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Every other person says he/she is associated with a social cause, working for social cause/issue. What is a social cause? Social Cause is any project that we personally support because we believe in it. We try to help our fellowmen. The social cause could be anything that benefits the society or greater good of many.

Non-profit organizations are involved in the social cause. They deal with issues that impact the society and aim at resolving these issues for development and betterment of the society. Many people gather together and form a community for a common purpose. Social cause can be anything. Education is also a social cause. A lot has been discussed on the importance of education, why is it necessary, steps taken to improve the education system.

We make a living by what we get and we make a life by what we give

How education can be related to a social cause is the question that many of you want to ask. Why Not?  The development follows education. Education improves lives of the people globally and has been identified the priority area in international agreed developmental goals. Education is important in eradicating poverty and hunger, promoting sustained equitable economic growth and development. Increased improvement in education sector allowing education accessibility, quality, and affordability.

Despite efforts, there is more that needs to be done when education comes into the picture.

♦ 10.6 % of world’s youth (15-24 years) is non-literate

♦ In developing countries non –literate youth is 12.1 %

♦ In 2010, almost 71 million adolescents (10- 19 years ) were not in a school of any type.

There is a need that we work on education and educating individuals.

The educated people can take up a social cause by educating children who are illiterate or whose families do not have sources to send their students to schools. You can teach the students of your maids or other students who live in shelter homes and do not have access to education. Teach the English language to the students of government schools.

Donate some books, stationary to government schools so that they can improve their teaching capacities and students can get a quality education. Donate money to schools so that they can build toilets and have benches and proper infrastructure. Many parents do not send their children, especially girls to schools because of lack of toilets.

Join hands with any Non- Governmental organization (NGOs) that are running in India. You will find hundreds of it.  Be a part of one who takes initiative in the development of children through education, teaching, and other ways. Spent some time with them and teach them.  There is a huge gender gap in education. Aware the people who lack knowledge about it. Teach them the importance of education. Persuade them to send their daughters to schools.

If you really want to do something in the education sector and wants to improve its status. Take up teaching as a profession. Today, everyone wants to work in a corporate job because of benefits. Even if they take up teaching profession, they want to get a place in private schools.  The degrading quality of government schools is due to the lack of participation. Become a teacher of a government school. Dedicate your life to teaching. Teach these students so that they can also become educated and one like you. Education is the right of every child. Why do some unprivileged students suffer or do not get access to education? Why can’t they enjoy education? They are equally talented and have caliber or may be even greater than what we have. We have opportunities and they lack opportunities. So why can’t we create opportunities for them? We have everything, why not give back to the society a bit of it.

Social cause does not only benefit the society. It benefits you as an individual. It makes you more compassion towards the problems of the society. We as a part of society must do our part. Education can eradicate many other root cause problems and promote social development. Education is the burning light that lightens every path. Every citizen of India whether rich or poor, male or female should at least get the basic primary education. We should strive for this change and should advocate the cause of Education for everyone in the society. When you do something for the society, you feel happy. laugh


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