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Students have already made their mark in CBSE board results by scoring 99 %. The same students are all set to make their college life happen. The dream life many school goers have.  You must be having your list of favorite colleges ready. Everyone wish to study in their dream college. Is it SRCC  or Amity University?

The decision to study in a college is left on students as they are now considered as grown ups capable of taking decisions. They know what is right and what is not for themselves. It is the question of their career. They have to make their careers then why not leave the decision to them.  Today’s youth is very smart and intelligent. They know what they want from their lives. They are ambitious.

Before you make a choice, make sure you can live with it.

Still, certain consideration needs to be made before you finalize your decision to enter the particular college. Parents, teachers, mentors need to guide them in their decisions. You choose a dress that fits you. Therefore, choose a college that fits you. You are not made for every college. It might be the top college of the country but it might not be the top for you. Instances are there that you might not fit in that college no matter what. Think about it. Decisions are made for once and all. Your one wrong decision can cost your entire life. So think twice before you make a decision. Take your time. Do not rush. Take advice but follow your guts. You know what is best for you.smiley

Ask these questions?

Why only this particular college: Ask this question to yourself. Why you chose this particular college among the rest. What unique attracts you to this college. Is it the course they offer that you want to study, the pedagogy, extra- curricular activities or is it your friend that is going to that college. Choose a college that fulfills your criteria and gives you what you want. Choose a college that offers your choice of course, good faculty, infrastructure. Friends are going nowhere but your career will go somewhere unexpected if the right decision is not made.

♦ Cost: Determine the overall cost of the college. Estimate of the tuition fee for the 3-year course, the traveling expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses. It is important to have an idea. If you can't afford an expensive college but you still take admission into it. You are in trouble. Planning is important. You might need to avail a student loan. So cost is everything. APNI CHADAR KE HISAAB SE KHARCH KARNA CHAHIYE

♦ College Environment: Another important question to ask. The college atmosphere. College is not just for studies or making a career out of it. It is also about socializing, building relations, life. What is the environment of the college? Is it to Frank, modern or conservative. Which background do the students come from? Do you fit into their shoes? If you can't, then the college is not for you.

♦ Credibility: there will be a number of colleges that offer the same course. But some will be good and some will be bad. One college may have a plus point in one thing and the other college may have a plus point in another. So choose a college that is credible enough. Has a good reputation for a number of factors.

♦ Rankings: College Rankings are the biggest factor to prefer one college over the other. But it may not be the right thing to choose a college only on the basis of rankings. Rankings may not reveal the true picture always. A college may be ranked 1st  on the list but may not be in reality. The reasons for this could be endless. The point is not to follow the rankings blindly.

A lot of head goes in before choosing a perfect college. Chose a college that is perfect for you in every sense. Be it studies, infrastructure, cost, environment and everything. This will make your college life happy and successful. Think of the above-mentioned points and these may help you make a decision to choose the right college.  College life happens only once make the most of it.

All the best for your final choice! yes



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