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The clock struck 2 p.m and Aslan stood at the gate waiting for little Sammy to return from school. As it is said these canines have hypersonic olfactory senses,Aslan could sense his master’s bus getting closer to home. Sam was in an agitated mood due to a scuffle that happened in school today. He soon arrived and had just kept his first step into the veranda, where Aslan dived onto him with utter joy and made him fall upon the spiky grass. Licking,rolling and romping over little Sammy, this tail-wager couldn’t be happier. His one roll on the cheek of Sam turned all his blues into bliss.

Dog,(irrespective of the mammal’s gender) often is used as an abusive word :-(  is certainly a benevolent spirit, true-blue partner, finest teacher, nonjudgmental comrade,immeasurable lover, and without any doubt a man’s best friend.

being an immeasurable selfless lover and practice the art of spreading love

Adjectives absolutely fall short for this all in one package.

Now for once let’s put on our thinking caps, and put ourselves in awe, by wondering how a dog could inculcate values in a person. The majority may consider this a kooky idea, but this isn’t one. It is easy for one to say that it’s just a dog, but give it a thought- Would you as an individual would ever kiss your mother every day when she returns back from work? No, not at all.Forget about even a peck, would you even wait for her every day without any selfish motives. Ummm again that would be a negative reply. Now empathize with the furballs and try to learn the very first value of being an immeasurable selfless lover and practice the art of spreading the love .This remark does not promote one to leave all work at once, rather encourages one to spare some time for their loved ones. Apart from this, when you are happy never confine it within yourselves, just vent out your happiness like the tail-waggers.


  Picture Credits:www.flickr.com

Like any other animal, dogs too are territorial. It is often seen that dogs urinate on the same trees regularly, or on a pillar in a particular area,this not because the tree or pillar is their favorite, it because these creatures tend to leave a mark of theirs to keep their area safeguarded from the rest of the dogs. This “Lakshman Rekha” drawn by dogs indicates the area held by them. Readers may wonder how this point may be helpful to them.This idea may sound a bit gross,but the fact it that it teaches one to be territorial. Leaving a mark on your work, appreciating what you have done is very important.

Try this out: When working on a project, try to be different, in order to portray your originality. Standing up for your work and being protective about it isn’t that bad.

 This idea may be a bit weird but is quite interesting to dig into.

Dogs are best known as the “ most loyal companions” in the animal kingdom. They always stay by their master’s side and are quite protective in that case. Loyalty is an important attribute in a person, whose diminution in today’s times is quite saddening to see. Thus following this golden rule becomes essential to ameliorate all relationships.

Dogs are the certainly the best listeners. Whenever you need to pour your heart out and if there is nobody to listen, this best friend will always hear your voice. Dogs certainly have intoxicating eyes which help to dilute the pain in your heart. Half of the ache vanishes when you look into their eyes and the other half is taken away when it listens to you whole-heartedly. For any person; either a teenager or an adult it is essential to possess good listening skills in order to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications.

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Owning a dog is not an easy task, it’s  like nursing a baby. One has to be responsible enough to take care of all of his needs,be it an early morning stroll in the garden or consenting with his midnight mischiefs or spending quality time with it.Indulging in all these activities makes one accountable and capable of taking responsibility on shoulders.If one finds his peace of mind in the pet, it, therefore, becomes imperative to keep the furball happy.

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The majority of the dogs are supposed to be very fun-loving and active. They keep themselves busy by learning new tricks  and very well know how to keep themselves entertained. Amongst the trivialities of life, one should learn from them the art of learning new skills and enjoying them to the fullest.

Dogs are the ultimate stress busters. This fact cannot be denied and all the above pointers are an evidence of it.Some say that books can be a man’s best friend but I would rather prefer both in my life.

As my grandma says that it is only the tongue which differentiates we humans from the animals. The power that our voice holds, the power of being heard is very essential and a hard fact to realize. It is this voice that teaches us to discriminate, it is this voice which gives rise to lousy ideas like racism and sexism.

Have you ever seen a blonde dog not playing with a black one? NO, never. This is  where we as humans fall short of and always will. Hence,it is sad to see that we discourage the voice of these animals  and pay no heed to hear the voice of the voiceless which in turn leads to the severe exploitation of these innocents.Appalling cases like dogs being thrown from rooftops, puppies being dumped into the dustbin, dogs being abandoned on roads and celebration of festivals where dogs are slaughtered openly are totally a disgrace upon humanity. Pity those people who do not understand the importance of dogs in their lives,rather they exploit them and use them for channeling their frustrations. I hope my readers are not such and believe in keeping their bundle of joy contented,lively and pleased.

So here are some fantastic ideas to keep your dog peppy and perky:

1.DO THINGS HE LIKES: Who doesn’t like to be pampered ? Of Course, everyone does. Your dog will always be happy if do things he which he enjoys. Treat him once in a week with the food that satisfies him, give him a massage, play with him and don’t forget to live the moment with him.

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 Picture Credits:pixabay.com

2.TAKE HIM ON VACATION,GET- SET -GO-VACAYMODEON: Some dogs do not like to travel, but some do. Putting out their head out of the car and letting those ears swing in the air is somethings dogs really enjoy. Short trips are not  so burdensome for them, but a long trip could possibly put pet parents in trouble.

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 Picture Credits:pixabay.com

3.MAKE HIM NEW FRIENDS: Like humans, dogs to like to socialize. It is important not to forget that he is after all is a dog and needs a company of his kind too. So unleash your dog and let him make some new buddies

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            Picture Credits:upload.wikimedia.org

4.GIVE HIM YOUR TIME: As it is said owning a dog, is like owning a baby. Being a pet parent isn’t easy. There is no use of owning a dog if a caretaker is around him 24x7. Taking your dogs for a walk, feeding him, grooming him all this should be done by the parent itself;and not by the caretakers. It is essential to building a strong connect between both the dog and the parent or else there are chances you could lose your baby. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

 A tribute to my love, Max !

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