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Since childhood, I had been believing in the simple philosophy which parents are often seen quoting “Beta agar ache se padhai kr li, to life ban jayegi”. And I have always been an obedient child. I took this quote quite seriously and sincerely. I had always been in the top three in my class. Apart from studying, I had always been passionate about painting. But I had to give up painting when I grew up to concentrate more on studies.

The only source of knowledge is experience.

I clearly remember that I was in 6th standard and we had recently moved to a new place. I hadn’t made new friends there. When all my classmates used to go out and play in the evenings, I used to go to the public library; grab a book and be straight back to home. This was pretty much how I spent my evenings. I guess my parents thought I was struggling to make friends and so they decided to have a mature talk with me.

This was the first serious talk my parents had with me. I distinctly remember, they told me “Child we are afraid you will become lonely if you be the same. We want you to try and mingle with kids of your own age.”

I understood the gravity of the situation and decided that I would take up sports. I joined basketball team in our school. The captain of our team was the elder sister of my friend. I was highly inspired by her. Not only because she was good on the court, but she was excellent at studies and even co-curricular activities. I used to listen teachers praise her. I then understood that only being good at studies and being sincere isn’t enough. You have to develop a personality.

Then I got into one of the top engineering institutes of Gujarat. I felt I had achieved my dreams. I felt happy and satisfied. I continued to be the same girl-studious and obedient. But life had something else planned for me. I found myself struggling to score well at exams. I was devastated. I felt days crying and weeping. I initially used to confide in my mother all my problems. But it soon I realized that being away from her daughter was already difficult for her and that I couldn’t bear her to see her go through added troubles because of me. I then turned to my friends. They had been very supportive. But there came a time where I realized that I have to face it on my own. That I was not kid anymore and I had to learn to be independent emotionally.

I clearly remember that it was the third semester that I had stopped crying for petty things and started to act mature.

The journey wasn’t easy for me. sad

For a girl who has always been first two in her school was now struggling to get an 8 pointer at her college. But was determined not to walk on the road I had been and that was ready to change my personality.

I then started taking up in events at the college. I joined a club at college and became Cultural Coordinator. I had extensively worked for one of the largest fests at our college and was appreciated for my hard work. It felt good. To experience the world that was new for me- that wasn’t studies. My parents saw the change in me. They were happy.

In the third year of my graduation, I decided to pursue MBA and hence joined a coaching class. I had put in my 100% but I couldn’t get into any of the premier B-Schools. I felt as if I was again at those difficult crossroads of my life. I started cursing myself. I lost confidence. I cut off from everyone. I slowly moved into depression.

It was a very difficult phase for me. I started to doubt myself. Had I taken the right decision to stop being too studious and concentrate on building a personality? People started giving me advice as to what I must do. I wasn’t listening. My mind wasn’t stable. I had become weak and dull. I felt it irritating to talk to people. Even when people came up to me with good intentions, I always found something in their talk that reminded me of my failure and I spent the night crying. My parents were tired of making me understand that I must not lose hope and that they would assist me to achieve what I always dreamt of.

But my poor parents. It all went in vain. Because I had stopped listening to everyone, even my parents. It was seeing them that I felt sad. I felt ashamed even to face them. In my eyes, I had disappointed them. Although they would never tell me but I always knew they expected highly from me.

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Then my parents had to leave and I spent a few months with my sister. Although younger than me, she is intellectually more mature than me. I had always looked up to her. One day she was talking to me when I for the first time I spoke my heart out. She patiently listened to me and tried to understand my point of view. She very simply said-“Akka, you are making mom and dad feel more tensed because of your behavior. They have already been tensed because of our other family matters. If you really want to prove yourself to be a good daughter stop sulking and start acting. It has been long enough. Long enough days for you to think what you want to do. Don’t do something you will regret later. I understand you were sad. But now you make up for every day you lost crying and being sad. It is the time to make your everyday count. You don’t have to do something to make Ma and Pa happy. Just be happy in whatever you do. They will be happy smiley

I was moved to tears. This was probably the last one and the end of my prolonged period of depression. I needed to hear this from someone I both love and respect. All I wanted was for someone to scold me. To tell me what I was doing was wrong and that being in depression doesn’t fetch anyone anything apart from polluting the environment with negative vibes.

I soon got a confirmation mail from an IT firm. I wasn’t interested in working for an IT firm but I still believed that life has always been a surprise for me. I decided not to be upset and I happily accepted the offer yes

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Now that I am back to being normal, there are people around me who always remind me of those times. They tend to underestimate me because they somehow need a reason to pull you down. I was initially furious at them and I spoilt my own mood. They accused me of not doing any household work and been lazy. I was tired of explaining to them that I was always busy studying. But people kept on throwing illogical reasons to express their point. I was tired of proving myself. But I strongly believe in the philosophy of –“Action speaks louder than words.” So I would always go in quietly into the kitchen help my mom, do the dishes and come out.

Life has been a great ride. There have been highs and lows. Although this may sound cliché but it is how my life has been. I came out of my cave, my comfort zone. I tried to build my personality. I have had my share of failure. But the time I spent in depression has been one my best lessons. I now believe in doing something productive every day. I maintain a diary where I write what important I did that day. Not a paragraph, just bullet points. The days I don’t do anything productive I leave the page blank. And every blank page in my diary makes me work harder to fill in more in the rest of the pages.

Maintaining a diary made in me more and more passionate about writing. I started up my own blog. My friends love my articles. I find peace in writing. It gives me the freedom to express my thoughts and to reach to a greater audience. I believe apart from doing a regular job, one must always develop a hobby wherein one meets their inner souls. It might be painting, singing, playing guitar or spending time with your dogs. In this world where you have strict deadlines to complete your assignments, there should always be something which keeps you grounded, where you could be yourself and not pretend to be someone.

Career counselling platforms are freely available and we just need to explore them and it can be a great support for everyone who seek career counselling. 

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