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In today’s competitive educational system, every student aspires to become successful, but only a few of them reach the top, facing many hurdles and competitions. They are successful because of their hard work and correct methods of preparation. Preparation for NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is very important and vital for any NEET aspirant. One should be guided in a clear way so that the difficulty level and the doubts are reduced. Students feel less burdened with the help of constant practice of the mock test papers, and by receiving the updated information about the exam and its syllabus. These things boost up the confidence level of the students and help them prepare in the right direction.

One can easily go down with the preparation and can literally see their performance boost up through the rigorous effort.

The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow

Students can track their ranking and increase in learning level too. It will help them realize their standard of preparation in comparison to the lakhs of students. Experts have found out that the result of any exam can be improved by the preparation of the students with the help of the mock test paper and also eventually, by understanding it.

Seema, a young girl studying in Angel High School, class twelfth student. She took up science stream with medical as she aspires to become a doctor. She is a young, bright student with sharp mind and talent. Teachers see potential in her of becoming a great doctor one day. So her teachers and mentors advised her to give the NEET ( National Eligibility cum Entrance Test ).  An entrance examination for students who wish to study any grad level medical course (MBBS/dental course(BDS)). Seema, filled the application form for this entrance exam so that she could advance her further studies in the medical field. Now Seema is facing troubles in preparing for the entrance test. She is also worried that she might not be able to crack the exam.

Here are some tips that Seema followed to clear the exam that might help you also.

⇒ Know the syllabus well: NEET syllabus is very vast as an ocean. You need to know the exact location of the fish to get the output. Cut down on extra information and focus on the main topics. NEET exam covers the NCERT syllabus as well.

The key areas to focus:

  1. Physics: Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics
  2. Chemistry: Mole Concept, Periodic Table, Chemical bonding, General organic chemistry, coordination chemistry
  3.  Biology: Ecology and Environment, Genetics, cell biology, Morphology, Reproduction, and physiology of plants and animals; Basics of Biotechnology

⇒ Good study Material: Select the right study material. You alone in a student capacity may not be able to locate one. Take help of teachers, online expert assistance and find the right study material. Search for the books used by last year NEET topper. Prepare study notes.

⇒ Study Plan: Come up with an effective study plan. Cover every topic effectively. Time is priceless. Make judicious use of time. Plan in advance the topic you want to study. Mark out your study schedule and follow it.

⇒ Weaker areas: Every student has a weaker area. No one is perfect at the same level in all the areas or you may like biology more than physics. Work on the weaker area and perfect them.

⇒ Practice test papers: Mock test papers, practice papers are available online. Cover all of them. Solve the last year entrance exam available to figure out your standing. This will give an idea about your preparation and loopholes in it.

Seema followed the above-mentioned steps to clear her NEET Exam. These steps act as guiding steps for you to prepare well for the exam. Seems followed these steps thoroughly with clear intentions and worked very hard for her exam. smiley

In addition to these preparation tips, Seema followed some general tips so that she is in the right condition to give the exam.

Health: Health is wealth. The pressure of studies should not take a toll on your health. Eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly to keep you fit and in good shape. This also keeps your brain active.

Regular breaks: Take a break from your studies at regular intervals. Give your brain and eyes rest. Continuous studies can make you feel tired and you are no longer in a position to concentrate.

Sleep: Sleep is important. Have adequate sleep. It keeps you fresh and energizes. Sleep early during nights and wake up early morning. If you study early morning, you retain it better. 

Seema followed this routine and carried out all the steps indicated for preparation and keeping her health sound to be able to write the exam and clear the exam. This brought success to Seema and it might work for all the NEET aspirants out there. smiley


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