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  • Established in 2013 with a focus on educating people
  • Diversified into a leading online & offline training organization
  • Supported by philanthropists, especially from corporate and government institutions
  • Launched CSRinitiatives.com as an implementation agency for CSR projects in 2017
  • Our Expertise

  • Provide E-learning Content via Blogs in Text, Audio and Video
  • Conduct small batch workshops & Certificate Courses
  • Corporate Trainings in emerging technologies
  • Provide all Digital Marketing Services
  • Career Counselling
  • Spread Digital Literacy through CSR Initiatives
  • Milestones

  • 12000+ Workshops
  • 70+ Consulting projects
  • 30+ Colleges Partnerships
  • 50+ Corporate Tie-ups
  • 70+ Personal Branding/ Business Websites in 2019
  • 1+ Million Assessments & Certifications
  • 450+ Trainers
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