3 Blunders On Twitter And Linkedin And Ways To Fix

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Social Media is not a very new term add into any marketer’s dictionary, but till now lots of marketers have been using it and have also dropped the ball while using it. Surely these progenitors, very well know the golden rule of how to compose a tweet or how to publish a status update, but they get overwhelmed when they're trying to navigate the unwritten "rules" of these platforms to be successful.

 And in this process, they fall down and taste the mud in the same way, just like rest of us when we are learning something new.

But with the learning of a few steps these fall-downs can be avoided, and then these marketers can be on their merry way to building relationships with their leads and customers on social media. The best way to avoid fall-downs is to take up online courses with certificates.

“If you don’t start in the right spot, you are going to lose the game before you even get started.” -Mike O’Neil

Mistake 1: Clogging LinkedIn Groups with Meaningless Content

You must be caught in a situation like you are there at a networking event, and you are hanging out, having a great time, chatting with your friends on one of your interesting topics. And suddenly there is a guy who disturbs your conversations every time by popping into it in between and taking something out of the blue, which may be relevant to the overall event but has nothing to do with your present conversations.

You feel this person is a show-off and clearly not listening to a word you are saying -- not the type you were hoping to meet at an event like this.

You don’t have to do this mistake on LinkedIn. Because this is what's very common in all the LinkedIn Groups. There are discussions being taking place between the members of these groups, which if used properly offer some great opportunities for the marketers.

But unfortunately, there are marketers who make the mistakes of flooding these conversations with all the irrelevant and spammy information.

You should never do this; instead, do these which are mentioned below:

Join the conversation, which is presently taking place, instead to starting new ones. Show that you are a part of the group rather than showcasing your knowledge in front of everyone, which no one is really interested in. 
Also, do not do the mistake of attaching the link to your site in each of the response you leave.
Remember, if you come across to sales, you are not adding to the conversation and will come across as spammy. You may even be thrown out of the group.

Mistake 2: Sending Generic Linkedin Invites

In real life, when you introduce yourself to someone, usually after that you start exchanging your names and pleasantries and get to talk about why you’re talking. You have never faced this kind of a situation where someone introduces himself to you and then immediately fall silent.

Maybe they are bored on the other side of the room and you looked like you were having more fun. Regardless, you still have a moment in the conversation where you talk about the why.

You may at times have got some generic LinkedIn invites, saying “I’d like to add you to my professional network”, and you will be left wondering like why really do you want to?

So being a marketer you should not do this mistake while sending your generic invites. Because this one sentence “I’d like to add you to my professional networks” does not specify any information about who you are and why you are interested in connecting with the other person. 

Sending someone who doesn’t know you the standard LinkedIn connection message is just as awkward as introducing yourself at a networking event and then not saying a word.

Instead, customize your messages provide your contacts with a valid reason that why you are interested in connecting with them. Are you looking for new talent to join your team?

Or do you want to explore possible co-marketing partnerships with them?
Or were you impressed by their latest blog post? Whatever may be the reason just specify that and you will see that they’ll surely appreciate you for being up-front about it.
Start customizing your messages with a reason to connect and then send it to your new contacts.

Given below is one such example of it: 

It is clear that this person has seen the profile of the person whom he is sending this message to, read it thoroughly, and now wants to engage with that person. This is a great example of good personalized and direct message on LinkedIn.

Mistake 3: Shouting Over Your Twitter Followers

One of the annoying things to happen at a cocktail party is to find you talking to The Interrupter. They will introduce themselves to you and start chatting to you and after some time you can see only him talking and you stand silent.
They at no point will bother to ask you about your opinions or if you want to talk about something but will continue shouting at you with no regard at all for what you have to say. In such a situation an average person will surely try to escape from that situation or just ignore it.


This is every day’s play on Twitter. I have myself encountered people who will put their messages out there without any real consideration for their followers. They shout out what they think is important without considering the views of their followers. This is something really annoying for the followers. 

Instead, Get Involved In The Right Conversations

It would be rather brainy if you chose the path of listening to the views of your followers first instead of just imposing your view on them like a Hippocrates. I get that it’s not easy to control yourself from getting overwhelmed by all the conversations happening on Twitter. But as a wise marketer it should be in your mind that should not involve you in every single conversation but only the right one. 

You can consider using proper social monitoring tools like Hub Spot’s Inbox to help discover and participate in the right conversations- and then when you are participating in the conversations, make sure that you are doing plenty of listening. Instead of shouting into the Twittersphere and hoping to get noticed, you can have the right conversations with the right people at the right time. So when a prospect starts to compare you against a competitor, a customer complains, or a superfan shares one of your latest blog posts, you have the tools and knowledge to get involved.

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