Why Small Batch Workshops Are Important

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The workshop is a meeting at which a group of people engages in intensive discussion and activity on a particular subject or project. Workshops are conducted to teach, train and educate people on a specific topic or about something. There are various kinds of a workshop conducted by various entities and institutes. Education workshops, training workshops etc. depending on the need and the purpose.

Education workshops are the program designed to teach or introduce to participants practical skills, techniques or ideas. Education workshops are conducted on topics related to education. These types of workshops are tailored to suit the needs of the group of students so that they can get the maximum education. Edu4Sure conducts educational workshops on topics like digital marketing and other.

Workshops are very effective especially in Small Batch

Then there is another concept related to workshops, that is Small Batch workshops. As we all know workshops are conducted in batches, that is a group of students that are taught together at the same time, same place and on the same topic. Small batch workshops mean a batch or group with less student or smaller in size. Small batch workshops have batches of 10-15 students that are taught in a workshop.

Benefits of Small batch Workshop

The smaller the better goes the popular saying and we tend to follow it :)

1. Fewer students, More attention: The small batch workshops have fewer students that mean more attention. As the teacher has to concentrate on few students, they are able to concentrate more and pay more attention

2. More interaction with the students: Fewer students lead to more interaction. Interacting with a class of 20 students is easy than interacting with a class of 50. You are able to interact with each and every student due to less number and engage in healthy interaction.

3. Less chaos: Less is more as many says. If there are fewer students, there will be less chaos and confusion. More students lead to a chaotic situation where you cannot remember everyone, cannot interact with everyone, more noise and what not.

4. Easier to manage: It is easier for the teacher to manage a small batch of fewer students than managing a big batch. Bigger the batch, more chit-chatter and it demands more energy and more managing capabilities. Small batch is easier to handle. They consume less power.

5. Personalize touch: Within a small batch of students, you have the chance to personalize your techniques according to the student and make learning effective. This is also beneficial for the students. With a bigger batch, this is not possible. You cannot cater to the needs of 50 students, it's difficult.

6. Time management: If you are teaching bigger batches, you might teach them in a shift system and you need to manage the time accordingly and at times it is impossible to give every student time. With Smaller batches, you can teach everyone in one shift and also devote extra time to the students

7. Energy level: If you are teaching to a batch of 50 students, you require the same amount of energy to be able to teach them properly. It makes you tired easily and there is a drop in your energy levels that is the reason for lost productivity. Smaller batches do not consume much energy, so you teach them more energetically and it increases productivity at both ends

8. Relation Building: With a smaller batch it is always easy to build relationships with the students, with a batch of more students it is not possible to build relationships with every student. Building Relations bring that ease and comfort level required in the process.

Hope this post is informative. so why do you not try some small batch workshops soon smiley

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