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From my experience, searching for a job is a challenge. I knew it needed hard work, but never imagined it could be this hefty. Do you feel the same?

Do you also feel like you are getting no response from employers, especially from those where you expected you gave your best in your interview?

Well, you need not worry anymore. Keep few things in mind and keep going. Because as it is said, ‘Life doesn’t give you what you want; It only gives what you deserve’.

 So, While searching for a job that will best suit you, you need to keep few things in your mind.

Do you also feel like you are getting no response from employers, especially from those where you expected you gave your best in your interview? You need to keep understated points in mind. Check out.

⇒ Your resume should be updated.

⇒ You should be social, such as, making profile on LinkedIn

⇒ Never get discouraged with few rejections.

Because finding a job needs time and effort both. You need to search for vacancies, uploading your CV/Resume, filling out application forms and preparing for interviews. 

Sometimes, though, no matter how hard you try, you feel you're not getting anywhere. Here is the need of the career counseling for students to get the perfect job. What is the meaning of career counseling for the person who is exasperated by the frequent search and it is a ray of hope for him?

Looking for a job is stressful, especially if you don't know where to start from.  Nowadays, Companies demand a high level of performance history and professionalism, and the vertiginous volume of information available online makes it difficult to make a great impression unless you have a solid reputation online.

Building your personality takes commitment and hard work, but it's a strategy that lasts forever. Once you build that personal brand, you’ll easily get a perfect job you were looking for. If the job hunt has exceeded beyond weeks and into months and you're able to dangle it financially, taking on some volunteer work can help cushioning your resume.

Taking on short-term unpaid (or low-paying) employment, say, internship, virtual internship etc., can give you additional experience and can increase your chances of being the perfect candidate for your dream job.

In order to attract employers, you need to stand out of hundreds of CVs they receive every day. You need to make attractive cover letters for every job you are applying for; explaining why you want the job and how you feel you can add value to the company.

How to make your CV relevant to the employers , click here.

While you're looking for a job in a new field, taking an online course can help your resume get noticed. It not only gives you new skills, it shows that you're motivated and inclined to do what it takes to better yourself and get the right job. Employers are increasingly using internet searches to scrutinize potential employees.  Unless you have your own website, your LinkedIn profile is likely going to be at the top of the search.  Spend some time to make sure your profile is complete, and voraciously showcases your skills and experiences.

I've been put in the same situation more often and I know explicitly how it feels. That sense of impracticality and the loss of aplomb associated with seeing others surmount and yourself lost out is indeed too much to handle. I hurriedly realized that mailing out hundreds of applications to every employer, I could catch wasn't grasping me anywhere. I didn't get a single phone call or e-mail, so I decided to create a very well cast cover letter that I would attach to every application and see if that would change anything.

But again, I didn't receive a single phone call or e-mail. I thought to myself, what am I doing wrong?  I have a professional resume, a LinkedIn profile, and I created the best cover letters I could possibly think of.

And then I finally got a call from an employer, informing me about the telephonic interview with the CEO of the company. So, job search only demands for your pure determination, time and effort.

My word of advice for anyone thinking of looking for employment is

As it is said that, ‘Believe in yourself.’

Points that will help you to succeed in finding a job

Things you should do when you are Unemployed

What do you do when you've tried every game plan you can think of but still haven't found a job?

While beating your head against the wall is certainly a comprehensible reaction, it won't elucidate your box. But what will? 
While it's human nature to say you do everything that accession ends up yielding scanty opportunities. So clearly define a pigeonhole where you have experience. Not only this would keep your morale up, but can also be easily be trajected to and retained by others.

One of the challenges I faced in my novice stages of job-hunting was recount myself.  The hiring staff needed to testify the part of my resume where I said I had excellent written and verbal communication skills, and they gave me an offhand to manifest both.

Over the time, these coequal experiences, as well as the skills I gained in my previous jobs, made me realize that bartering me to an interviewer wasn’t as complicated as I saw it.

You might think that there will always be appellant who is better than you, and you’re probably right. But if you really want to get the job, you have to make your sheath stronger by rating about your proficiency and your triumphs. Even if you land with a wrong job you can still go for career counseling for working professionals for the purpose.

There are times, however, when people go as far as hyperbolizing their stories or lie shamelessly just to get the job. It may be enticing to mollify your achievements but bear in mind that when you get hired and your boss brings to light your lie, your reputation, and your job will be on the line.

Therefore, Job hunting may be frustrating but never give up. I never gave up. Because at the end of the day, ‘ALL’s WELL, THAT ENDS WELL’. yes

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