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Edu4Sure Team has been working to solve a basic problem. We believe many Social Entrepreneurs or Edupreneurs also trying to solve this problem and many of them have really contributed amazing. 

Edu4Sure has decided to bring a feature "My Career My Experience". We would select some of the articles from the contributors like you who can                                         

⇒ Share their experience while they chose their course as a career.

We are successful in life if we can inspire just 1 person!

For Ex. I took Commerce after 10th  in School.

I took BA English Hons. in college after School.

I took  MBA after graduation.

I took  MBA in HR

I took Dancing as a Career

"My Career My Experience" when I read this, I get excited to share my experience about my career. Kindly keep a check with your career counselor and not just this experience.

There can be many such things in our career life. Now how can we help others? 

Simply pen down your experience. Leave the Graphics & Editing part to us. 

Just try to write around the below questions in your contribution

Contributors so far Ishika Gupta Shajan Kumar Md. Tahir  Disha Gupta Dimple Time is Yours Now yes

Why did I so?

How I came to such conclusion?

What factors were responsible?

Was It a "Choice or Chance"?

Am I satisfied now with such decision?

If Yes then why and If not, can I do something else or add on something? 

Share your thoughts. Pen Down your real experience.

I thank Edu4Sure for running this campaign "My Career My Experience" using which I can share my experience and may be it can help someone.

It can help many. Yes "not one but many". It can help many in their career planning. 

Edu4Sure would run email campaign and share with all such people who look for solutions. A Credit to you would be given. A certificate of appreciation would be provided to selected ones.

You would also win a chance to attend our any workshop "Free". It is not free, you put your time to help others and hence we want to give you back.

You would also get more discounted offers from us on many offers which we would come up with. It can be from our associates like Amazon, Snapdeal, Byju's etc. The Code from us would be shared and you would get more than what would be current offer?

We need your kind support to support our initiative "My Career My Experience" and we really thank you for such support. smiley

Share your contribution to partner@edu4sure.com 

For any query, you may write again to partner@edu4sure.com or have a discussion at +91-9555115533. 

Happy Helping! yes 

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