Role of Parents in JEE Preparation

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Needless to say, JEE is one of the toughest exams for engineering. Kids who have been spoon fed throughout the lifetime are suddenly expected to jump out of their comfort zone, face the world in the entrances and soar high. With everything changing around them, they need some support. Someone who can understand them and promise to stand by them can be the real supporters at such time. Well, who better than parents?

Students compromise with their health and sleep and lose their appetite while preparing to face the world through the entrances.  And specifically, when it’s JEE, parents ought to be extra supportive. Parents find it difficult to make their kids understand the importance of health at such times and feel helpless when they see their ward having an unhealthy diet, plenty of caffeine amidst the extreme tension.

Parents are teachers, guides, leaders, protectors, and providers of their children. -- Iyanla Vanzant

 So, how can you as a parent lower your child’s tension and ensure their good health?  


Youth demands attention and specifically when they are focusing on their studies they want some pampering too, though they would never say it. As a parent, you must be aware of their preparation standards by asking them about how much they have prepared or how is their preparation going. Make sure you don’t annoy them by constant nudging! They might tend to get irritated easily at this phase. Have a casual word with them regarding their routine and growth. Through regular talks, they will feel comfortable and will share their anxiety with you. Make them feel comfortable, motivated through your talks. You should be their friend but DO NOT get over-friendly.


And again, do not keep poking them to have a nutrient filled diet but ensure that they have a healthy lifestyle by including healthy food in their diet.  If they stay somewhere far away from you, keep sending them good and healthy stuff and keep reminding them to have healthy food and that too on time. They must sleep on time and have at least 6-8 hours of sound sleep.  Children tend to neglect their diet and skip meals. Mothers  always make sure their child never skip a meal and keep them well fed. Staying healthy will automatically improve their concentration power. This will help them score high and get a good rank in JEE!


Relax their mind when they take a break from studies and sit with you to spend some time. Make them feel special and ensure that no matter what, you are always there with them.  Tell them that you know how much efforts they have put in to score good marks in the entrance exam.


Many students take unnecessary steps when they are unable to score good marks. Let them know that their life is more precious than any examination. An exam cannot decide their lifetime and they must stay positive no matter what. Express your love and let them know that lack of sleep and stress may affect their health; ask them to stay at ease and tension-free. If they have a positive approach and a healthy lifestyle then they are in the right direction!


If you yourself an engineer, teacher or from the science background and knows the subject well. You can take some time out from your busy schedule and teach your kids. There is no better guide than the parent. They will also feel good. This is a better way to stay connected with your children and maintain bonds.


Your children are going to appear for the most tough exam as it has been titled. Become part of their journey and don’t leave them alone in this journey. It is equally important for you  as it is for your child. They will feel more confident if they find you standing next to them. Be their biggest support system.

It is rightly said, exams are for students to be given, but parents also go through their journey. The too have their exams at the time their children have exams. That is what parents are. They never leave their children alone to battle tough situations. Children do require parents support at this time and they rely on them heavily. Parents are true friends of children.

If your child is preparing for the JEE. You as a parent has an important role to play in his/her preparation. Your guidance and support, showing him the right path will lead him to prepare well and score. Parents responsibility increases much fold during the exam time as they have to make their child follow the diet, keep them away from stress, keep their morale high and encourage them to prepare with all the efforts and keep their best foot forward.

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