The highly competitive job market isn’t a secret to job seekers or employers, but it certainly doesn’t mean you’re deserving of a poor candidate experience.

If you find yourself in this situation after an interview, it’s easy to jump to conclusions. Your first thought after a bad job search experience might be the employer will never contact you. You could also make the decision to forget about the interview and move forward with the rest of your job search. Regardless of how you’re feeling about the interview, don’t give up hope just yet. To keep an employer interested in your application, it’ll require some action on your part; you have to take some initiative steps such as Establishing a connection with interviewer, keep employer informed about your job search this will show your seriousness towards the job and if employer rejects you on the basis “that you don’t have the experience “just ask for internships in their company because it will show your keen interest in learning and positive attitude toward work.  If you need a job, you need to go an extra mile to grab it.


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