Parents Guide To Child Career Awareness (What and What Not)

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Nowadays, parents are always concerned about their children's careers and futures and of course, they should be after all it's their responsibility as well as their right. They curiously take opinions from relatives, friends, and professionals for career guidance of their child. Career counselling is very essential for childrens and there are various career couselling platforms which can provide you information on various career choices. Parents should always look for various careers provided by Career Counselling platform. we encourage parents to use it for their children and career counselling platforms are freely available and you just need to explore them.

The parent-child relationship starts budding from here.

I remember about 2 months ago when I was at my home and my younger brother was doing his homework beside me and abruptly I fired him a question (I don't know why) and discussion started.

Why it’s important to start thinking about your child's career at an early age? (Elementary or middle school)


Me: What do you wants to be when you grow up?

He: A doctor or may be a scientist. 

Me: Why? Is it the field of your interest?  

He: No, I actually love creating arts & paintings but I don't know anything about having a career in arts. 

Me: Then what makes you say that you want to be a doctor?  

He: Because dad told me that I should become a doctor or a scientist. 

Well, I know that this conversation sounds senseless and crazy but believe me it is entirely honest. Undoubtedly, it's not my brother’s fault that deep down he feels confused about what he wants to be in future but it’s our fault that we're not aware of what he loves to do. 

Child's career awareness is a very sensitive issue and parents must try to understand the strength and interest of their children while planning their career. The main problem with today's kids is they don't understand the difference between what they want and what they need. 

As a parents, teachers, and educators we must continuously expose our children's to different career Opportunities by understanding & examining their interests, dreams and strengths. 

Why it’s important to start thinking about your child's career at an early age? (Elementary or middle school)

Well, the reason is quite obvious because it's the age where a child develops his interests and discovers his strengths. Your child starts feeling more comfortable with particular subject or topic. For example, some kids are always curious about science and they keep asking small doubts on various topics like why do we have only 9 planets? What's the color of water etc? 

Career counselling is very essential and there are various career couselling platforms which can provide you information on various career choices.

So at this age, you should try to recognize what your child wants to do, what makes him more excited and most importantly what he loves to do. You can find interest and strengths of your child in many ways such as :



.Discover what he likes to do when he's alone.

. Ask his teacher about his interests.

. Whatever your child is learning in school, try to connect it to real life situations. 

. Ask him to play games which involve decision making, working in a team and being a leader. 

. Tell him how education and learning are connected to his career. For example, how a chartered accountant uses maths and statistics to do accounting, how a writer uses his language skills to write an article etc. 

Once you find out about the interest of your kid, it's always a good idea to research on different occupations on which they are most interested. You can create a chart of sample careers available in different fields Using your common knowledge and skills. For example :

. EDUCATION - (Teacher, principal, tutor and school counselor) 

. TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY - (Travel agent, chef, travel guide, food manager and travel planner)

. SCIENCE, MATHEMATICS, AND TECHNOLOGY - (Engineer, chemist, doctor, scientist and geophysicist)

. BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION - (Manager, human resource manager, chartered accountant and management expert)

. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY - (Computer technician, programmer, computer language specialist, analyst and computer engineer)

. LAW AND SECURITY - (Lawyer, police officer, security officer and court reporter)

. ARTS AND COMMUNICATION - (Photographer, painter, designer, actor, filmmaker, broadcast specialist)

As a parent after evaluating the different job occupations available in different career areas, you must focus on qualities and skills employers are looking in a potential employee and check whether your child has such skills & qualities. 

In the 21st century, the skills needed to succeed in the workplace have changed dramatically. Technical skills are getting more importance but still basic skills like writing, reading and maths are the must. Nowadays, employers don’t want a hard worker but instead of that, they want a smart worker.

The skills mentioned below are the latest & basic skills which every employer demands from an employee. 

. Writing skills - Does your child communicate information through writing?

. Speaking skills - Does your child speak clearly and fluently?

. Math skills - Can your teen solve basic math problems? 

. Social skills - Can your child work with others in a team?  Does your child listen to others carefully?  

. Technical skills - Can your child operate a computer, use Internet or software such as MS word? Is he interested in such technical tasks?

. Responsibility - Is your child responsible? 

. Reliability - How much can you rely on your child while giving him a particular task? 

How to discuss career with your child? 

How to start? Where to begin with? What to discuss?  Well, it's not such a hassle as it seems to be, in short, you just have to take care of small things and big things will take care of themselves. 

