Number of reasons to choose a Post Graduate course

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I believe it is about learning more and then Practicing in the Work field as the main reason for choosing any Post Graduate Course.
Learning and experiencing in the specific field you wish to dedicate your life into, the basics, already established developments and Discovering Scope for more.

Though there can be many reasons to choose a Post Graduate Course:-

♦ Societal Pressure-Some might just choose it because of Family pressure to study more, as in Indian Society, Parents and Relatives compare their children or rather boast about them in terms of Education levels.

You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward. Conrad Hall

Do not study to boast but because you really want to study. If in doubt, try career counselling platforms. 

♦ Better Salary-Some might choose in order to get a better-salaried job as compared to that after completion of Undergraduate Course since you will be more qualified and knowledgeable in terms of Domain.Everyone loves more money. But make sure you take career guidance on this as a post-graduate may not necessarily turn into more money.

♦ Delay In Marriage-There are Girls, who are said to Choose Post Graduate Couse in Order to delay the Parental and Societal Pressure of Marriage. An intelligent escape! Planning your career ahead is not a bad idea. 

♦ Changing Career Direction-Another Reason could be, changing Direction of your career and lets you to Present yourself with Skills and Academic Knowledge from at least two disciplines (depending on the nature of Conversion course or your initial Undergraduate Degree)

♦ Passion for a Subject-Also one might be interested to simply Gain Knowledge in a particular field and thus wish to study it.

♦ Your Field Requires It-It might also be a case that, the profession you wish to enter may require you to complete additional Courses at Postgraduate level to qualify in that area. Post graduate will only add more to your knowledge and thus enhance career opportunities.

♦ Mid-career Break-The advantage of this option is that you can save up the money you need and will have a range of skills to bring to the course and your future career. Another question, you have to ask yourself can you afford to live without your salary and if you will have the energy and opportunity to reinvigorate your career once you have finished your study. A tough decision to make but worth making. Post graduate will put you on the right path, make you choose a right career. 

But before considering these reasons to pursue Post Graduate study, there are many other things that we need to look at. Before you decide to do postgraduate study, consider your motives and decide what it is you want to achieve.There are a number of reasons for opting a post graduate course including interest in the subject, to gain a career advantage, or because it is necessary for entry or advancement in a particular occupation.

Will you enjoy it? One must Research all your options to find the right one for oneself. Can you afford it? At times opting for a postgraduate course can be expensive. Fundings may be available in the form of government loans, scholarships, bursaries, research council grants or employer sponsorship. Additionally, many universities offer alumni discounts.

Eligibility criteria? Check it- including details of nationality, residency, age and previous study, apply to all postgraduate loans.

Will it improve your career prospects? Post Graduate can demonstrate enhanced technical and transferable skills and a commitment to your subject, for some careers it may even be a requisite. Postgraduate qualifications may increase long-term earnings, but they do not usually merit higher starting salaries.

Hence, Post Graduate or Ph.D. Or even Post Doc. Courses might be chosen for many reasons but the ultimate result turns out to be that you gain knowledge in a particular field, opening up more opportunities, with scope for more research, newness, innovation. Thus, it should be encouraged and implanted in Children’s heads since childhood in whichever field they wish to pursue that “Education is a really important factor in order to Grow in Life, Hence, Never Stop yourself from Learning ever”

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