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Master of Business Administration popularly known as MBA. A post graduate degree in business that makes students expert in managing businesses in all forms. As it is a master degree, it can be pursued by completing the bachelor's. Student of any stream can apply for MBA, be it a BBA student, B.COM student. Students even after studying engineering go for an MBA course. To get admission into an MBA course, you need to clear the entrance test named CAT( common aptitude test). Many learners are often confused about doing M.B.A as everyone seems to do it. Some learners are afraid due to lack of self-confidence, will they be able to clear the entrance. Clear your apprehensions with career counselling. There are a lot of career counselling platforms to answer your questions.

In my opinion, doing M.

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. - Tim Notke

B.A is a good option for the future aspect. Career opportunities after doing MBA will be many. You just have to exploit them.
If you are confident and a good thinker, then doing M.B.A would reform your skills. MBA is a popular choice among students. There is a need for management at every organization and level. There are a number of management firms. Every company requires good managers. They are in need of people with good managing skills and who can give results under pressure. There are a number of fields in which MBA can be done. MBA in Finance, Information and Technology(IT), Human resource and few others to mention.Do not confuse yourself with the options. Ask for career guidance as to which field you should go for and accordingly plan your career.

This degree is very important in the business field. It seeks to prepare students for senior management roles in business. Students must choose M.B.A because it exposes them to all the areas of business including accounting, finance and marketing and human resources. M.B.A is an interdisciplinary drawing from the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, accounting, and finance.

M.B.A students get attractive salary packages. Many people equate success and even happiness to their pay package. So for them, M.B.A is the course. A student with an MBA degree gets offers from multinational companies that pay handsome salaries and other employee benefits. M.B.A can open up new avenues and provide students with new skills in the workplace. The main objective of this course is to provide candidates the required managerial skill to achieve great heights. smiley


M.B.A can be pursued from anywhere. In India, you can do it from cities like  NEW DELHI/ BENGALURU/ PUNE/ CHANDIGARH to have better placements in the future. Many students travel abroad to study management courses in reputed universities like Oxford. Studies show that 10% of M.B.A graduates enjoy successful careers within the industry, 9% in healthcare, 9% in public healthcare and 5% in energy. The current economic climate has resulted in the lesser employment of the M.B.A graduates. However, working hard never goes waste. So, one must keep trying!


Reasons to do MBA

1) Career Progression: An MBA degree from a reputed institute can take your career graph up. You could avail senior posts and allows you to take strategic decisions. MBA not necessarily but is the most preferred qualification. Candidates opt for MBA when they are not clear about which and how to choose a right career because of progression.

2) Career Shifts: Having an MBA degree allows for smooth career transition. It got nothing to do with your previous educational background. You might have worked in an IT sector for the past few years but if you now wish to change your career you can do and go for management studies.

3) Salary: An MBA holder usually gets placed in big corporations with high salaries. Doing MBA from top IIMS, and Business schools are beneficial, as they have successful placements from bigger, multinational brands which offer nice packages to you.

MBA is a must for students seeking to become future entrepreneurship. Working for business, managing business requires you to have an MBA degree. As MBA can be done in various fields, like tour and travel, finance etc. It consists of diverse ranging topics in areas related marketing, communication. It makes doing MBA easy, most preferred and relevant choice to make a career in it. Be it any corporation of any nature and any level, they require people who can manage the operations effectively and produce results in the favor of corporations.

Therefore, MBA has become a popular and a hot choice among youngsters. Many students take up this course to study and make a career in it every year. According to sources, 76% of MBA graduates were recruited in three months time of completion. It is the most priceless and relevant course if you want to take up a corporate job. smiley

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