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I recently read an article about increasing number of Indian students going abroad to study and believe me these numbers are increasing furiously year by year. So why this trend of study overseas is increasing? What foreign universities are offering to students, that our IIM's and IIT's can't offer? And how's the life of a student studying in a foreign university?
The answer is a bitter truth and lets's face it, India falls way short when it comes to quality of education system. None of our universities make into top 200 universities worldwide and yes, it includes IIT's & IIM's (that we are so proud of). With the kind of population & potential we have, we should be the brain hub of the world but instead of that, we are the brain-drain hub, rather. Well, today's fast developing world demands you to be a global person and studying abroad can be the first step towards becoming a global person.

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return"- Leonardo da Vinci

Studying aboard is just like going on an adventure trip away from home, where a student can learn, explore and make new friends. Most students studying at foreign university become very broad minded, they experience foreign culture & customs, they learn to be independent and also manage to do some part time jobs to support their financial needs.  


Being 100% honest, studying overseas seems such a bothering thing to everybody. I used to think that only the rich kids can go abroad for further studies and it's necessary to have somebody already living abroad in order to be able to go there and study. (yeah, I was a bit dull)

Well firstly, it's not such a hassle, you just need to be good on your language skills (of course English) and secondly, you must be able to afford to study in a foreign university. Nowadays, educational loans are easily available and if someone really wants to study abroad then money shouldn't be a problem unless you're really poor. It's a myth that says the cost of studying abroad is very high as compared to India.Many universities around the world offer very cheap studying package and also scholarships and also minority scholarship & part time jobs can be very useful in managing your financial needs.Even there are so many scholarships to study abroad, so you can really afford study to some extent. Study abroad consultants can show you the right picture of what it takes to study in a foreign university make use of them.


As a student, if you ever think about getting out of your comfort zone and do something that challenges you, then just pack your bags and have a trip abroad. The standard of education & research in most of the foreign universities is very high and the courses offered are more practical & industry oriented. Career counseling for students is provided there on regular basis. There is a strong need of career counselling for students which is ignored in India.

Study abroad consultants are highly qualified and would be very happy to help & guide you through. 

There are many merits to study in a foreign university and some of the important one's are as follows:

(1) THE LEARNING PROSPECTIVE - When students study overseas in a foreign university, they learn a lot. Not just the bookish knowledge but also they learn many things about foreign culture, their customs, and their lifestyles. Their personality starts improving because they interact with students from all over the world - Europe, Africa, USA, and India (but of course). They get used to discipline, order and time punctuality. 

They can learn a lot from their global friends like, have Japanese friends and you will be punctual, have American friends and you will be always full of energy, and have European friends and you will give time to explore life too (instead of just studying & working). Another precious thing student learns in foreign universities is new languages. For example, if you're studying in a university of Barcelona then only mastering English is not enough, you have to learn Spanish too and yes, these small things develop you from just a normal person to global personality.

(2) THE INDEPENDENCE - When you study oversaes , no one's going take care like your mother did and it forces you to become more independent. You start cooking for yourself, you pick your clothes from laundry, you buy your groceries on your own and you try to cut down your fruitless expenditures. And it's a fact that you grow as a person when there is no one to depend on.Getting a part time job abroad is considered very easy. Perhaps, the biggest merit of studying abroad is that you can be on your own and no one is going to look down on you even if work at Domino's outlet to earn your own money and once you start earning through such part-time jobs, then you slowly become financial independent too.

(3) TRAVELLING AND ADVENTURES - We're yet to find a student who doesn't love traveling & exploring. When students study in foreign universities, there are lots of educational and fun trips where they travel lots of new places and discover things they have never seen before. 

For example, if you're studying abroad in France, then you must travel to Paris and have a 'famous' selfie at Eiffel tower and believe me, not everyone gets a chance to have a selfie at Eiffel tower. (oh yes, it includes me)

(4) THE EXPERIENCE - Auguste Rodin once said "Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely" and the old was damn correct. The most important thing that a student gains while studying in a foreign university is ' EXPERIENCE'. And dear, nothing can substitute experience. It covers everything like things you have studied, things you learned and things you explored. When students complete their studies abroad they have lots of knowledge to share, lots of skills to perform but most importantly, they surely have lots of stories to tell. So in general students can get a lot out of their experiences in foreign universities but as we know that there are always two sides of an issue: one side is pros and another side is cons. Of course, studying in a foreign university is not just a walk in the park. 

Apart from aforementioned merits, check out other reasons to study abroad.

Being away from your family & friends in an alien country is never easy. There are lots of problems a student face while studying in a foreign university and some of the vital one's are as follows:

(1) THE CRUNCHED POCKET - What is the most basic problem of students studying overseas? Money, unless you're an opulent kid or on a fully sponsored scholarship, you're always going be short of cash. The cost of living in the most countries is high as compared to India. You can't always take taxi rides, you can't eat out all the time and you can't afford to spend too much on your lifestyle. Students have to cook their own food, look for cheaper groceries and use cycle or public transport for traveling. In short, students have to learn how to survive with a crunched pocket. 

(2) USTED NO LO CONSIGUE - You don't get it, right?  Well, it means same in Spanish (you don't get it). In most of the universities, students don’t face language barriers like this but when it comes to southern / central countries like Portugal, France, and Spain the fluency in local language becomes awfully important. 

At the university, it would not be an issue but while dealing with local people, it might be.

(3) FOOD - Unless you're a non-vegetarian, you're going miss India a lot when it comes to tasty food. Not such a big problem if you're a non-vegetarian since chicken & fish is available everywhere around the world. But if you're a strict vegetarian you might have to rely a lot on fruits, bread, pizzas and burgers. 

(4) FRIENDS - While studying in a foreign university one can make lots of new friends but none of them can replace your old friends from your home. Students always miss their close friends from home and some students do face loneliness because of lack of interactions outside of class or a particular group.

(5) HOMESICKNESS - It is one of the most common problems students face while studying in foreign universities. All of the above 4 factors play a significant role in generating homesickness. Students start missing their family badly and can't concentrate 100% on their studies and fall in depression and eventually it leads to homesickness. But it's quite normal to be homesick (just a little bit) because sometimes you didn't understand how you could be so happy where you're, while still wanting to be somewhere else. 


Studying in a foreign university has become a substantial topic in the world of higher education.  Students learn to tackle a new language, they become independent persons, meet new people and gain a new vision on everything that they thought they knew. Once you study abroad, you will never be completely at home again, because a part of your heart will always be Elsewhere and that’s the prize you pay for knowing people in more than one place.

Well, we know that life as a student in a foreign university is never facile, and they do face many problems daily but I believe that it's about challenging you to do something new, pushing your limits, getting out of your comfort zone and learning something that makes you different from a normal person. And yes, believe me, it's all worth it.

La fin (the end) !!!



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