Study Plan Tips For 11th Class

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How to plan study in 11th class


Yay !!!! Class 10th is over. After a year of hard work and continuous studies, it is at last over.

Students are really excited while they enter class 11th. Senior year and they think to take some time off from their studies. Students feel like they are grown up and they want to behave like and enjoy all the freedoms of the grownups. They want to enjoy their time as the burden of class 10th is just got unloaded from their shoulders. I remember when I was in class 11th most of my peers used to call it rest period of their lives. During this time, studies take a backseat and all other things are given priorities.

Students are poured with several pieces of advice but they won’t give an ear to them.

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Elders, teachers, seniors try to give the same advise that this is a very critical year but all the efforts most go in vain only few who listen to these they prepare well for future.

Class 11th is quite critical in a student’s life. Firstly, career choice depends on the stream you choose in class 11th viz. Science, Commerce or Arts. This is the year where most of the friends get separated due to they chose different career paths. Everyone wants to be free from the burden of the studies and class 12th is also an important year for studies, but class 11th is not the year which can be ignored. When after class 12th you decide to give the several entrance exams for the admission in various colleges, you will see that about 60% syllabus is given from the class 11th only; it can be any stream entrance exams focus on class 11th strictly.You really need to know how to plan study for class 11th.

This year is rally precious for the preparation of career. If you want to achieve your goals like becoming a doctor, engineer, manager or an officer, then 11th needs to be taken very seriously.

Let us discuss the importance of career counselling platform.Career Counselling Platforms can help a lot. They give enough information about the career so use them as much as possible.You should always look for various careers provided by Career Counselling platform. we encourage students to use it and career counselling platforms are freely available and we just need to explore them.

Here are few study tips which I find helpful in studying for class 11th

For Science Stream

Science is not an easy stream, it requires a lot of practice and concept learning is very necessary. Give ample time to all the subjects so that you won’t lag behind in any of them.  Instead of mugging of the topics try to understand the concepts and apply the in the problems.

Career counselling is very essential and there are various career couselling platforms which can provide you information on various career choices. 

How to study smart ? 

here are two different approaches for 11th, 12th and entrance exams. In 11th and 12th you have to write every single step you have applied in the question to fetch the marks but in entrance exams, you have to focus only on the answer, so tricks can work for them. You have to prepare accordingly.

For Commerce Stream

Commerce Stream in class 11th provides a base for the 12th and also it is used in all the management based courses and core commerce career choices.

 For Arts Stream

The subjects offered for arts or humanities field are:

  1. Compulsory subjects: History, Geography, Political Science, English.
  2. Optional Subjects: Economics, Psychology, Sociology, dance, music, Fine arts, multimedia, fashion designing, legal studies, graphic designing, physical education, entrepreneurship, philosophy etc.

Hence, whatever your stream is you need to start studying even if it is 11th, this will help you in preparing for the upcoming career path you will choose for yourself.

Good Luck!!!

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