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The Education sector in India has undergone major developments in the last few decades. There has been a significant growth in general education and higher education. Relentless efforts have been made to spread education to all sections and all regions of the country.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

But has it been successful? How to motivate students is becoming a big question?

Well, to some extent, Yes, but the greater part of our education system is still ridden with many problems. Where the world literacy rate stands at about 84%, India being the second largest populated country is only 74% literate. If it is calculated to actual numbers, to my shock, around 312 Million people in India are illiterate. What are the major reasons behind this sky rising numbers?  Even after so many NGOs working toward the betterment of the society, there still are many glitches here and there.

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The students in our country are still facing so many hurdles in their way of dreams that often these remain are mere “dreams” and never become reality.

  1. COMPETITION: One of the very basic problems faced by the students today is the level of competition amongst them. Every student these days is almost running a ‘rat race’ which has no end to it. There is a constant fear of failing and letting their parents and family down. It is very important for the students to understand that they are studying for themselves. Now come on what good “mugging up things” do to you when you can’t even remember it after the exam? When you can’t apply it to your daily life?  “Stop studying, Start Learning”? Motivation to study is needed.
  2. SOCIAL DISPARITIES: There is no doubt to the fact that India is a nation where social disparities play a major role in almost everything, be it political strata, income distribution, jobs or even education. Although the reservation system is pretty much working to make it easier for the lower castes to stand up straight in the society but at the same time it questions the concept of  “the one who deserves it”
  3. CASTE RESERVATIONS & PAID SEATS: In Indian education system, seats are reserved for reserved cast and rich students. The education system should give equal chance to all students irrespective of their cast and creed.  In India, the child of good a rich family gets a good education just because of ample money whereas the child of a poor family hardly gets the primary education. It leaves no room for the deserving students.
  4. BULLYING: Bullying is not a new problem faced by the students. Instead, continues to be there since long. It has had a profound impact on the learning aptitude of the students. Cyberbullying has also become a major issue for schools and colleges. Technology has given bullies, even more, avenues to torment their victims through social networking, texting, and other virtual interactions. The need of self-motivation is there.
  5. ADVENT OF TECHNOLOGY: Though technology has been a great blessing to our generation but somehow it has also ceased our minds. There is a widespread belief among teachers that students’ constant use of digital technology is hampering their attention spans and ability to persevere in the face of challenging tasks. Also, due to excessive texting, students these days are so addicted to the dialects that they have even started using them professionally which highly “unprofessional”.
  6. FAMILY FACTORS: Family factors also play a role in a teacher’s ability to teach students. Principals and teachers agree that what is going on at home will impact a student’s propensity to learn. Divorce, single parents, poverty, violence and many other issues are all challenges a student brings to school every day. It is very important for us to understand that the generation today is highly sensitive and needs to be brought up in a healthy environment, physically as well as mentally.                                  
  7. PARENT INVOLVEMENT: While this is a very delicate topic, it becomes important for us to understand how much parental involvement in a student’s life is adequate. On one hand, where it is suggested to let them free and be independent, it is also important for us to know what our child is up to. “Too much liberty is never fruitful.”  In schools, there are a few parents who might not be seen during the entire school year, no matter what the situation is. Whereas a few parents don’t stop hovering around the teachers and interfere with the education system.
  8. LANGUAGE BARRIERS: In a multi-lingual country like India, language can sometimes become a barrier in education for the students. Language barriers in the classroom have become a major problem due to the growing number of minority students who do not speak English. This is such a huge problem because these kids are not getting the equal opportunities to meet their full potential.
  9. AVAILABILITY OF SKILLED TEACHERS: Especially in the rural areas, where it is already very difficult for the students to complete their higher education there are very fewer teachers who are efficient in all the subjects. Further even if one or two out of the lot happen to study well, they prefer moving out of their places and working instead of staying back and teaching others.
  10. RELEVANCE IN JOB MARKET: This is perhaps the most apparent failure in our education system that even after graduation, students are not able to grab jobs of their choice. This is mainly because; the education provided in schools and colleges is redundant for the job market. The skills required for a particular job aren’t available in a fresh graduate. It is important for the schools and colleges to focus more on practical to develop those skills in their students.
  11. ABSENCE OF PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS: Students aren’t confident enough in themselves. They often need someone to help them get through various situations. Also, Schools and colleges in India demand student’s performance in terms of marks and they are not well exposed to the external world.  When students complete their graduation and enter the job market, they face problems to get a job as per their capability simply because they don’t meet the criteria and skills required for the job.  Companies want to hire those individuals that are aware of the course of the action. It is highly essential to start personality development program is schools and colleges to improve the education standards.

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If our government makes “education for all” a primary concern, it can definitely improve the conditions of the students in our country. “Education is a very powerful tool which we can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela

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