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Marketing is a glamorous as well as an attractive job. Marketing is the action of promoting and selling products or services. Business thrives on marketing today. It is done through advertising. Advertising is ubiquitous. We are bombarded with advertisements everywhere. Every business wants to earn profit through the selling of goods and services. Marketing techniques play an important role in promotion and selling of the goods. Every company seems to have a marketing department to carry out the operations. Research Analyst, Brand Manager, Sales Executive are some of the famous work profiles in the field of marketing.

Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the consumer feel smart

Further, the marketing field is very interesting if you can take or you are ready to take challenges.

Explanation of fields in Marketing Job profiles are as follows:-

Sales Executives

The sales executive comes to an initial stage.  Even the Brand Managers, PMT departments,  research analysts have to perform these operations i.e sales related operations initially. The sales related job is target based and employees get handsome packages in this job. The sales executive also gets various incentives, for example, they get transport allowance, various other commissions based on the target, etc.  This profile involves a lot of fieldwork. Sales executives must understand the desires of customers to be able to convert them into sales. Must have strong convincing power. Ability to influence. They work as a contact between the organization and its clients: answering queries, offering advice and introducing new products.

Brand Managers

Brand Managers also play an important role in Marketing related works. Employees package get a good exposure. And the tasks in Brand Management are usually interesting.The brand managers do their work keeping the target audience in mind. Their work is to develop a strong brand image for the company in the eyes of the customers. Have an identifiable brand image.

A Brand Manager should have the following qualities: -

1) Creative: To think out of the box ideas and to execute them properly. Be creative at its best.

2) Imaginative: Power to think beyond the traditional ways. Strong imaginative power. Vision to visualize.

3) Convincing: A good convincing power to convince the customers of the brand and potential customers too about your brand and seek brand loyalty

4) Awareness: creating awareness through a blend of tools and techniques.

Research Analysts

Research analysts are the mediators between customers and the company.  Several companies have their own research departments while some companies depend on other agencies for the data. The research analysts have the work of data collection ( Primary and Secondary).

Following are the works of Research Analysts: -

1) Data collection- Data collection can be done from primary or secondary sources. Data collection is an important part of marketing as companies get a lot of personal details through this itself.

2) Questionnaire designing- In this, a set of questions are designed keeping in mind the focus group or the target audience.

3) Questionnaire filling- Questionnaire filling involves the distribution of the questionnaire among the target audience that is asked to fill that.

4) Segmentation- On the basis of the area and people.

Most of the marketing is done through advertising. Let's have a look at some of the jobs in advertising field:

1) Account Director: deals with the accounts ie the clients of the firm. Leads them ensuring the client is happy with the work. Ensuring strong relations with the creative team.

2) Account executives: Act as a bridge between client and agency. Maintaining the clients, bringing the clients to the agency, getting their work done as per guided and on time

3) Art DirectorArt director creates the look for the advertisement. Part of the creative team. They usually work independently and without interruptions.

4) Copywriter: Is responsible for generating effective copy for the advertisements. Effective slogans, body copy generating is the work

5) Creative Director: leads the creative team in an advertising agency. It requires strong communication and to be a strong motivator.

6) Administration: It is concerned with the maintain day to day work. Handling of the finance and other administrative work

7) Research Department: Is responsible for carrying out extensive research about the clients work and give them to the creative and other departments.

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