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First, we need to know what VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP is. Do you actually know what it is?

As WIKIPEDIA suggests, a virtual internship is a work experience program where the participant (intern) hikes experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location.

But let me explain you in my dialect about Virtual Internship.

Honestly speaking, a virtual internship is when an intern works parenthetically… as in anywhere other than your office like in distance education students study from homeOver the last few years, job boards and career center advisors have noticed a boom in virtual internships.

In this Digital Era, Our Interns get Real Experience. EduSure

It’s no reverence that more organizations are posting telecommuter positions with the stockpile of communication channels available—students and employers stay connected through the phone, email, instant messaging, Skype, Google Hangout, etc it is kinda online learning.For a virtual intern, the office is anywhere a laptop and an Internet connection synchronizes.

We Should First Know About The Things Needed In Virtual Internship:

What kind of companies will offer you Virtual Internship?

An augmenting number of small businesses and start-ups are turning to virtual interns for the headlong dynamism needed to get a venture off the ground. It’s an ideal setup for a company that is at once strapped for resources and positioned for stormy growth. Virtual Internship Program provides remote internship experience and skill development workshops for its students. Students always benefit from internships and virtual internships are the best option to take as you have the choice to work from your place.

With the right planning and management, almost any work could conceivably become a virtual position. However, some roles are better suited for the management style, learning curve, and work type of remote internships. Sales, marketing, and social media positions especially lend themselves to telecommuter work, and recent trends have found more executives hiring interns to make cold calls, and providing free online certification courses in management, manage company blogs, and Tweet from company accounts.

These positions usually begin with a strategic overview but don’t behoove constant direct oversight once the intern has a game plan.Graphic design and software developer roles also jive well with nontraditional internships, as the product depends on one individual’s work and talent before running into feedback cycles.

What are the advantages of a Virtual internship?

Students are attracted to virtual internships because they allow them to yield experience without commuting, committing 40 hours a week, or considering the physical closeness of jobs but virtual internships also offer a number of imploring benefits for employers:

1. Large applicant pool. Hiring virtual interns allows you an almost ceaseless choice of candidates. Employers are no more limited to only those interns who live close-by.
Working from home is a great way in which virtual internship helps students who are keen to learn. Virtual internships have made work easier for interns and they are ready to take internships.


2. You can work only when needed. For small businesses, a virtual internship makes it easy to employ interns on a per-project basis.
You can work when you think you need to learn some more skills. Internships provide you with choices, flexibility, and conveniences to learn and work.


3. Space and equipment savings. Since virtual interns don’t work at your office, you don’t have to designate additional workspace.
You are expected to have your own laptop or desktop and Internet connection.


4. Payroll crop down. Speaking of savings, virtual internships can more or less stamp out the number of pointless, paid hours of work.

5. Blackout reduction. If a company has a small staff, hiring interns means you won’t have to submerge one employee with the task of training an intern 40 hours a week or with an intern having unlimited access to assistance.Companies manage to train through videos, emails, and on the telephone too.

6. Student scheduling convenience. A virtual internship program easily entertains busy school-year students because of its indigenous flexibility. You can complete your tasks at your convenience. Midnight, midday, or Saturday afternoon are all perfectly acceptable hours of operation.

7. Capitalization on familiar communication. Virtual internships take advantage of the fact that today’s intern is likely most comfortable communicating online.This generation connects, learns, and socializes via a computer or portable digital device; because of this, blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking from their bed or favorite coffee shop simply feel familiar. This doesn’t mean that you need not learn how to operate face to face with co-workers isn’t important: Ideally, tomorrow’s employee will be expert at both ways of working but a student who is already puzzled with responsibilities will be grateful for the offhand to gain experience in a virtual setting and as employers know, happy workers are hard workers.

If I talk about my personal experience in doing Virtual Internship, I would say, it will give a breakthrough to your career and you can make many accomplishments in your life. You can work from home with people across the country/the world.You have the option of working with a company that is halfway across the country and this can be a great experience.

You have the opportunity to experience a different culture while still learning valuable professional lessons.Students feel discouraged from associating in internships because all internships are not paid and with many students who need to work and make money, this can pose a problem.

With a virtual internship, working can be as uncomplicated as spending an hour or two working on a project, making phone calls, or sending e-mails back and forth. You can still gain experience without having to physically be at two jobs in one day.A few years back, the concept of a virtual internship was confusing. In place of the typical nine-to-five daily pace, virtual interns complete all tasks remotely, no office, no desk, and no warm-blooded personal contact.Yet recently, virtual interning has been enjoying a rise in both excitement and authority. So with so much of advantages attached to it, take up a virtual internship or even internships to enhance your skills.

There are several reasons for this growth in popularity, not the least of which includes the benefits to both the employers and the interns themselves.Internships always provide students with profitable learning experiences that can help prepare them for their future careers. Virtual internships offer you the flexibility to complete it on your own time instead of trying to figure out when you can make it into an office.

A virtual internship might also give you the chance to bolster your options.

If you're going to be doing everything virtually, you could intern for a company on the other side of the country. Having that sort of variety on your resume will surely look attractive to potential employers.As with any internship, it will also provide you with the opportunity to make additional professional connections.Being financially independent keeps you courageous. And even if you are unemployed for some time, give a try on working virtually.

Many companies provide you with VIRTUAL INTERNSHIP but it’s important for you to understand, which field you want to work with. In order to excel in a particular skill, a virtual internship can be very helpful.

So Folks! I would suggest you take up a virtual internship project and explore it. You never know you got to see which part of you, which you never knew it existed.

Trust me, you will eventually love your work and assignments.

Because that will be your area of interest. I have experienced a drastic change in me while working virtually with Edu4Sure and believe me, it has been great learning. Do check out the recent openings and work with it.

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