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What's the use of working hard when it's not in the right direction? In such a way, you might get success but a little late. But do we have years to retry for the JEE exam? No. So, it becomes important to have a proper methodology for the preparation so that the hard work doesn't go into the trash. Make sure that you have a proper study plan that you constantly follow and that you are aware of the trend and weight of the topics as per the JEE pattern. Refer to the exam pattern.
Well, the trend is not the same everywhere and no matter how much you follow it, you will be surprised by the pattern of the exam every year. But we have a good news for those finding difficulty in studying Electrostatics. It's observed that the pattern and trend of electrostatics are hardly changing. So it provides an edge over the other topics when it comes to observing the trend and studying accordingly.

There is no substitute for hardwork

Electrostatics is considered to be one of the most important topics in the JEE. Once you are good at electrostatics, it means that you can sail your boat to IITs. Being a scoring and important topic, it's not at all advisable to skip electrostatics. It is an important topic of Physics and you get plenty of questions from this area. Those who have ever had a look at the previous years' papers will have an idea of why we are calling it an important topic!  If you still haven’t go have a look and get to the seriousness of this chapter.

So here are a few tips for you to master electrostatics:

♦ The first thing to do is to read the concepts from the NCERT and H.C Verma and understand them thoroughly. Once the basics are clear, you are good to move further. These books will explain the concepts in detail and clear all the confusions regarding the topic.

♦ However, if your doubts still persist, make sure to clear them up with your teachers without piling them up. Remember, the more you ignore a topic, the farther you go from attaining a good rank.

♦ Once the concepts are clear, you are ready to solve and practice the questions. Nothing is better than H.C. Verma and I.E. Irodov for this. H. C. Verma would actually do the needful but in case you want to practice more, go for I.E. Irodov but make sure you solve only the relevant questions that are related to your topic. Some questions might require different conceptualization so assure that you are not doing something that is out of syllabus. Doing extra is not always helpful sometimes it leads you to problems

♦ “Symmetry and Calculus Mathematics” form a vital topic of electrostatics that can't be skipped. Almost every JEE paper has a question from this topic. So, focus on the same.

♦ What makes a JEE paper different from the other entrances is the tactics involved in the questions. No question will be straight and to the point. If you are well versed with the concepts, you would find out that the questions are formed such that they require a number of concepts to be applied for solving them.

♦ Example- A single question of electrostatics would be an amalgamation of topics like Simple Harmonic Motion concept and mechanics concepts.

♦ Gravitation and Electrostatics have kind of similar concepts. If you are able to understand gravitation easily, electrostatics won't be tough for you, and vice versa. How are the two similar?

♦ They have an analogy between electrostatic force and gravitational force. Also, the graphs of fields for both the concepts are analogous to one other.

♦ Though electrostatics is more about the concepts than theory, you get to see the importance of having a good memorizing power here as well. And by this, we mean learning the formulae. It has a wide range of formulae that need to be memorized to solve questions.

 ♦ Prepare a list of formulae and go through it daily.

♦ Do not get away from the basics. Remember, they are the root of your knowledge about the concept and hence, are very important. Keep the basics clear from the very beginning and give your best.

♦ About 5-6 questions are asked every year from Electrostatics chapter. The number may vary depending. List of certain questions is given below:

Questions Relating to Electrostatic-

♦ Electric charge

♦ Electric field

♦ Coolum’s law

♦ Electrostatic Potential

♦ Potential due to point charge

Make sure you do not leave this subject at any cost. It could turn out to be a game changer. Practice well and thoroughly for this subject especially when you know how important it is. In the case of any difficulty, you can always include the above mention points to master electrostatic. Hope these points work for you and prove beneficial in your studies.


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