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The admissions to all the colleges and universities are about to begin. The frenzy is happening all over India at the moment. Delhi University is the most popular choice of university for students. Millions of aspiring students will be seen on the campus waiting in long queues for the application form and making headlines. The newspaper is filled with stories and many students making a style statement this summer.  They are turning heads around.

Many other universities, let’s say Indraprastha University also announces the entrance test results and counseling session starts where you are able to get admission in one of the colleges under Indraprastha University. Mostly these are an online process of admission, so students are glued to their computer screens. Many students will be traveling to another city, country for admissions to colleges, settling into a new place and starting the journey from the scratch.

It's not your marks that decide your future but your character does

Parents pour over brochures of colleges to students. They accompany them to every college for admissions. They too feel the pressure of admissions along with the students. It’s not just about getting admission to colleges. It’s about the “right college”. The agitation is about getting the admission into the college you have always wished for. Scoring cut-offs, low ranks in entrance shattered dreams of many. Many are able to make it to their desired college. It’s also about luck.

Starting life in a college is entirely different from what you have in school. You just broke your nutshell and you step into a different life. The number of students in colleges is ever increasing. Pick any college and you will see the number of students enrolled in it. This has led to increase in competition as a number of students are more and so does the competitors.

Have a look at the statics of Indian Higher Education:

We have 700- Degree-granting Institutions

♦ 35,500 Affiliated Colleges

♦ 20 million enrollments

Top 4 fields:

♦ 37 % Arts

♦ 19% science

♦ 18% commerce and management

♦ 16% engineering and technology

85% of students are enrolled in Bachelor’s degree programs with the majority in their program of B.A, B.Com,  B.SC.  One-sixth of all Indian students are enrolled in Engineering/ Technology degrees.

This reflects the large and complex system of higher education.

There are plenty of factors that affect the choice of college admission.

Due to increasing complexities, a number of students and limited courses to offer the selection process have become complicated, elaborated. You just cannot choose a college like this. First, your search for the course you want to study, then you decide the college and that also depends on a number of factors,   minimum aggregate required to get admission, going through the process and finally you get admission into it. The right choice is very important. If you go wrong an inch in selecting the right college, you not only waste three years of your life but you put your career at stake. It’s all about a career now.

Prices have also spiked especially for private institutions. The building of luxurious buildings, paying more to the administration.  Many students get attracted to glorious buildings but do check whether its glorious in teachings also. Many do not attempt to take admission because of the high prices which they cannot afford.

The college admission is a tedious process. Over the years it is becoming more complex. The rise in the number of applications and limited seats as the infrastructure has not expanded push to lower acceptance rates and many have to compromise on their dreams.  Students are turning to more private universities as the chances of selection are more in these universities.

The admission to colleges have just started or will be starting in next few days. The students are handling the pressure whether they will get a seat in the college at first place and then to the college they want. This summers, the admission process is on the rise. The need is to simplify the process so that students do not face many difficulties in getting admission to the colleges. Some are even ready to pay donations under management quota just to secure a seat. So, college admission top the list of every student.



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