Initially try to connect your child's interest in adult activities and a discussion about the real life environment while doing a particular job can be very useful because it will give your child a idea about what happens at ground level. For example : 

. If your child likes maths then discuss about becoming an accountant, engineer and a statistician. You must remind him that the difficulty level of math problems will increase rapidly as he'll progress in this field. 

. If your child likes arts, discuss about how artists use their skills to draw cartoons, design houses and create different sets (movie sets). Give your child a description about how art is used in photography, filming and advertisement. 

. If your child likes to keep others safe then you may want to talk  him about having a career as a army personnel, detective, security officer or police officer. You must guide your child about the excessive need of physical strength in these occupations. 

. If your child wants to be a sport person, then you should discuss about becoming a footballer, cricketer or a golfer. You should remind your child that making career as a sport person requires lots of hard work and dedication. 

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How to make career decisions with your child?

One of the best ways to begin with career decisions is talking about your own career. Have your child interview you about your own career experiences when you were quite young. He might ask : 

. Which were your favorite subjects at elementary or high school? 

. What did your parents want you to do?

. What was your dream about your career? And why?

. Who helped you in making crucial career decisions?

. Do you love your current job?

. What is the best thing about your current job? 

. Which skills did you learn in school that helped you in growing as a person?  


All of these are very straight forward questions and you must give honest answers to your child. Your experience as a student will give your child an idea about what to do and what not to do while choosing a career path. 

As a responsible parent, you always want to guide your kid as much as possible while making different decisions that will affect their career in future. The stages described below will give you an idea about how to help your child while making career decisions.


Step 1  Acquire more information about your child - It is the most basic stage where you should ask teachers about your child's interests and collect more information about their dreams and goals to ascertain a particular career path.

Step 2  Identify alternatives available - Help your child in exploring a wide range of alternatives available that match the result of his assessment in step 1. Help them to narrow the list of alternatives by using criteria such as skills, knowledge, education level, salary, and working conditions. 

Step 3  Evaluation of career options - you and your child should try to analyze the merits and demerits of the career options you're considering. For example, how much education does the job require? Will the salary received will be enough to satisfy your child's wants? 

As a parent, you have to guide your child about how to manage the balance between wants and needs. 

Step 4  Finalize a choice - After evaluating the different alternatives available as career options,  you must finalize the career path according to interest and strengths of your child. In this stage, you should talk to the child about the efforts needed to succeed in that particular career path. 

For example, if your child chooses to make a career in the army then you must encourage him to make efforts to be physically fit and healthy.

Step 5  Action - It is the most important stage of your child career. After finalizing a career area, you should try to give much-needed direction to your child's career. Encourage your kid to develop skills that are necessary for progressing in that particular career path. 

The only Action makes things going and believes me, nothing can substitute it. For example, if you have finalized a career as a footballer then you must admit him to a football academy to learn the skills needed to become a successful footballer.

Step 6  Reviewing and reviewing regularly - As your child gets mature and gains more experience his interest can change but help your child to stay on target by providing him necessary guidance and support. 

Make short term and long term plans to keep a check on your teen’s progress and review them time to time.

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Parents are very important partners when it comes to career development process. Children's at an early age should be given the opportunity to get exposed to different career areas. They should learn to work in a team, make decisions and other important skills that will help them to survive in the future job market. 

Your kid should be able to identify his own strength and interests at an early age so that you can plan a suitable career for him. 

Don’t pressurize your child, encourage him to be more independent and most importantly don't compare your child to anyone else like Sharma ji's son had got 96% and you just got 65%, what will you do in your life? Where will you go with these marks? 



One of the most important thing in someone life is "Career" and we are fortunate to have enough career counselling platforms but it is hard to have a better career counselling platform where we can get enough information. However, some career counselors can help you too. So always try to reach those career counselors and have a better idea about the career choices.

Talking to your child in such a way can lead to inferiority complex and a sense of self-consciousness in your child and perhaps it's not a good thing for your child. You should Believe in your kid, plan for his future and encourage him to develop a positive attitude build symbiotic relationships.

Career awareness from an early age will help your child in becoming more successful in his life. As a 21st century's parent, you should teach your teen about the relationship between school & careers so that he can understand the importance of school in framing his ideal career.

An online career counselling platform can be a great support for everyone who seek career counselling.

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