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The most important and exciting phase of life is student life . Student life is part of every individual . In this time they have passed through various situations and they learn , experience and get ready for further upcoming situation and problems. Students ,the youth considered as a pillar of any country.The future of a country depends on upon the country youth ,means if the youth have good and best guidance then they convert their skill for the best development of the nation.         

Above I mentioned that student life is most important and exciting phase of life . Now we understand it in brief how it is.


Student life is beginning a phase of life of any person.

let us descuss the importance of career counselling platform in student life.Career counselling is very essential and there are various career couselling platforms which can provide you information on various career choices. You should always look for various careers provided by Career Counselling platform. we encourage students to use it and career counselling platforms are freely available and we just need to explore them.

In today's modern world there was so much competition in every field and to remain in this competition and to spend a comfortable life everyone has to best in studies or in their interested fields. So it is the time when the children have to take the decision about their life , thus it is so important for every child. Student life exciting in the sense that the children are in this time free from every responsibility.They experience every time new thing and that makes their life exciting.    

College students generally referred to students who pursuing the graduation from any institution. College students are more mature than school students. These students not always look after by teachers, they are free and self-dependent. In  college student life they(students) have to pass through various situations which have a heavy impact on the life of a student. It leaves impact parallel to how a student handles the situations.   

for ex. when new students enter the college they met with new friends .These students are from different backgrounds and have different personalities.It.means some are bad in nature while some are good. Students have to choose and manage their time perfectly so that it does not harm their future. It's very hard to define the so-called the golden moment for every person like us that is teen's age and college and schools are the incredible part of that golden phase of life. College student also has some responsibilities ,of their own and their parents.    

Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible.

Some of the students are impulsive and some are cold blooded. Impulsive students in the sense that they always ready to show up their powers. And on the other hand cold blooded means that they are not involving in any such violence , they came college and focus on studies rather than these activities. Now it is clear from the above para that in college what type of students are there and how they have to cooperate with the new situation in college.  
Rather than defining it as experience excitement would be the suitable word as I am the pursuing college student and my experience is not on end but then also I'm there to share those cherished moments which I have lived yet.    

So starting ... Firstly I start with the initial events and moments of my college life. 

The first thing I learnt during college life is #self-dependence. I live with my parents since childhood so I don't have to search for anything but when I came to college far from my parents then I have to manage and collect all necessary things . By doing it I face many problems but after that now when I have to do it , there was no problem to me. I know exactly how to manage things according to needs.It is very important also for every student to learn these things as they have to face it in further life in future and they have to get ready for it earlier.

College life according to me is quite unique and exciting till now I have experienced. In this time I feel free and I have to take self-decisions. Free in the sense ,as at my home I was always guided by my parents but here now there was no one to look after me , that how I live when I woke up when I eat etc.

I have to take all my decisions self as parents always guide and help you to take decisions but here I have to take my decisions self-such as , what subjects I have to read,what time I spend in studying , playing, chilling,how I manage my money etc. 

So I can say that college life teaches me several lessons of life and makes me able to face the different situation of life .Also when I came to college I was little nervous about it. I always think that what type of friends is there, what type of seniors are there ,how was their behaviour etc. But when I came here I was surprised by the humble behaviour of teachers and seniors . Teachers are soo keen to give students more and more knowledge. They always motivating children for studies and guided children for future studies in various fields and at various places. Professors always inform us about the new upcoming competition exams,courses, distant education programs etc.   

In college, various workshops and seminars are also organised and I have attended some of them and I experienced great benefit from attending it. Thus I have also experienced that college is a great and wide platform for shaping future in not only the course you read but also in the fields apart from your course in which you are interested as colleges give wide scope for it through above mention activities. 

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Also, I experienced the cultural and art skill at my college .Every year college have organised cultural and art festival in which students participated in their interested fields . I have participated in poster making with my group and got appreciated by our proctor. Some of our friends participated in dancing and singing and they were promoted by the college at the national level.

Thus college also modifies and help children to show their inbuilt skills at a broad level.I was very much impressed by this event of my college.  

Various children are interested in sports and in college there was also sports week was celebrated in which various sports were played and students get to participate in the sports accordingly. Winner team is awarded prize by the vice - chancellor. I was also participated in volleyball previous year and got the first prize.I got more self-confident and strong after that.

I was thankful to college as it increases my morale in sports and helps various other children to make their importance through their play.   Here concluding the final statement as college experience I can say that a college is a place where I got two type of friends good one and bad one but we have to make a proper balance by choosing them as they do not affect the future. There were many bad activities which seek the attention initially but once when you ignore it they don't affect you further.  Also, college is a wide platform for making future in different fields and here I got updated with every single information related to competitions,courses etc . In short quote we can say that "COLLEGE IS OCEAN OF KNOWLEDGE WITH BOTH GOOD AND BAD CURRENTS, IT'S  YOUR CHOICE TO WHICH CURRENT YOU SELECT  ,EITHER TO GET SUCCESS OR FAILURE "

One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, some career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices.

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