What I Learned From My First Internship

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When we step out of school, we face a completely different world with a plethora of different kinds of people. It is a new beginning for us. Likewise, when we think beyond our plain college life and join an organization to enhance our skills and gain exposure, we think of a corporate life we’ve always admired. A lot of things pop up in our mind. How should I be dressed? Whom should I trust? How would I survive in this completely different territory? Well, we all learn from the silly things we do in the beginning and sooner, we get used to the corporate domain. Yes, it’s okay to make mistakes.

Guys, this is not a guideline for you to follow before going for an internship. It is just my experience that might have a few upshots to help you see the internship phase from my point of view.

Do what makes you happy and not what the world expects from you - Esha Dhir

I joined Edu4Sure with the aim of living my passion for writing and learning along with it.

With no second thoughts, Content Writing is not an easy deal. It has a lot to learn from. You can learn a lot from internships as I did. Before I joined, I just had a passion for writing and penning down what comes into my mind with no knowledge of the technicalities behind it. How things are technically written, how it can fetch us a crowd to read what we write, how we must be aware of the keywords while blogging, is what Edu4Sure taught me. 

So people, when you have got a chance, make the best out of it! Try and try. There’s nothing to lose!

The organization has always been flexible and has encouraged me to share my ideas on various projects. I learned the importance of interaction and listening too! The good thing about internships is they teach you a lot of qualities that no course can teach you.Had I not been a listener, I’d have been rewriting things recurrently. If you think that how is listening so important, just imagine paying heed to a single sentence of your teacher and letting go of the other important things in the lecture. Wouldn’t that create trouble for you towards the end? Likewise, listening and interacting is always important in the “corporate world” too. Work because you want to, not just for the heck of it. 

Going after money is not always important. It’s also about the experience you gain. For me, my internship has been a bundle of knowledge! I learned a lot more than I gave to the organization. We must grow steadily and keep working. Learn and work, there’s nothing better than that.

Internships encourage exposure and refine us. We get to experience the real world by getting out of the nutshell. Edu4sure has been the provider of the same for me. Even after eighteen months of the internship, I’m still connected to Edu4sure because of the apparent content writing relations as well as the corporate guidance that I receive from here.

Edu4sure is an open platform for people to give their best and their work will be appreciated enough to make their name as visible as possible. I never had to explicitly ask for getting my name highlighted in my posts. The authorities took enough care to give each intern the deserved visibility and they still continue to do so.  However, one must ensure that the submissions must be done on time; being creative is a key to being happy and lively at work; quality is more important than quantity. Having said that, keep working hard and in this way, you’ll never regret interning at the workplace.

I feel obliged to have been a part of Edu4sure and am certainly proud of being associated with it until today. It was my first internship that has pushed me to write relentlessly, not just for leisure but for bread and better, too.

Happy Interning smiley

Esha Dhir was our first Intern to work on Edu4Sure and today she is working with a company of her choice in Engineering domain & consults us on Content Planning. She helps us in editing & managing content of our clients as per our requirement. 

She wants to continue her career in engineering & also keep her passion towards writing. Edu4Sure wishes her a great life yes

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