Learn english through movies, shows, songs and music.

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What would be the key to learning English well? Is it people’s determination or they are just born with it? But I think it’s neither of those things, we can make English learning more fun by using the right tools and developing the habits. The best and fun way to learn English well is there all along, right inside your smartphone. What would be the most fun way to learn English? This automatically answers your favorite question How to learn English?

There’s nothing better than learning English through movies, shows, and music.  if you’re tired of going to class or reading a textbook. If you haven’t tried doing it, it’s not too late to start for everything- to learn English through movies, television shows, music, and songs.

The English Language We Use Influences The Way We Think

The most amazing answer to a boring how to learn English question I have come across.

Is it right for me to learn English through movies and shows?

The English-speaking culture is different from our very own, so we find it hard to learn a foreign language.
So sometimes, you might have trouble understanding what actors are actually saying, or what they’re doing on the screen. Here are a few tips which I would like to share with you to learn English through movies and shows. They’ll help you to learn helpful new words and phrases, but also enjoy watching movies at the same time.

Why Learning English with Movies and shows Works?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether you can really learn any English by watching movies. Watching movies is supposed to be fun, after all, and how can you learn while having so much fun with the film? And more importantly, why should you learn English with movies instead of textbooks?

Here are some reasons which I believe it works.

♦ Learn real English…not textbook English. The English spoken in movies is very natural and it’s very close to what you’ll hear if you speak with native English speakers. This will help you in improving your spoken English. Whereas the English you learn through textbooks or in class is not what you’ll hear people say.

♦ Learn English words in context. This is one of my favorite aspect of watching movies. Suppose you like watching crime movies and after watching 10 or 20 movies, you’ll start to learn vocabulary related to the context, or subject of crime. Usually, when we learn words in schools, we study things like vocabulary lists. The vocabulary lists will only help you to learn what words mean, but it doesn’t help you to where and how they should be used.

♦ Hear how things are said. People often say what we say is expressed through our words and that is only 30% English. While the remaining 70% is all about how you say it. The things like expression (like a smile, a frown) and your tone of voice (like when you sound angry, or when you sound sad). Through observing carefully actors in films, it will not only help you to learn new words but also you will be able to understand how they are said. One starts noticing the expressions.  The characters might be sad, happy, surprised, angry. And you’ll understand this immediately.

How to learn English through Songs and Music?

What makes English learning so effective through songs and music. What is it they have and no other technique does not? 

♦ It works. There is a scientific research which demonstrates how much music helps as second language learner to acquire grammar and vocabulary and improve spelling.  The "Mozart Effect"  concept states that listening to classical music boosts the performance of mental task like learning.

♦ Everyday language and colloquial speech. Songs and music always contain many useful vocabularies, phrases, and expressions.  Songs and music include up-to-date language and colloquialisms since the intended listeners are native speakers. If you pick the right music, it’ll be much easier for you to learn. As we know the language used in songs is actually usable and casual.

♦ Get familiar with the sound of music. Listening to music also helps in improving our pronunciation and allows you to focus on the understanding of the English language’s rhythm, tone, and beat.

♦ Get English stuck inside your head. Music has an unnatural way of getting stuck in our heads. Tunes and lyrics will often infiltrate our thoughts and play over and over in our minds.

♦ Songs are emotional. Songs are a key to unlock our emotional which influences our moods and enhances our mental and physical well-being. Our relationships with music are deep and powerful and it is hugely rewarding.

♦ Music is an easy habit. When you’re learning English through songs, you don’t need to set aside too much time for only music or whatever you are doing because you can take the music with you wherever you go. You can listen to the same song over and over again, without becoming bored by picking the music you like.

♦ Music teaches the right culture. Music helps you to understand the English-speaking culture and how the English speaking people think and feel. So it gives you insight into the English-speaking culture.

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