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Why Keyword Research, Small Batch Workshops


Oh! I don’t know what is the meaning of this? I need a recipe to make this and all these kind of things where do you look at to find the answers. Well! The answer is search engines. 9 people out of 10 use search engines to search the information they require. Information is no more an out of reach thing it’s available easily for everyone. All this information is searched with the help of the keywords like “best books on digital marketing, digital marketing jobs, search engine marketing, top 10 social networking sites, how to do SEO etc” these are some examples of the keywords and search related terms which generally people use to search and results are displayed on the search engines by finding the relevant keyword from the content of the various website. Digital marketing classes in Noida is an excellent way to learn keyword research.

Keyword research is the fundamental need of the search engine optimization (SEO).

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It involves selecting a topic focused on the target keywords that will be ranked by the search engines and will appeal the right target audience.SEO has performed keyword research for the algorithms since 2005. Content has now evolved; it has moved from the value of keyword density to the importance of the quality. That’s why keyword research skills have had to adapt to dynamic search engine algorithms.

Keyword research generally takes place in the early stages of the campaigns and it lays down the foundation for the time to come. It can be used for optimization of the content creation process.Of course, keyword research strategies are different for every enterprise and they all target to find the right keywords for the right audience at the right time. If you own a website, you must be very familiar or somewhat educated about this your-site-needs-to-be-optimized need of Google to give a rank to your website on it. Now when we talk about optimization, there are many things we need to do and keyword research is one of them. Digital marketing classes in Noida is the best place to learn this. 

Keywords and Keyword Research!

Google has an approximate of 100 billion search inquiries per month, for everything like ‘digital marketing training’ to ‘list of social networking sites’. And for showing up in the organic or paid results for these phrases we need our site to be optimized for the keywords, which are relevant for our business.
So, I assume that you are now clear with what are keywords. Well, if a proper definition is needed here it is-
Keywords are simply words or phrases in your web content which makes it possible for the users to reach you through Search Engines.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword Research is the first and important step that should come to the mind while we begin with our optimization mission. It is just researching and jotting down those words which, a user will probably search related to your business, products or services.
So, if you are an agency based in California, users searching for ‘Advertising agency Digital If you are a ‘digital marketing company ’ user should be able to find you by the words like digital marketing in the organic listings of Search Engines.

Is Keyword Research an important player in the game of SEO?

Without even a second thought we know most of us use search engines to find an answer to their query. When the users type in their keywords/query, the Search Engine’s bots and spiders run their complex algorithms, scan through the giant database that has been indexed by them. They, then come up with results (websites) whose keywords match with that of the query.

Simply, till you are not aware of the words or key points that are important to your website to get a rank, it is not possible to optimize, either the pages of your website or the content marketing strategy to draw the targeted traffic.And if your website is optimized for wrong keywords, means keywords which are not related to your business, product or the service which you are offering you might get a lot of unqualified traffic which is not really required.

This would be exasperating for not only you as an administrator that you  are getting a lot of traffic but no lead generation and it is also frustrating for the user who lands on the website. And your first impression becomes the last impression for the users.And vice versa if the user gets the relevant information they will happily stay on your page increasing your leads.

What Tools To Use For Keyword Research?

Here are few tools I got to know while working on the digital marketing strategy which helps in the keyword research

Adwords Keyword Tool

Google’s Keyword Planner is a great SEO helper but not a great tool for the keyword planning. This tool is really useful in knowing what keywords Google considers most relevant.

Google Suggest

These are the relevant phrases which can be seen when we type a query in the Google search box. These are not selected at random; these correspond to the most popular searches which are done by people. These are the real searches, not the imagination.

Google Related Search

When we scroll down to the end of the search related page, Google suggests us the searches which are related to our search. Google does this to help us to refine or try alternative searches, which may better meet our needs.

In SEO related searches give us an idea of how Google relates searches to each other so that we can create contents accordingly that respond to them and can be linked together.

Google “People also ask”

This is a new feature it is discovered by Dan Barker which Google is experimenting now, and that it can be considered similar to Related Searches but it focuses only on the Answers feature.

However, it is quite easy to understand how “People also ask” could help us in the keyword and topical research.

Google Trends

It helps in the content marketing creation; it helps in the discovery of the topics. According to which we can create the content and plan the keywords.

Google Webmaster Tools

When we open Google Webmaster Tools and click on the Search Traffic > Search Queries, we can look for what queries our site had been visible in the SERPs over the past 90 days. And accordingly, we can plan the keywords.

Keywords are really important when we plan our digital marketing strategy, online marketing strategy or the search engine marketing whatever it is if related to content creation we need to look out for the keywords and plan the keywords according to our work, business or services is really important. These days digital marketers are focusing on the every single opportunity or chance they are getting to make the content really helpful and relevant to the user’s need and somehow related to the product they are selling it helps in making the permanent customers which are happy and are willing to come back again and again.

Search Engine Marketing is making a buzz everywhere and lot of opportunities are lying there in the future, if one plan to make the social footprint of the digital media one must plan and work the way things are needed for the best content creation so that more and more people can land on your website and leads can be generated.

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Digital marketing classes in Noida is a must for all who wish to learn SEO.

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