Personal Branding through Self Analysis and Promotion

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Personal branding is something which deals with us. A question always tickles in my mind is that are we brands; which needs some kind of branding or promotions??? So it is true that we can promote ourselves like we promote a product or any commodity. In this process, we are the product which needs to be presented to the millions out there in an effective manner with a positive impression. Well, we try or not, we all are brands, whether we aim it or not.

Branding is what people say about you when you are not in room - Jeff Bezos

One of the key factors for managing our brand is social media, as nowadays social media is one the common approach for reading or getting things in our daily life, it plays a vital role in personal presentation as well. For being on social media we need to be optimistic as this also reflects our image to others. Different types of other practices are to be done for enhancing it. The most initial step for this is to select or choose the field in which we are good or near to perfection because individuals are known only for their expertise or perfectionism. Nobody can impress anyone with half done work or be poor in the given job. Choosing expertise is also a difficult task for this we can go through some kind of psychometric test or self-analysis or personal research. We can revisit the selected topic and change the conversations also.

We have access to a lot of websites for branding ourselves like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and much more. So it’s really important to keep the look of the profile same on all the platforms of the social media. Either it’s our name, picture and other information about us. Keeping the same kind of profile on all or same, updating on all the profiles helps others to find us easily and helps in building a foundation of us in their mind. Chances of confusion are very less in this, easy to remember the person while looking in the same kind of profile.

Regular updating or posting in important profiles is necessary which shows that we are active and creative on our social profiles. These influence readers in a positive way. We would try to interact with people more and more, which is done by connecting with different groups, joining different types of groups online. We should always be alert to the messages on social profile for replying. Late response to the followers creates a negative impression which harms personal branding.

Brands are created through promotions and effective promotions. Personal branding can also be created by the way of self promotion. This is advertising of oneself or publicizing oneself in an effective way. While we need self-promotion, we also can’t ignore the truth that is not clear to many of us. So we should promote ourselves without any shame, loud, strong and often. And also we have to remember one thing in mind that it should not be arrogant and offensive. There are many reasons why most of the job seekers, especially introverts; don’t feel comfortable promoting themselves. One of the most important reasons is that their self-confidence is shattered. And when our guts are totally exhausted it seems impossible to talk something positive and optimistic. To know the common interest of the one who is our expected boss helps out a lot in promoting ourselves. If both of us have the similar goals in common, this makes self-promotion much easier. This provides us the free time period to highlight our accomplishments and related experience.

The other method of self-promotion is getting others to promote us openly. This will actually work even better than talking about ourselves. If we can’t make other people talk about our achievements then maybe it’s not worth talking about on our own also. But this doesn’t help every time, for e.g.: the situation is a bit different when we are looking for work. We have no one who will be there day and night to talk on our behalf, so here it’s our responsibility to talk about our job-related accomplishments.

But an excess of everything is not beneficial. We have to avoid using words which reflect proudly in our talks like great, outstanding, the best, etc. It is much better to provide facts than fake praise. For example, “I was given more clients among all my colleagues” is a preferable way of presenting ourselves instead of saying “I am the best employee in whole staff”. There is another concept attached to personal branding and self-promotion. You create your image through self-promotion and you can do this in the best way only if you know yourself well. Self-analysis will reveal you more about you that will help you to devise promotional strategies for self-promotion and thus help you create a personal brand.

Self-analysis is a process of knowing oneself. This deals with the internal analysis. Each of you has intrinsic personality, a sound mind, and soul which possess some inherent mind which could connect with it. If you succeed in connecting with this you will be able to know about yourself better, and if not then it becomes a difficult task. It’s very important for each of you to know about strength and weaknesses of your own better than others. This happens only when personality development is done.

Self-analysis, self-assessment, and self-supervision are the three unique concepts which go hand in hand and results in personality development. Different types of tools which are used for this process are attitude and approach check which shows how you can handle a situation, what kind of steps you are going to take to solve a problem. This reflects your attitude towards the different phases of life. This also deals with your emotions, which can be both positive and negative. Different opinions and views of others should be welcomed but consider them as a general view; any kind of negative emotions should be avoided.

Self-supervision builds a balance between personal and professional life, it is considered as a major motivating tool. You start connecting your mind and thoughts for balancing your life. Similarly, your character and behavior are exposed by self-assessment, this can only be done when queries are answered honestly and truly. This will help to identify your identity and helps to enhance your persona in an effective manner. This will helps you to get closer to your personality and your strength, weaknesses and also their ways to overcome the lacking qualities.  

So, clear these basic concepts in your head before you start with personal branding. smiley


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