PG diploma in Banking and Finance

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PG Diploma in Banking and Finance is a good option for the students with commerce and economic background that enhances the commercial and economic skills of the candidates. Nowadays, it has become the right path for many students who want to be professionals. If you do not wish to study a 2-year master program, then PG diploma is surely the best option for you. Symbiosis and Manipal University are the examples of certain universities that provide better opportunities to students to pursue PG diploma in banking and finance.

The objective of PG diploma course is to help the candidates gain a leading position in the competitive environment. This helps them to create their own path to a successful career.

PG diploma takes six months to one year and M.

This is the beginning of anything, you want

B.A takes two years to complete, including the number of case studies and research programs involved. This course makes the candidate professional through a unique blend of quality and flexibility. Now, it is up to the candidate whether they are interested in banking or finance. They must decide among them very carefully as it is related to their future. Each course has its own definition and also facilitates the change of career to managerial and business arena.

SPECIALIZATION OFFERED: Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Operations Management, International Management, Information system.

Candidates can choose a course according to their interest. It is the responsibility of the candidate to check what the course offers and whether it interests him or not. Some PG Diploma courses are quite good and at par with the master degree. So going for such PG Diploma courses are recommended as you can become professional in just one year. Most of the students lack awareness about the course while some of them don’t know that which course must be done keeping in mind the future perspectives. This is mainly due to wrong communication skills and misrepresentation. While opting for PG courses, students must exercise caution and check the status of the course. Colleges offering courses must be reputed and should build the trust of the society.

CONFUSION: It is not that a PG course is equal to MBA because if PG is to be equivalent to MBA, then the colleges offering PG courses would have accreditation from the Association of Indian Universities. It is they are equally good and worth doing.

The banking scenario in India is changing and international communities of banks are also getting involved in the business. Due to this changing scenario, there are a wide variety of options for the students and thus, banking becomes really a smart choice for future perspective. Banking is the backbone of every economy and it relates to everyone. It also gives an opportunity to interact. It is the only sector that can work under any circumstances. Hence, the community is focusing and wants to contribute to the society.

Banking has a vast scope for students to rise in future, but to pursue banking in the future, students must have good aptitude skills. Both banking and finance PG diplomas prepare students for careers in mid-level and senior management, with above-average salary potential. Common PG courses like investments, corporate finance, portfolio strategies and analysis are also available.

PG Diploma course in Banking and Finance is of two years, provided by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance, NIMS, IGNOU, IFBI, SYMBIOSIS, etc.

♦ INSTITUTE OF FINANCE AND BANKING INSURANCE OFFERS THIS DIPLOMA: The eligibility criteria: post-graduation with 50% marks. Age should be less than or equal to 25 years.

♦ IFBI makes a quarterly announcement of admissions and the application forms are available online also.

♦ The candidate has to pass general entrance test and personal interview to get admission.

♦ SYMBIOSIS INSITUTE of Distance Learning, Pune also offers the POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA COURSE.

The above colleges are best to increase practice and innovative skills, which increase flexibility. This course provides knowledge of operational banking aspects as well as financial aspects that build managerial skills and also give experience. PG Diploma courses offer options to students to study for one year and gain educational and practical knowledge and experience. PG Diploma courses in banking and finance is a good career option to make. One can pursue this even after completing class 12th. Many PG Diploma institutes have placement offers as well, so there are chances of you getting a job after doing a one year course. Jobs in banking and finance is everlasting. You grow through experience.

It saves your one year that you would have spent if taken up any Master degree. After pursuing this diploma course, you are called professionals with adequate skills and capable of working in a company may not with a huge salary as the master student gets. So, it makes for a good career choice for people who do not wish to do masters.


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