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There are a lot of stories that influenced our life and often leads to being a turning point in our life. Only recently, I watched a movie named “Waiting”  starring Kalki Koechlin and Naseeruddin Shah. The movie revolves around the story of two persons who met in a hospital while attending their loved ones who were in a coma state.I was truly mesmerized by its story.

The central idea which the story conveyed was that anything can happen in our life, our life can change in few seconds. So, we should live each and every moment of our life and make our life worthwhile.

Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. - Gail Devers

Like in the movie, a young, happy going, lively girl “Tara” who believe in living life to her own terms have got recently married.

It was only six weeks, after her marriage, her husband met with an accident  and his skull bones were totally ruptured. Tara was completely shocked and traumatized by the incident. The depressed Tara, finds herself to be completely lonely as at such critical time no one was there to support her. Her parents and she in-laws have stopped talking to the couple as none of them were support of their marriage.

Her friends were busy in their own life. In the hospital, she met an old aged man, who was attending her beloved wife for eight months, who was on a ventilator. The young Tara finds a friend in the old man and found solace in his company.

The old aged man told her about different stages of a critical time and taught her how to became a Zen by accepting the situation and taking responsibility for herself. He taught her, instead of crying over the spilled milk and feeling terrible and lousy, instead stay positive, look after herself well and accept the situation.

The problem was hers and only she has to deal it herself, so she has to take the responsibility. Crying and cribbing over the situation was of no use as it was not in her hands to set her husband alright. The story also shows the difference between a young person and an old aged person way of thinking.

The old generation has shown in the movie as very sensible, patient, positive and has a broad horizon of mind. The old aged man was very positive that her wife would be alright soon although eight months have passed away and there was no hope from part of the Doctors.

Still, he had spent lakhs of money for her treatment and recovery, even sold his house and was ready to spend more and more only so that her wife would be alright. On the contradictory,  the young generation has shown to be very restless, impatient, practically more than positive and often seen to be running away from their responsibilities.  After the accident, Doctors told Tara that there was an urgent need for an operation of her Husband as there was some kind of injury in his brain and a clot has grown out in his brain, so the have to cut that clot and meanwhile have to cut some part of his left brain.

As the left part of the brain controls some of the muscles, Tara was very worried if after the operation her Husband will ever be able to walk and do the activities like playing tennis he ever loves to. She was practical and realistic and didn’t want her husband to live the rest of his life full of suffering, she forbids the Doctor not to undertake the operation.

The old man after listening to her decision fought with her as for how she can take  the decision to not let her husband live and how she knew that her husband would not like to live in that situation. The empathetic doctor told her that he will operate as it was his duty and no one has the right to snatch the life of another person. The story shows that both the young and old generations were extremes-Tara who was extremely practical and the old aged man who was extremely positive.

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