Strategies to Score Above 90% In 12th Board

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Class 12th is the end of your school life, these are the last exams of the school time. After these exams, you will go out and pursue some higher education that will match your career prospects. But marks of the class 12th decide a great deal in choosing your colleges and entrance exams for them because most the colleges take minimum 60-65% in the 12th board as their selection criteria. You should know how to manage exams and how to score marks in board exams.

That’s why this exam holds a great importance in a student life as it is a deciding factor for the upcoming college life. You really need to know how to plan study. So, we need to prepare a study plan well and in such a way that we can score high in the exam.

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. – Bill Bradley

Here are few study tips for preparation of 12th board exams.

Tips for Science students





Tips for Commerce Students



Tips for Humanities Students


Political Science:


General Tips

All the best for your board exams!

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