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For specialization, many courses are available as options but here, I only deal with MBA and its branches like finance, marketing, human resources, international business. Making mind for a specific specialization actually requires a lot of thinking about the same by keeping in mind your caliber, ability, and interest.

PG specialization is a one year course in contrast to the master degree which is a two-year course. PG specialization is best for candidates who are in job line or candidates who wish to take a break after their undergraduate course and relax a bit. Master degree may look tiring to some of them just after completing the undergraduate course. So PG specialization is what some may look to gain experience and this saves you from wasting a year.

Whether you think you can, or think you can't, you're right.

⇒ A post graduate course advances your skills and knowledge in the chosen field. It gives professional expertise.  Private sector equally values post graduate qualification.

⇒ Postgraduate course helps you to convert to a new field of employment. You can change your career as it is a certificate course and not necessarily requires the same background

⇒ Postgraduate gives you a chance to enhance your skills, advance knowledge in your field before stepping into a master degree.

⇒ It adds to your qualifications and resume. It increases your prospects of getting a good job early in your career.

⇒ People in the job sector, take PG specialization as they do not have the time to go for higher studies or master degree. They take this course to learn more and to grow in their job while taking the specialization related to their job profile.

Choosing a specialization can be done in a simple way.

1)  Finance - For choosing finance as a specialization, you should be pretty sure that you like numbers, figures, calculations, analysis, accounting, taxation, etc. Basically, it is an intellectual field which is better to be chosen if you have command over finance and its concepts. The Banking, capital and money market are the areas you work.

2) Human Resource - For choosing Human Resource specialization, you should be comfortable with policies, people, talent management, meeting and talking to people, training people, being open minded, etc. If you are sure that you like it, you can choose Human Resource as a specialization. It is all about recruiting, training, salary, team building and other aspects.

3) Marketing - Marketing initially involved a lot of traveling within the city or outside for selling the products or services. Sales and Marketing are two different things and generally, freshers are given the sales deadline to meet. This is basically a part of their training. Once you are comfortable with sales, talking and convincing people about products and services, you can choose this field. This field requires a lot of patience, perseverance, positive attitude, cool mind and a customer-oriented behavior.

4) International Business - International Business involves more of procedural work. It deals with knowing the foreign policies, learning about the international business practices, imports, and exports, government compliance, banking laws, etc. If you like these, then International Business is a specialization for you.

5) Information and technology - This designed to educate and develop future managers who can effectively plan, design, select, implement, use of emerging and converging information and communication technologies.

6) Logistics and operation - This area is concerned with Supply chain management. Activities related to production, distribution, transportation, storage, delivery and organization of goods and services.

7) Sales and Marketing - Sales and marketing are different but have the same goal. Both handle similar concepts and work together for sales to be effective. Marketing enhances knowledge in advertising and public relations

If you wish to study management studies only and want some specialized knowledge and expertise. These are some of the mentioned fields of MBA where you can do a post graduate specialization and obtain some advance knowledge. The fields mentioned above are specific in nature. So figure out your interest and choose a field and do a post graduate specialization in it. Every field has something unique to offer and differs greatly from the rest. In this post, just brief introduction to the various field is being introduced. Hope it may be useful for you.smiley





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